End of Term Address from Chair Cryo


Hello all!

With my term coming to an end, I’d like to say a few words and give you some nice graphs from this year to go along with it. First off, thank you for letting me be your faithful and dutiful Chair of this august Assembly for a little over one and a half years (even if I never got that new chair). I give all the best wishes to my now former deputy going forward in his new comfy chair—unlike that dirty old thing we leave for the deputies—and I’m honoured to pass along the gavel to him.

During this year we saw a couple of very important pieces of legislation make its ways through the Assembly’s vast and echo-y halls: viz., the Change in the Election of Ministers Law [2309.AB] and the recent Voter Registration Law [2339.AB]. I’d like to commend this Assembly for working very well together on drafting and debating these far-reaching laws, as well as a multitude of other bills; all without managing to make my job harder (working hard or hardly working, am I right?).

Jokes aside, I hope to remain serving this wonderful region for the foreseeable future, but until then:—

Best regards, @Cryo.

Oh, and cakes are on me. “Now when will I get my pension?”

Now for the stats:

  • there were 50 discussions between the new year and the end of this term;
  • there were 19 main votes and 2 Cabinet confirmations, each with six votes;
  • most bills were either constitutional amendments (18) or simple proposals (16);
  • Prime Minister @ProfessorHenn introduced a plurality of all bills (15), nearly double than second-place, Legislator @Pronoun (8);
  • the Assembly maintained an average membership of 72 legislators, with a peak of 109 and a low of 58; and,
  • an average of 46 legislators appeared for votes.

These stats are visualised below, and I apologise that it works best only for dark mode (the best mode); I was unable to cleanly make the backgrounds transparent. You can open the images in a new tab for a higher image quality. Further below are the sheets for both the lists of discussions and of introducers in the 46th presidium during 2023.

Types of discussions introduced.

Discussion Results
Results of every discussion.

Tracks the number of ayes, nays, and abstentions per Assembly vote.

Legislator Count
Tracks the legislator count and turnout for each vote.

Displays all introducers, with size indicating number of bills introduced.

Tracks the current number of legislators siding with cake, pie, or ice cream.

Journal of the Assembly — List of Discussions for the 46th Presidium in 2023 (52.0 KB)
Journal of the Assembly — List of Introducers for the 46th Presidium in 2023 (29.1 KB)

A huge thank you to @cryo for being a steadfast and reliable Chair for the last year and a half!

The Assembly is a stronger place due to your tenure, and I wholeheartedly believe that your successor, @BlockBuster2K43 will continue in your place.


Topic Pinned until Monday 6th November.

Three cheers for the longest serving Chair in South Pacifican history!

Hip, hip!

Hip, hip!

Hip, hip!

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