Empress' Charinda's State Visit To Emerald

Edward Military Complex, Jylland, Emerald
King Joshua VII

Techganet was a nation that Joshua was familiar with, having constantly heard about it’s role in the Great War. This State Visit would be different, King Joshua VII and Empress Charinda are arguably the youngest monarchs in the Region, although Joshua has been King much longer. He knows Charinda and her nation were in mourning following the death of her father, Emperor Faddinchor, the first Emperor of Techganet and Emerald and Joshua know that all too well, following the Death of King Jason II, Joshua’s great-grandfather and founder of the Union between Emerald and Denver. Charinda is probably new to being a Monarch and her visit to Emerald and Joshua, along with Stoinia and King Andrei, should help. Joshua, despite his age and abrupt coronation in '06, has seen things no man should ever see, and has become quickly experienced and well liked, having been referred to by the Stoinians, as Emeralds Greatest Defender. In Joshua’s Mind, Charinda needs people who know the job and can help. Of course, this visit is also to begin good relations between the two nations, despite the fact that Emerald has cut relations with Izaakia, Techganets Ally, due to the Ludville Conflict.

(KJ)“Her plane should be arriving any second now. 3rd Royal! Prepare for State Visit Procedures!”

(3RG)“Sir, Yes Sir”

(KJ)“Its nice be able to do a State Visit without the threat of the ERF, for once”

Joshua stood there, in his Dress Uniform, which had become quite common with the Monarch, especially in the Devasting DCW, and the Nuclear Hell that occurred during it.
‘I envy Charinda, her nation hasn’t seen true war, or Nuclear Hellfire, I wish her luck, being a Monarch is a Dangerous position these days. I just hope she never experiences anything I’ve seen or done.’ Joshua touched his right cheek, the Scar from the ERF Bombing was still plainly visible. A forever reminder that he nearly died. He was wearing his Holster, which contained his beloved old Service Pistol, which saw use during the Hawk Embassy Siege, and he now always carried it on his person, fully loaded. Hopefully today would be peaceful.