Emeralds Fall

Kingston, Centralia, Emerald
Officer Mark Jensen

Mark was just pulling over somebody who had gone over the speed limit, when he heard a loud explosion 3 blocs away.

“The Hell was that?”

“To all Police Officers in the area, Explosion at Starhawk HQ”

“Ah Crap.”

He hurries into his cruiser and begins racing towards the HQ, when another radio broadcast airs.

“Emerald Star is Down, I repeat, Emerald Star is Down!”

Mark recognizes the Code Emerald Star.


“To all units, this is Dispatch, We have confirmed reports that King Joshua VII is down.”

Mark puts his foot on the accelerator.

“Medical Units are on the way”

He sees the burning building as he pulls up. He gets out of the car.

“Holy Shi-”

The Armoured Car next to him suddenly blows up. He ducks behind his cruiser.

“Jesus, that was close.”

Multiple people begin rushing out of the building as the third floor collapses.

“Dispatch, We’re gonna need those medical units quick, The buildings beginning to collapse.”

Kingston, Centralia, Emerald
King Joshua VII

Joshua was with a meeting with the “Supreme Commander” of the Emeraldian Armed Forces, a mere honorary title by this point, Admiral Isaac Streams. Joshua had a dislike for the man, he was a “desk jockey” as naval personnel put it, he had no actual experience with war or how to manage it, and was only promoted to admiral because of politics, not action. However, with the Military Act Of 2021 turning the role into an honorary title, giving power to the King, who was a military vet and knew strategy. “You don’t even deserve this position, you desk jockey” He thought. Then he heard something, it sounded almost like a clock.

“Do you hear that ticking?”

Then He looked under the table, and saw a bomb.

“Bomb! Take Cov-”

Boom! The bomb went off, as did others inside the building. Joshua was injured, but wasn’t killed thanks to Sgt. Keller jumping in front of his King as the bomb exploded. The Sgt. was killed instantly, as was the Admiral. The other Royal Guard took cover and was lightly injured.

Lt. Rousteu

The Lt. took cover as soon as the King said the word “Bomb!”. After the explosion he looks around the ruined room, seeing the Adm. was torn in two by the blast. He turns to where the King was and sees Sgt. Keller laying on top of him.


He runs over, only to find his friend dead. He checks on the King, he was still alive, just knocked out cold.

“Emerald Star is Down, I repeat, Emerald Star is Down!”

He yells into his radio, before requesting medical and firefighting services. He picks up his King and begins to make his way to the entrance, as he hears the floor above him collapse.

“Damn, Lets do this”

He throws the King over his shoulder and begins to move as fast as he can.

Copenhagen, Jylland, Emerald
Prince Austin

Everything was in place, bombs had been set up at the EMC, The ERNS Jylland Museum, Jensen Tower, The Capitol Building, and the Governor’s Mansion. The Mastermind behind this attack? Prince Austin Of Emral, the Youngest child of King Joshua VII, and the last in line. He’s only 14, but he desires power. He joined the ERF only a few months ago, and is now the center of the ERF’s EE Projekt.

There Goes the Jensen tower bombs, he smiles for a bit as he watches the top of the tower burn, then he sees the Capitol and Governors Mansion explode, then the ERNS Jylland Museum. To not blow his cover, he feigns horror as he feels the shockwave from the nearby EMC. His father rushes to the window, only to see the Jensen Towers top floors collapse.

“We’re leaving NOW!”

His father sounds the alarms at the Jyllandic Royal Palace, leaving soon after. However, the building didn’t explode, due to there never being a bomb located there. Austin turns on the news the next day, hoping to find nations reporting on the incident, only to find the channels saying the same thing, The Ryccian Invasion Of Doge-Land. The Attack is buried and forgotten by International Media. Austin’s Next Attack, will be more “extreme”, Glory To The Empire!

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