Emeraldian Congress

21st Congress


Senate President: Evan Rivers(DSU-ESP)

Majority Leader: Erik Johnson(DSU-ESP)

Minority Leader: John Hawk(GDP-DSLP)

DRA Leader: Steven Kellson(DRA-EDP)

College Of Representatives

Current Number Of Seats: 425
Speaker Of The College: Jennifer Nielson(ESP)
Deputy Speaker: Ian Hunter(DLP)

Elected 2022

Will Post IC Things Soon

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Union Senate: Confirming Galen Hughes As Union Prime Minister 2022-2028

Senate President Rivers: “Senate Session #4, January 14th, 2023, Union Act 2022 In Effect. Session Open. Today we will confirm Incumbent Galen K. Hughes as Prime Minister Of The Union. Majority Leader Johnson, Take it away”

Majority Leader Johnson: “Members Of The Senate, Today we will confirm Galen K. Hughes As Prime Minister for a Second Term. Any Objections to beginning the confirmation process?”

DRA Leader Kellson: “The Denvari Republic Alliance objects to confirming the vote, especially regarding PM Hughes and his recent “actions” that apparently called for the complete destruction of our party. I say we hold a snap election with new candidates and impeach PM Hughes on accounts of Intents to intervene in the political process.”

Minority Leader Hawk: “I object to Senator Kellsons words, PM Hughes never meant his words, besides, it was a damn tabloid. I motion to begin the Confirmation process.”

Senate President Rivers: "Motion Accepted, We shall begin the Confirmation Process Now. "

Confirming Incumbent Galen K. Hughes As Prime Minister
40 For
5 Against
5 Abstain

Senate President Rivers: “With that, I confirm Galen K. Hughes as Union Prime Minister for a second term and with that, I end today’s session.”

Union Senate: Putting Sanctions On Ludville(The Ludville Broken Treaty Act)

Senate President Rivers: “Senate Session #20, February 10th, 2023, Union Act 2022 In Effect. Session Open. Today, we will vote on the Ludville Broken Treaty Act. Do we have any objections against starting the vote now?”


Senate President Rivers: “Well then, Voting will now commence”

Ludville Broken Treaty Act
50 For
0 Against
0 Abstain

Senate President Rivers: “With that, I confirm this act passed by the Senate. With it having already passed in the College, This act will go into effect in the following days. I end today’s session.”