Emeraldian Civil War-Short Posts

Where you can post stuff about the ECW, done to make finding updates about more easier.
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Prince Edward coronated as King Edward II aboard the ERNS Jylland II. CE-Pact Forces continue taking ground in Southern Spiras. Air Superiorty still up in the air over Cimbria. ERF Forces seen near Goutafelon Border(@im_a_waffle1).


A second Kliegmean Ace Pilot was born above the skies of Spiras. Call Sign “Yuni” of the 47th Fighter Aviation Regiment was given the title of Ace Pilot after he shot down 6 ERF Jets, including a captured ESF-26(JSI-23.)

Kliegme has recognised the Starhawk pact governments in exile as the sole legitimate government of their respective nations. Ironically, this marks the first time that Denver and Ludville has been recognised at the same time as UKED’s Union Government.


The airbattle in Cimbria has started moving in the favor of the LoC with the combined force of SAM missiles from the naval forces in the area and the over 160 aircraft brought by LoC forces.


On-Ground correspondants, not yet verified(OOC: Tem’s call), report that a Kliegmean MK-31’s Anti Ship Missile has sunk an ERF Frigate near Spiras. However, some videos show the frigate, while damaged, moving towards somewhere.

(OOC: If it sunk, it moving could be like how the Cruiser Moskva was able to move after getting hit, before being sunk)

Kliegmean SK-25SM attack aircraft has been seen providing CAS to CE forces in their offensive, which marks the first time they see Real Combat.

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Goutafeloan military bases near the border with Emerald-Denver have begun to deploy units to the border with Emerald-Denver as a reaction to the buildup of ERF forces on the border.


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