EagerHazahmkong (Hazahmkong)

EagerHazahmkong’s Citizenship Application

Question Answer
TSP Nation Hazahmkong
Main Nation Hazahmkong
WA Nation Hazahmkong
Discord Nope
Other Involvement
Hazy Haz
Other Regions:
Former member of Confederation of Northern Regions, held delegate status there for sixty-one days.
Conch kingdom because I sent them an embassy request. I have no clue why..

I pledge to uphold the laws of the Coalition of the South Pacific.

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Welcome! Your application is pending.

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You have been accepted!

Congratulations on becoming a Citizen! If you haven’t done so yet, you can join our Discord server here. And of course, feel free to ask any questions!


Whar about legislators ?

Legislatorship and citizenship are separate, but now that you’re a citizen, you can easily apply to become a legislator as well! Applications are handled by the Chair of the Assembly here.


Anything special about citizen?

Citizens are eligible to vote in, and stand for, forum-based elections, and can apply to become legislators.