Duplicate notifications issue

Hopefully this is in the right spot. Hopefully.

As a Cabinet Minister, I get all of those applications to get involved in ministries. Whenever those applications are submitted, I get two notifications, despite there only being one post. I look for other posts and other things that could warrant a notification, however, I can’t find any.

Maybe this is just on my end.

I only get one notification :stuck_out_tongue:

I can confirm that I get two notifications. However, I am not bothered by them.

Can you post a screenshot?

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Both links work and take you to the same topic.

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Is anybody not in the Cabinet group experiencing this?

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Can confirm that I’m experiencing the same for Legislator and SPSF applications.

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Just to pipe in, not sure if this is the same issue, but I just received a notification for a duplicate badge, but some hours after I had received the first notification for receiving that badge. Given that the rest of these are about posts, it probably isn’t the same thing, but I figured I’d throw it out there in case it was important.

I can confirm @Webs observations as well, though it has not happened to me recently (likely because I haven’t earned another badge).


Is this still happening?

I’ve gotten this issue occasionally but inconsistently (haven’t noticed any patterns in when it occurs, unfortunately). Most recently for the ministry application from body_2.

I changed when the wizard (custom form) completes actions, hopefully this fixes it. The wizard was set to run an action (create thread, send PM, etc) directly after the completion of the relevant step. It’s possible if somebody was going back and forth between steps, it would trigger the action more than once. The change I just implemented tells the wizard to complete all actions only when the user completes the whole thing.

I got four notices from Jag about a Ministry application. Not sure if that is related though.

Unless you’re getting application notifications that I’m not, Jag’s application came in about five hours prior to Glen’s post above lol

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Well, if anything, I can just confirm that I got two from Moonchild.

Responding to Pronoun:

I got one after Glen’s post, strangely.

This could also mean there are two applications said user filled out…