(Draft) Barebones Charter and Transition Resolution ONLY

Good day everyone!

I finally decided to spice things up and throw my draft charter into consideration. It is largely the same as many of the other draft charters that have been presented with some minor adjustments.

Key points:
Citizens and Legislators are codified in the Charter. Citizens are all nations within TSP, and Legislators are members of the Assembly. To that end, Citizens who go through a security check (i.e., join the forums/apply for a “security check” are eligible to vote/run for office. To that end, we could have a non-legislator PM that comes to the Assembly to get nominations or legislation passed.

The threshold to amend the Charter was raised to two-thirds. This is because the Charter itself merely provides the framework. The actual structure, functions, responsibilities, etc., are to be worked out by law. I am open to three-fifths, but the idea is that there is little within the Charter that should be changed.

The Security Council is the successor to LeggComm, the CRS, and Coral Guard. Ideally, the Security Council will work out its structure and function internally (with the Assembly passing laws as guidelines).

The rest is pretty much the same as previous drafts.

The transition resolution is basically a catch-all designed to help transition from one charter to another. It provides some provisions for “what-ifs”, and is pretty straightforward.

Without further ado:

Charter of the Coalition of the South Pacific (2023)

The Great Council Transition Resolution of 2023