Dovian Star Confederation

Name: Dovian Star Confederation

Motto: May be many, yet still one whole

Capital planet: Nova Dova

Established: (sometime after the Weissersteiner-Dovian War, date tbd)

Form of government: Confederacy

Legislature: Chamber of the Confederacy (Confederate Chamber)


The Dovian Star Confederation, alternatively known as the Dovian Star Confederacy or simply as Dovia, is a star nation in A1-0. Bordering the Weissersteiner Empire, the Imperium of Astra & Pheonixia, the Akropii Republic, and the Veentu Badlands. (more to come soon!)



The name of the Dovian Star Confederation comes from two of its most important worlds: Dova and Nova Dova, with the latter being named after the former. Dova is named after the human tribe that mainly inhabits Dova, the Dovï or Dovï’i. After a massive conflict on the planet, the Dovïs became the main race of humans in the planet, and began exploration of space. Nova Dova was one of the largest and wealthiest colonies in the Old Dovian Realm before eventually overshadowing its namesake. The capital of Dovia was moved to Nova Dova during the reign of Atlan XI of the old Dovian Star Empire.