Discord Channels

General channels

  • #lampshade-bar - General discussion about anything here. Say hi!
  • #roleplay - Casual, in character roleplay
  • #ooc-roleplay-discussion - Out of character roleplay discussion and planning
  • #games - Discussion about games other than NationStates
  • #coconut-grove - For bot-spam and queueing music for the voice channel
  • #meme-island - For non-bot spam (particularly for meme sharing)

Public channels for specific functions of the South Pacific government

  • #local-council - The Local Council: Talk about the RMB, polls, WFE, and the Local Council representative.
  • #delegates-office - The Delegate: Also the right place to talk about current World Assembly votes and proposals.
  • #regional-affairs - The Ministry of Regional Affairs: General cultural discussions and events
  • #foreign-affairs - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Talk about interregional happenings in NationStates and how the South Pacific interacts with the broader NationStates universe
  • #military-affairs - The Ministry of Military Affairs: Talk about the South Pacific Special Forces as well as R/D gameplay in general
  • #high-court - The High Court. Current court cases and legal questions can be discussed here