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National Security
Secret of a decade
The Efladian Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defence have all been playing a double game with Eflads nuclear arsenal.

Anton Weier
16.11.2022, 21:42

We support and demand that all nuclear arsenals be disarmed. They represent a danger which no one should ever have to experience. Eflad has the goal to sign and ratify the TPNW.
– Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Frank Tæren, 28th June 2022

On October 20th the Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister announced that the Defense Readines Level was raised due to developments in the Ryccio-Doge Landian war. This was the first time in decades that the DEFREL was raised. After the press conference, the PM retreated with her colleague into the halls of the Old House.
What was not seen, was that a couple of hours later, the PM and Minister of Defense were on the ground of Base “Kampau”. Officially, only to see the progress of air defense exercises. Unofficialy, to discuss the protocol of launching nuclear ICBMs.

Base “Kampau”

The Government has been avid in supporting the disarmenment of nuclear arsenal. The Efladian Minister of Defense said that since the 1990’s, Eflad had only 20 warheads and since 2010, none at all.
This was a lie. Die Lupe has gained access to classified documents from within the government, that not only has the nuclear arsenal been preserved, but expanded. The highest figures, responsible for serving the public, have been lying to us.
The Government developed a protocol to “protect the public from the nuclear danger.” Falling into this category was also the number and status of nuclear warheads located in Eflad and in Eflads direct property.
Devised in 1966 and revised in 1986, Protocol 3203-75 laid the groundwork for nuclear weapons in Eflad. The then Minister of Defence commissioned several nuclear warheads from abroad. The launcher was built by today’s famous plane engine developer: Riuk Planes. Together with Juto i Rank, which was established with the help of a senior member of the Defence Ministry, they built the “Gelenk” rocket.
After several years, in the 2010’s, further warheads were commissioned by the government in secret deals, expanding Eflads nuclear arsenal by at least 15 rockets.
To be ready for any incoming attack, Eflad imported and refurbished an air defense system, making nuclear rockets an important part of it. Under Conservative Leader Wolfgang Roter, multiple bases were built under the codename “Leise Maus”.
One of these is “Kampau”. Refurbished in 2004, the base, now also consisting of an Air Force squadron, hosts multiple “EOR” rockets. Secretly.

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When fear takes over

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National Security
When fear takes over
How fear can take controll of people, when they are faced by the public, angry for being lied to.

Max Huber
Die Lupe Nr. 47/2022, 20.11.2022

We were protecting the public from the dangers of nuclear weapons. Its as simple as that. We will do what we have to do to ensure the security of our country.
– Minister of Defence, Kasala Gri 19.11.2022

It was the early morning of the 18th. We were all powered by several cups of coffee working on the newest issue, when the PA system rang a bell. It wasn’t long after that we were all standing outside the building, whilst our offices were being turned upside down. Women and men in police uniforms checked every single piece of paper. Even our shopping list for our New Year’s Eve festival was checked for materials “(potentially) dangerous for the national security.”

Although there were around 50 police officers, every important paper went through the hands of one person: GSA Huber. He is the central figure in this fiasco of an investigation. His right-hand-man, the minister of defence, who still thinks that it was right to lie to the public, is keen on holding on to power, at all costs. He is even ready to attack the highest right of the press: the freedom of the press.

In the last couple of days, the political establishment has tried to silence us, it has tried to muzzle us. They have failed. After practically everything was confiscated, our wonderful employees were ready to work from home and to pursue their stories independently. We have managed to print a new issue regardless of the search.

But why was the search conducted?

A couple of days ago, our article about the government lying to the public for decades caused an uproar in the political arena. Panic took over. Fearing the reaction of the public, the state tried to stop the information flow about nuclear weapons. They failed. Then, fear took over. They went after us, those who revealed the truth. This is what happens when fear takes over. They go after those who reveal the truth.

We journalists have a codex. The most important one is: “Truthfulness and respect for human dignity.” We have committed ourselves to reporting the truth. The state is currently trying to suppress us.

We will fight against it, because the right to say the truth is one we are not ready to give up.



The man in the Office

National Security

The man in the office

The Freedom Front created an unprecedented shock and fear which spread through Eflad. Why did the state take so long to capture them and allowed one of the members to escape to Gianatla?

Max Huber
Die Lupe Nr. 2/2023, 08.01.2023

The group “Freedom Front” could possibly be dangerous. Several members have the legal capacity of acquiring a weapon. The group should be observed further.
– Document VII/9/2 from the Amt für Staatssicherheit (AfS, Office for State Security)

The building No. 7 on the Annastraße in Münnen, which goes west to east, was built in the 1970s during the expansion politics of the techno-red coalition. It is an ordinary building in Münnen. Nothing special, it doesn’t seem to be out of the ordinary. The whole block was built in the same style. It has the same wooden staircase and the same windows the buildings Nr. 6 and Nr. 8 have. It is extra-ordinary for only one thing: The second-floor apartment was the headquarters of the Freedom Front. This is the place they not only discussed when but how to kill. They moved into the apartment as a group of friends, living together to cut costs. The landlord never suspected anything. He describes them as an open-minded, friendly group of friends with a nice sense of humor. The group around the ringleader* moved to Münnen in January to prepare their first attack on - at that time - Tehnograd Int’l Airport (now Münnen Int’l Airport). To carry out this attack, two of the six took a job at the airport to survey the area. One of the others left took a job in a chemistry factory, allowing him to have access to chemicals necessary to create a bomb. Another one worked as an apprentice in a local shop for electric appliances and repairs. This way, they all could get hands on necessary materials and tools to build their bombs. In the course of several months, they snuck several fake bombs through the security ports in different airports on flights to Münnen, to simulate and practice the attack. On June 5th they booked a flight to from Reræ to Münnen, snuck the parts to the real bomb in, assembled it, placed it and set the time. The carrier exited the plane, with his companions waiting for him, and never returned. The bomb he placed took 167 lives. Amongst them, 26 children. 42 lives were taken by a fire in a mall in Selpe. The explosion at Cræfoi took 288 lives. Dr. Weral Italī was the last victim of the FF. In total 498 lives were lost in the Efladian Summer.

To investigate how these attacks couldn’t be prevented and what took so long to find and arrest the members of FF parliament launched an investigation committee, whose first findings have been put under state secrecy. What is it, they want to hide? The taskforce “Schatten” (Shadow) worked relentlessly to find and report the truth. This article is the fruit of our research.

*Die Lupe refrains from using the names of members of the Freedom Front. We don’t want to give them a platform to achieve media celebrity status.

We have evaluated over twelve hundred pages of documents originating both from the committee and from the AfS itself.

The group was observed by the federal agency (AfS), but at first deemed as not dangerous. The first hints came from a close friend of the group. The AfS launched an observation operation codenamed “Freundesgruppe” (friend group) and enlisted a close friend as an Informationsmann (I-Mann, Information person). He then delivered information for two months. In May, one month before the attacks, he had an urgent call with the operations officer. The call lasted for two and a half minutes, from 02:34 to 02:36 in the morning. He described the last several days in which they had bought the materials for the bombs, saying that an attack may be imminent. However, the operation officer said that they have information that an attack is not to be expected. Nine days after this call, the operations officer had an “official meeting” in a local restaurant. The guests: two members of the FF. He was not the only one from the AfS who met with the FF members. Several others were either directly or indirectly meeting with members of the FF, either by official meetings or by middlemen transporting information. This stems from several reports from the AfS and the committee, which are available to the Die Lupe.

Director of the AfS, Marko Zermann

The I-Mann met with the operations officer on May 31st, just several days before the attacks, saying that the group had been traveling by plane a lot and that he had seen something which might resemble a bomb. The operations officer replied that they have the situation under control and have been monitoring the group. An arrest operation was apparently imminent. On the 5th of June, the group left Münnen for Selpe and boarded a plane to Tehnograd. At the same time they boarded the plane, a SEPOK (Spezialeinsatz Polizei Kommando) unit was getting ready to raid their apartment. When they arrived and opened the doors, they found only one member; he was apparently ill. It was clear what happened. They were too late. He was the bait. They wrote a manifesto and he willfully sacrificed himself to lead the police on a false track. And they jumped right on it, announcing they had the man responsible for the attack. Almost every attack had the same pattern. I-men had warned the AfS, but the SEPOK always came just too late. This was not only due to the operations officer who was replaced after the mall attack, but due to the disorganisation and systematic errors in the units themselves. They were always at the right place, but at the wrong time.

The only occasions on which the police captured any of the members was a raid near Reræ and after the assassination of the former minister of home affairs, Dr. Italī, where they didn’t manage to apprehend one last member. The documents from the AfS indicate that the police and the state security agency knew at what beach the member would escape and therefore didn’t arrive in high numbers. However, they missed the place by just a couple hundred meters and the last figurehead managed to escape to Gianatla, where they were later captured.

This whole “game” led by the AfS, the police and the SEPOK shows not only fundamental problems in the system, but gross incompetence, negligence and blindness in the right eye as well.