Despotate meets Directorate (Thiucarro-Rosecordia First Contact) [2-3 ABT]

In a recent discovery, a wormhole nicknamed the Gates of Gaugazan (meaning Red Portal in reference to a Thiucarri mythology) was discovered on the outskirts of Thiucarr territory. The imperial government has decided that investigation of the discovered wormhole is of utmost importance. The task of exploring the wormhole was given to the second fleet under admiral Mazar

Drones were sent into the wormhole to see what is on the other side and to indentify any hostile species awaiting the Thiucarri

“We shall not wait any further, send in the exploration drones”

“Yes, admiral”

The drones begin entering the wormhole to search for what awaits on the other side


Photo Credit: ABHP1A “Ferriticia” orbiting ABH-009

ABH-009 “Tamahagane” / RNDFV Guardian Elect
ABH-009 System / Action Information Center
Sector: Verticia Periphery / Directorate Border
Captain Alovia Viament


Cruiser Force
1x Palisade Class Cruiser

  • Guardian Elect | HC CCG-1092

1x Vitreo Class Cruiser

  • Lawless Gambit

Destroyer Force
1x Nightshade Class Destroyer

  • Exiled Regent | HC DDE-0093

Subcapital Force
4x Polymer Class Frigates

  • Doubtful Gaze | HC FF-0329

  • CMDR Parker L. Stronch | HC FF-4993

  • Reason Absolute | HC FF-9211

  • Tear in Reality | HC FF-0195

2x Bismuth Class Frigates

  • Fateful Slide | FFG-0011

  • Fazed Action | FFG-9002

Ah, the Verticia Periphery. On the spinwards/rimwards end of the Directorate, it sits at the most secluded location in the Nebula, only bordering the Desolate Sea Rimward. Thus, it was quiet. Atleast, Alovia thought it would be. That was, 'til the wormhole lit up like the final days of 23A, and it just started raining Thorium-Cascadium Fusion Byproduct. Predictably, the Action Stations Alarm went off

“Ugh. Damn. Just as some of us were hittin’ the bunks.”

“Ma’am, you should know you don’t get to sleep as our captain.”

“True, true. What time is it…”

“O Twenty Six Hundred, on the dot.”

“Alrightie, Board, Picture, Situation.”

“Contacts, Classed Bogey, no IFF Pings. Non responsive to Multispect, no message. Orders?”

“DNC informed?”


“Anything from them?”

“Clear to use force if needed, but recommend diplomacy.”

“Alrightie, let’s get moving. Helmsman, All Ahead, bearing… Give us closure to the unknown objects.”


“COMMO. give me the line, I’ll broadcast.”


“This is the Rosecordi Defense Force Vessel Guardian Elect to All Concerned. This is territory of The Scientific Directorate of Rosecordia. You are trespassing. Communicate Identification and Intention. Copy all.”


The probe drones moves closer, buzzing closer towards what appears to be intelligent life forms. As the message was intercepted, the drones translated the message and relayed it back to the Second Fleet

“Admiral, we have detected multiple intelligent life forms, they seem to be armed as well. They also have sent a message for us”

“As we have expected. What is the message?”

“The message is still being translated by our drones, but they’ve picked up a couple key words: territory, tresspassing, identification. As well as repeating the words “Rozkordai”, which we assume is the nation we are speaking to”

“And what is the size of their fleet on the other end of this wormhole?”

“9 ships of various sizes”

“Communicate this to high command, ask of we can proceed”

“Admiral, high command has specifically asked that you proceed using Protocol 51-C”

“Yes, I am fully aware. Though we didn’t become this powerful from just being nice to our neighbors, I can see why high command would prefer such a strategy as of late. Request connection between one of our drones with their fleet. I will relay our message”

“Yes sir”


ABH-009 “Tamahagane” / RNDFV Guardian Elect
ABH-009 System / Action Information Center
Sector: Verticia Periphery / Directorate Border
Captain Alovia Viament

“Runner? I need a runner for the Mess Hall.”

“Whatd’ya need?”

“Go get me an oxie soup.”


“COMMO, line for the datalink.”

“Sure, here ya go.”

“This is your captain speaking, we are stepping down to Condition Two, maintain posture and positioning while we wait for a response from these unidentified vessels.”

Alovia sighs, putting on the flak jacket and mask

“Ugh… I thought the Verticia Periphery is the quiet sector out of the bunch.”

“This is an ABH System, ma’am.”

The Captain appears to struggle with the mask

“Need help?”

“Yipyip, could you prop my hair into a ponytail?”

“On it.”

The Officer helps prop Alovia’s hair into a ponytail

“Right, right…”

The Runner appears in the CiC again, carrying a sealed container

“Oh hey, you’re back, thanks for that. Nice and warm, give the cook my compliments when you go back.”

“Incoming Transmission.”

“Cool, let’s her what they got to say.”


“Have you patched through?”

“Yes, admiral, you may begin your message”

The drones begin transmitting the message to the fleet ahead

“Greetings, Rozkordai. This is admiral Mazar of the Thiucatro navy. We mean you no harm so long as you don’t mean us any harm. We have recently discovered this gateway on the outskirts of our territory. We are simply making sure nothing dangerous lies beyond this wormhole”


ABH-009 “Tamahagane” / RNDFV Guardian Elect
ABH-009 System / Action Information Center
Sector: Verticia Periphery / Directorate Border
Captain Alovia Viament

Alovia pauses. The more friends, the better.

“This is RNDFV Guardian Elect, we also mean you no harm. Any persons wishing to make contact with the Rosecordi Government can proceed as needed. Any hostile actions will lead to conflict. Thanks and appreciation in advanced.”