Describing the Directorate / Outline of the SDR

Long Name: The Scientific Directorate of Rosecordia
Shortened Name: SDR

Long Name, Traditional: La Direction Sciénctfica de Pétalia
Shortened Name, Traditional: LDSdP


Style of Government: Science Directorate
“A Scientific Directorate is a government where a committee of scientists supervises the government apparatus for maximum efficiency.”

Legislative Branch
A: Rose Senate
T: Pétalia Congress
PPT - Dr. Lisa Cicero

Executive Branch
A: Office of the Director-General
T: La Bureau du General-Director
DG - Dr. Rachel Arasiki

Judicial Branch
A: Arbitration Committee of the Directorate
T: Com’Arbitrage de la Direction
HA - Dr Valentina Calerofia

Standard Serniani

  • Standard Serniani follows a suffix honorifics system; lack of suffix implies intimacy

Gender Neutral. Adults of equal status
Gender Neutral. Equivalent to Sir/Ma’am
Primarily used for a girl younger than you, sometimes used for boys, but this is rare.
Primarily used for a guy younger than you, sometimes used for girls, but this rare.
Gender Neutral. Usually in reference to an older student/mentor.
Male Professor/Master/Doctor
Female Professor/Master/Doctor

  • Standard Serniani accentuates vowels in the suffix honorific

  • Standard Serniani is quickly spoken, new speakers usually have a hard time adapting to this

  • Standard Serniani is easy to learn, hard to master language, taking roots from both Ryukyuan and Latin languages.

Standard Serniani Dialects

  • Spacer Standard
    Quick and fluid, uses the Serniani Standard Phonetic Alphabet. Does not use Honorary Suffixes in lieu of rank.

A - Astra
B - Ballast
C - Crypt
D - Dagger
E - Effort
F - Foam
G - Gavel
H - Hunter
I - Intern
J - Jab
K - Kick
L - Lob
M - Mast
N - Nail
O - Open
P - Pin
Q - Quarter
R - Rogue
S - Starter
T - Technical
U - Universal
V - Vector
W - Worn
X - X-Ray
Y - Yellow
Z - Zigzag

  • Bureaucracy Speak
    Extensively formal, a little slower than other dialects. Usually used by Directorate Personnel in the Nexus.

  • Aleksori Accent
    Loud, Gossipy, Honorary Suffixes are a must.

  • Station Speak
    Effective and to the point, some words foregone as they are commonly used. Often used by station Quartermasters and Loadmasters, and usually gets picked up by those who frequent the stations.
    “I’d [like] to pick those Canisters, please.”


  • Matriarchal

  • Natural Engineers

  • Resilient

  • Nonadaptive

  • Maximum Age: 300 standard years

  • Legal Age: 25


  • French

  • Japanese

  • Stellaris

  • Nebulous Fleet Command


The Serniani Nebula
Stellar Nursery I49XL+

The Serniani Nebula, commonly referred to as Stellar Nursery I49XL+ to other nations, is a dense starforming region, renown for it’s dangers, rivaling some badlands. Traversal is made more difficult by the dominate star faring civilization, The Scientific Directorate of Rosecordia, being incredibly territorial. The name of such is highly disputed, with some outside historians believing the correct name actually being ‘The Scientific Directorate of the Velvet Rose.’ However, since the name has been in standard practice with traders who visit Serniani Ports outside The Line, the Rose Senate has decided to allow the mistranslation to persist as to not exasperate tensions.

The Nebula
The Line of Absolution

The Border, referred to as the Line of Absolution, or simply ‘The Line’ is the formal demarcation that divides Serniani Territories from the Frontiers, a group of Serniani dominated settlements in the southwest, outside of the Nebula. The largest settlement, Atlia, hosts the main relay node back into the GAW Relays, while other systems can use any form of FTL, as the Frontier Systems are formally Protectorates, but do have their own Foreign Policies, most of which allow foreign trade.


Atlia Federated Protectorate

Outside the Line, the systems of The Atlia Federated Protectorate (AFP) acts as an intermediary between the Directorate and other nations in the sector, serving a diplomatic hub and trade center. While independent, the area, as implied by its name, is a Protectorate of the SDR, which maintains a minimal presence. The exception to this is the Judical Branch, which is directly overseen by Arbitration Committee of the Directorate, which lists numerous exceptions to Directives (Laws) for foreign dignitaries and emissaries.


Long Name: The Atlia Federated Protectorate of Outerlying Territories
Shortened Name: AFP

Long Name, Traditional: Protectorat Outerlying de Atlia
Shortened Name, Traditional: POdA


Style of Government: Rational Consensus
“The government is a materialistic form of democracy, governed according to principles based on rationality and scientific theory.”

Legislative Branch/Executive Branch
A: Atlia Consensus
T: Consensus de Atlia
First Speaker - Kiria Volia, PhD.

Judicial Branch
A: Arbitration Committee of the Directorate
T: Com’Arbitrage de la Direction
Head Arbiter - Dr Valentina Calerofia