Denvari Arms Manufacturing

(IC Statement: With The End of both the Denverian Civil War and the 3rd Ludville War, multiple pieces of equipment still currently in production are now left with no owners. Centralia Arms, Emeraldian Motors, Emerald Star, and the Copenhagen Naval Yard, with permission from the Ministry Of Defence, will begin selling arms, aircraft, vehicles, and Naval Vessels to Friendly States who need new weaponry. Currently, only things currently in production that were to be delivered to Denver and Ludville are available, as are pieces of equipment that Emeraldian Armed Forces is willing to sell.)(Everything Else is more or less OOC)

Current Equipment List


  • 10000 LDR-21 Combat Rifles(Ludvillian Version Of The CE-19A Combat Rifle), Each Rifle is worth $400 Dollars.

  • 35000 CE-85 Combat Rifles that are no longer needed, Each Rifle is worth $350


  • 200 LDT-16 “Fox Hunter”, These Tanks were meant for the LDA, but are now being sold off, each Tank is worth $3.5 Million

  • 1995 ET-14 “Wolf”, each Tank is worth $1.5 Million


  • 20 ESF-25D(LDF-22) “Starfox”, meant for the LDAF, but are again being sold, each Plane is worth $28.5 Million.

Naval Vessels(All but 2 were meant for the DFN)

  • 2 Prime Minister Class Light Aircraft Carriers(STOBAR)(See PNN Post), each worth $300,000,000

  • 6 Copenhagen Class Heavy Missile Cruisers(Admiral Halsey, Commander Raven, Independence, Freedom, King Jason II, Denveri), each worth $450,000,000

  • 2 Tasternine Sea Class Light Cruisers(Tasternine Sea and South Pacific Ocean), each worth $125,000,000

Current Nations NOT Allowed to buy arms: Pelinai, Izaakia, NaGB, Baraarde, and Fauderland.

Order Form:
Name Of Country:
What Arms and Amount:
What Veichles and Amount:
What Jets and Amount:
Which Naval Vessels and Their New Names:

Expressed reason for buying these Arms:

(PS: More Equipment will eventually appear as this is in its beginning stage)


Livanan Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to forward Livana’s Ministry of Defense’s interest in buying up military supplies from the Emerald-Denver Authority. Please find attached to this communique, our order form and stated reason for the purchase.

Order Form:
Name of Country: Livana
What Arms and Amount:

  • 2,000 units of LDR-21 Combat Rifles
  • 5,000 units of CE-85 Combat Rifles

What Veichles and Amount:

  • 5 units of ET-14 “Wolf”

Expressed reason for buying these Arms:
Domestic security and peacekeeping, restocking Livanan Defense Force armament supply.

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Response: The Ministry Of Defence has approved your order of 2000 Units of LDR-21 Combat Rifles, 5000 units of CE-85 Combat Rifles, and 5 Units of ET-14 “Wolf”, with a total cost of $10,050,000. Shipments will start immediately with 100 of each rifles arriving every week, and 1 tank per month as they are refurbished back into service. -Ministry Of Defence

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