Democratic People's Republic of Rekhiva

Official name: Democratic People’s Republic of Rekiva

Type of Government: One party Dictatorship

Current Head of State: Chancellor Aram Zahir

Current Head of Government: Chancellor Aram Zahir

Official Language: None

Spoken Languages: Rekina, Austral, Hinomoto, Sedunnic, Tarnian etc.

Official Religion: None

Description: Rekhiva or DPRR, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Rekhiva, is a socialist country in Bareland that borders the Frost Empire to the west and Spiras to the Northwest. The DPRR went through several bouts of upheavals and prolonged warfare throughout its history as a result of the slow imperialist expansion of the Frost Empire. The country was originally made of many disparate tribes who lived in relative harmony from the Med to the Pacific, but were slowly assimilated or driven from their homes due to the aggressive colonization of Reizen to the West. The Rekhiva banded together and fought against the Frosts as they learned to develop a national identity as ideas of nationalism were imported from abroad. However, despite their best efforts they were unable to drive back the invaders until the late 1800s when the modern borders of Reizen and Rekhiva were established in a ceasefire negotiated by their foreign neighbors to the North. The Reizen-Rekhiva border remains one of the most militarized borders in the region as the Rekhivans fear that the Frosts would invade once more while the Frosts fear that the Rekhivans would seek to drive them out of Reizen Province.

Initial attempts of government building resulted in a tribal confederacy who relied on appointed representatives to negotiate on behalf of their respective tribes, but this system of governance collapsed in 1880 due to infighting, resulting in a warlord system to replace it. This warlord system would in turn be replaced by a military dictatorship under the command of Generalissimo Chen Welgrund, a half Rekhivan tribesman, who saw the increasingly frequent border skirmishes with the Empire as a sign of an impending Frost Invasion and sought to unify the country before the Frosts could invade in 1905. The Welgrund dictatorship would last for an additional 69 years before a communist uprising in 1974 toppled the regime. The victorious Rekhivan communists would Rebrand the country as the DPRR, but would soon face another invasion from the Frost Empire, who saw the formation of a second communist state to be a threat to regional security. The DPRR suffered heavily due to the invasion, but thanks to international mediation, the Frost Empire was forced to withdraw from the country and allow the DPRR to rebuild in peace leading to an uneasy stand off lasting almost 50 years between the DPRR and Frost Empire.

The country is mostly comprised of the indigenous Rekina people who driven away from their homes in the West by Frost Imperialism although there are immigrants from across the region who call the DPRR home.