Delegate Gryffindor and the Three-Headed Dog

Vote for Fluffy! (Or else he is the only one allowed to eat cake now. You have been warned.)

You can eat the Fluffy cake if you vote for him!


Do we each get our own fluffy cake, or will it be partitioned off of the one?

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Can I pet Fluffy?

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You’ll only want to partition this one… the picture looks deceiving, but we had to take that picture from atop Griffindor Tower looking down into the Delegate’s Courtyard.

You can totally pet Fluffy!!!*

*You just need to figure out how to get close enough to pet him!

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I’ll simply distract him with a more tempting target: those wretched pie-lovers!

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You amazing genius!

I was trying to get @KrisKringle to read some Court Opinions to him while I went in for the belly rubs.

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