Cultural Act

This is (slightly modified) version of our Cultural Act, if we’d like to keep it around :slight_smile:

2(2) should be Delegate or Prime Minister, otherwise looks good

Since this proposal is here, shall we revisit the flag debate?

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What’s the flag debate?

I think it’s basically:
I don’t like this flag, I want another one
Not that I want another one.

And also I would like to ask about the effects of holidays upon how the Coalition runs?
Maybe holidays for the Assembly, no votes being conducted on those days, or maybe something the MoC could set up?

Also maybe add something on the defeat/failure of Milograd.

@Pronoun can you incorporate this edit and then we can motion to a vote?

This was actually just a joke about :crab: Hileville Skill Issue Day :crab: coming out of some VC shenanigans with ProfessorHenn.

Honestly, I’m not too sure what value the Cultural Act brings by being on the books? Maybe excluding the holidays, if we would like, for instance, to have officials organize celebrations on those days without needing to become scholars of regional history sometimes well before their own time in the region?

It’s certainly not essential, but we went to the effort of drafting it. I will say, of all the currently out there proposals, this is probably the least important

I still plan to celebrate this, as a private citizen.

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Still not sold on passing this at all, but here’s a draft without the ‘Identity’ section — it’s not like we’re going to enforce that, and our cultural identity is realistically just whatever we currently culturally identify with anyway, and not what’s written into law.

I’ve kept the holidays (except for the one for the 2016 coup, though if anyone would like to have that in a more serious form, feel free to speak up about that) as a record of historical days we may want to remember. I personally don’t think we need this many, but I’m curious as to what holidays others feel are special and worth celebrating.

I’ve also kept the regional symbols since we did have a debate about that at one point, and I can see the argument that we should decide on consistent iconography (such as by a democratic vote on a law) instead of everyone just picking their favorite flag/logo and rolling with it.

Speaking of symbols, I was hoping someone else would chime in since I wasn’t really personally active at the time, but…

I think it’s this debate over the palm tree/black sail versus the spiral. (If you’re thinking ‘what spiral?’ it’s the one in the top-left corner of your screen :stuck_out_tongue: so I guess that’s some food for thought on how effective codifying a flag/logo into law really is…)