CS for MoD

Hello everyone!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Concrete Slab. I have lived in TSP for all five years of my existence and have served in many positions, namely as a Local Council and member of the Coral Guard. However, I am so excited to finally be running for a Minister position!

If you had told me even two months ago I would be running for Minister of Defense, I would have laughed, but here I am!

It’s been such a fun month since I gave up my position in the Coral Guard and joined the South Pacific Special Forces. The community has been so welcoming, and I found myself being promoted to Soldier less than a month after I joined. I am excited to contribute even more as the Minister of Defense, if elected of course!

Here are some of my plans and thoughts on what I think it means to be Minister of Defense and what I plan to do if I am allowed the opportunity to serve.

As defined by the Charter, “The Minister of Defense will be the civilian leader of the armed forces of the Coalition, the South Pacific Special Forces. In conjunction with a group of Generals, the Minister of Defense will be responsible for the defense of the Coalition, building military activity, and conducting military operations.”

I will absolutely contribute to all of these tenets.

1.) I plan to heavily lean on the experience and know-how of General HumanSanity and Commander Pronoun. Both have been critical mentors to me, and I plan to frequently communicate strategy with them.

2.) Not only do I feel the Minister of Defense is responsible for the defense of the Coalition, we are also partially responsible for defending the sovereignty of innocent regions against those who would do them. TSP’s defender stance is a core tenet of our democracy, and like HS said in their campaign, “defenders great.”

3.) Our military activity is in a really solid place right now, but we can be better. I was recently very proud that during the liberation of International Space Station, we had six SPSF members show. However, what I have noticed is a lack of activity during situations like detags and especially defenses. Defenses, in my opinion, are the core of what makes a solid Defender, and getting better only comes with practice. Here are a few of my plans to incentivize activity:

a.) Bring back daily records of SPSF activity on the forums. I would love to post daily lists and also compile a monthly report

b.) Incentivize activity in our current player-base by encouraging members to to be present for updates where the only objective is chasing or detagging. I would also love to provide further incentives by awarding cards to those who show outstanding service or do the most defenses in a month. I could pull from my own stash or collaborate with the Ministry of Culture/Engagement.

c.) Bring aboard new members by prowling the RMB. As a six-time Local Councillor, I’m somewhat of a well-known face gameside. I already have a list of people who I plan to contact to encourage them to just try out and update, see how it feels. The card rewards can also play a factor here.

4.) Finally is conducting military operations. This is definitely the tenet where I plan to lean the most on our veterans in the Force. I’m excited to learn working in conjunction with them!

Thank you for your consideration, have I mentioned how excited I am?! I would love to contribute this energy to being the civilian leader of our noble military. Of course, ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer!

Conflict of Interest: I am a Legislator, Local Councillor, and Soldier in the South Pacific. I am formerly OWL Director and a member of the Coral Guard. I am a formerly a citizen and Deputy Minister of World Assembly Affairs in the North Pacific.

I like this idea however I know that many RMBers don’t have Discord accounts (sometimes due to parental restrictions). And since Discord is pretty influential part of the SPSF mission, how would this work? How would you implement it?

Of course, it is pretty difficult to be in the SPSF without being on discord. If they can’t get on discord because of parental restrictions, there is really nothing I can do about it. For people who can get on discord however, it would be a win-win! If they don’t like the SPSF, at least that’s another player on the discord, where a lot of discussion happens.

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This is a pretty solid platform. You have a good handle on both your capacity, the capacity of the SPSF’s leadership more broadly, and some areas where extra legwork could go a long way. A few quick comments:

I like that you’re focusing on more promotional materials as that’s an area we’re lacking. While Pronoun has automated monthly reports for us, our reports tend to be a little dry and underwhelming. I’d love to see more creative Slab reports during your MoD tenure :wink:

I actually think this is an underutilized recruiting avenue for us. Maluhia is correct, a lot of those people will give you a “no”, but we’ve had RMB people join us for liberations in the past, and there’s no reason we can’t keep trying it.