Crystals, Glass, and Idols - Volume 4 (Major 1/25)

The Idol had been chilling at Hana Macchia’s coffee cafe for a few days due to a severe thunderstorm hitting the metropolis across several areas such as the downtown apartment complex, Love Live, 765 Production, and of course the cafe itself. Once the storm has been cleared by the morning of the 24th, the Idol along with friends went out to get some materials while supporting some local businesses along the way. Not much happened, and was quite peaceful.

As the day went on, the Idol was watching some funny video game videos when Hana Macchia approached them and tapped their shoulder. “Look!”

The Idol turned around, and saw a text message on Hana’s phone. It was the flag of the Blanket Fort Legion! The Idol in excitement got up to prepare. …Until they accidentally tripped. “It’s okay, I’ve got this” said Hana, whom already sent out the message to all crystal idols and v-tubers. Alongside them and having arrived from a different universe, Kanon Shibuya (whom led the Blanket Fort Love Live division), Tomari Onitsuka (whom led the Blanket Fort Liella division), and Umise Yotsuha (leading the Blanket Fort Nijisanji division) all were called in as well.

Various Idols and V-tubers; both crystals and non-crystals alike had arrived at the Artificial Solar System… but something was off.

Not a moment to lose, Kanon Shibuya (whom has Yukari Yakumo’s ability instead of Okina’s) used gaps to teleport her way towards Cryptia, chasing after the Cut Glass. However, she was alone facing both the glass and Cinoci, and with no one else showing up to support her, she lost the fight.

Kanon running away to save herself from the Glasses wrath

Umise Yotsuha was next, chasing after the Green Glass Doors. She made it to the Greater North Sea. Snow had started falling around here, and the winds started to kick up a bit. Despite her efforts, the green glass doors managed to close and secure the checkpoint.

Tomari followed. With snow arriving down at both the Artificial Solar System and Hana Macchia’s coffee cafe now, it was starting to get a bit difficult navigating through the dark winter night. She made her way towards the Freeland Republic pursuing the Glassware. All she could do was watch the glass take over another location with no way to stop them.

Crystalised Suzuhara stood proud, flying after the Fiberglass down to the New Alvarez Union. Sword in hand, she wanted the glass for herself, but the fiberglass had managed to slow her down and threw out her weapon. She lay in defeat as the glass had emerged victorious over an Eldritch God.

It was after this point the snow begun to fall faster and winds started howling as the winter storm grew in intensity. Some omnious energy started to flow out of Crystal Lulu Suzuhara… perhaps those Makai crystals… no, never mind that!


After having missed Kadek, the Fibre-Glass had flew towards Tilly Tonka and the Broccoli Factory. Crystalised Macchia, coffee in hand, had arrived in pursuit. But the powerful aroma of coffee wasn’t enough against the BFL’s overwhelming hot chocolate, in which the latter had won out. Crystal Macchia retreated though at least keeping her coffee safe. But the real question is, do either drinks even go well with Broccoli?

Sometime after Crystalised Takamiya had lost to the Glass Wool nullifying her lazers down at Walsingford, the Love Live district of the metropolitan area had lowered their drawbridges connecting them with not just other parts of the city, but also the wider multiverse outside. Turns out, trucks had arrived to deliver various supplies and stocks to warehouses and stores. But most importantly out of them all: glass and crystals.

However, Crystalised Muyu, whom was at Hana Macchia’s place, took note and wanted to warn them, but was on borrowed time. She flew around a bit and followed the Flint Glass down to Novaris. The only dreams she ended up eating… was her own. In case you’re curious, her dreams had a blackberry and cherry taste.

Crystalised Lize also had made the move to Love Live, but her brief message despite shouting got lost in the winter storm. From there she followed Mirror Glass down to New Ohio and ended up losing herself in the reflection.

The harsh winter conditions, fueled by the leaked energy of the Makai crystals, proceeded to take care of Crystalised Himawari’s sunflower-based spell cards rendering them useless; froze Crystalised Nikaido’s motorcycle, and Crystalised Kotoha getting completely lost in the snowy forest down at Katzen.

Crystalised Tenka was up. She followed the Lightning Glass back and forth through the central part of downtown before both ended up at the Artificial Solar System. Having been confused a bit, she watched as more glass made their way towards Love Live, with Uranium Glass ultimately leading the way through with Cinoci arriving to back up. Crystal Tenka followed after them through the winter storm, though was easing up as she travelled further.

Down at Love Live, the skies were calm with only gentle snowfall. Most Idols were sleeping; while Lulu Suzuhara, Okina Matara, and Lunar Hecatia had left a while ago to deal with the Makai crystal incident. However, there was one Idol that wasn’t sleeping: Megumi Fujishima. She welcomed the Legion into the heart of downtown and had a chat with them, even offering to give them a tour. After several minutes and with no opposition besides Crystal Tenka, the Blanket Fort Legion were victorious, having managed to raise their flag right next to both LizeCorp HQ and Hasunosora Tower.

Megumi inviting BFL on a tour around downtown!

With the night over, all the Crystal Idols and V-tubers had managed to safely return to the Lunar Base despite the winter conditions, while Crystal Lulu in particular was taken back to LizeCorp under special containment. One poor soul had the misfortune of asking what happened, with non-crystal Lulu-heavy static

The skies got calmer everywhere else, though snow still fell for a bit longer before clearing. The Idol arrived back at Hana’s cafe, bought a coffee, and sat at the sofa. Despite the circumstances, they had quite the adventure! After finishing the coffee, they drifted off into sleep.

Around midnight, two V-tubers (Youko Akabane and Meruto Kuramochi) had done a little investigation exploring the locations, coming across notes that BFL left behind. Going back to Love Live, they noticed a good chunk of glass and crystals went missing, and was used to forage more puppets. Indeed, looking around further they managed to spot Glass Thorn and Starlit Glass (the latter being a notable Chacapoyan export). But they came across something horrifying. After all the time the Idol and LizeCorp had chased after BFL looking for materials to build more crystal idols/V-tubers; the glass had managed to build something that was as an answer to them. Over nine months since Crystalised Kinako and a few others arrived at the scene, the glass had enough resources to build something that would become their greatest opponent yet. This was the beginning…

The rise of…

The Glass Idols.

SPSF & Allies Present:
Idol Kotoha Tanaka (The only star in the night sky)

Defences: 0
It’s already time, it’s sunset glow
There’s a crescent moon pattern on the indigo-dyed curtain
Shall we go home? Even the crows cawed
May there be fine weather tomorrow

-Sugao no Pixel by Cerise Bouquet

Crystal (and non-crystal) Idols present (aka puppets that updated in regions)

Blanket Fort Love Live
Blanket Fort Nijisanji
Blanket Fort Liella
Crystalised Suzuhara
Crystalised Youko
Crystalised Macchia
Crystalised Minamoto
Crystalised Madoka
Crystalised Kureiji
Crystalised Kogane
Crystalised Takamiya
Crystalised Izumo
Crystalised Rosemi
Crystalised Muyu
Crystalised Lize
Crystalised Himawari
Crystalised Nikaido
Crystalised Kotoha
Crystalised Tenka