Cruisermen: General Info

This Thread will be about a RP set in a Pacifica where Humans never evolved, instead, 2 other species evolved: The Lemurians(Descended from Giant Lemurs) and the Grik(Humanoid Raptors). My primary Story will be set on the ERNS Edwardia and her crew as they are transported to this new reality via a mysterious green squall. The Lemurians have encountered transported humans before, that being 3 Stoinian Sailing Vessels, which means that they have managed to map the area. The Grik have also encountered them before(but with a much less peaceful meeting).

Based On The Destroyermen Book Series by Taylor Anderson.

Current Map:

Red: Grik Empire
Green: Lemurian Land Homes
Dark Blue: The Kingdom Of Noua Stoinei(New Stoinia) Isle’s(Light Blue: Claims)
Golden: Republic Of Nova Spiras
Burgundy: The Holy Dominion
Brown: League Of Thermopetri(Other Golden: Claims)
Navy Blue: Union Of Denvari States

This RP will be purely standalone and Extra-Canon, but If people want to participate, they are more than welcome to, as long as they ask and can provide an interesting story.


Emeraldian Royal Navy
Name Of Vessel(s): ERNS Edwardia C-04, ERNS Victory CL-03, ERNS Typhoon SS-10, ESS United Discovery
Types: Heavy Cruiser, Light Cruiser, Submarine, Cargo Ship
Date Of Transfer: November 17th, 1946(CG and CL), December 9th, 1952(SS), April 2nd, 1953(UD)
Prominent Characters: Captain Edward Rivers, Commander John “Vulture” Kelley, Prince-Lt. Cmdr Lucas Nelson, Chief Nurse Sandra Tompkins, Gunners Mate Aiden Sudov.
Prefixes: ERNS, ERNRS


Names Of Important Sea-Homes: Salissa, Arracca, Fristar, Kakja, Woor-Na, Salaama-Na
Names Of Important Land-Homes: Copanhaagen, Arylaal, Jylaand, Holsaanii, Jen-san, Mund-Haagan.
Prominent Characters: Chack Sab-At, Risa Sab-At, Adar, Keje Fris-Ar, Selass Fris-Ar, Blas Lel-Ak