Crisis in Cornland

[fyi this is retconned]

Aenota V is a generally forgotten planet compared to its neighbor, Aenota IVa. Although much bigger than IVa, over time its unique culture has been forgotten for its heavily urbanized neighbor that produces the vast majority of ship weapons in Doge Land. Aenota V is usually called “Cornland,” due to its staple crop being… corn. From space, the planet looks like an interesting mix of yellow and green, stopped only by the icy poles in the north and the dark blue oceans- if you can even call them that- dotting the planet’s surface. The 201 million square mile planet has a population of just 68 million, if you can believe it. Its population density is a measly 0.338 inhabitants per square mile. On the surface, its rolling hills covered by corn fields bisected by dirt roads that are rarely maintained.

The only way off or on the planet without being a resident is at one of the two spaceports on either side of the planet. The most used one is at its largest city of just 2 million, Aeanota. The secondary one, if something were ever to happen to the one at Aeanota, is located on the other side of the planet at the largest Doge Landian military installation in the entire province.

It was a peaceful day that morning on Aenota V. At the Doge Landian military installation, Aenota One, corn shipments were going out to Aenota IVa, where they would be transported on larger shipments to Bornana Prime and Tabichi VII, like always. But there was also something… devious being transported to Aenota IVa that day. Something they thought they were hiding well- after all, if you wanted to find a major military device, would you go to the corn capital of the entire Doge Landian empire and its thousands of inhabited planets?

Something mysterious appeared on the radar, and nobody knew what it was. The following conversation ensued.

“Hello, this is restricted airspace, please exit the area or we will be forced to take action against your ship.”

No response.

“Please respond with a valid entry code or we will be forced to take action against your ship.”

No response.

“This is your final warning.”

No response. Fighters were launched from the base, newly assembled with experimental weapons from the factories on Aenota IVa. They attacked the ship, barreling towards the base, and shot out one of the engines. And then someone realized what was happening, and ran towards the airspace controller managing the situation.

“You need to get that ship off-course! Now!”

“Wha- why?”

“It’s on a direct collision course with the base!”

“No it’s no… yes it is. Oh no…”

The airspace controller tried to tell the fighters to either get the ship off-course or blow it up, but it was no use. The ship was already just 30 seconds out from impact, and there was no way the fighters could have stopped it. It crashed into the base at lightning speed, leaving a crater and about 100 dead and countless people injured. Thankfully, the shot at the engine by the fighter took the ship slightly off-course and avoided the ship hitting the object, which was believed to be its original target. How the pilot of the ship knew the object’s location was beyond anyone’s knowledge. But the worst part is that someone, or some group of people, knew that the object existed and knew where it was going.