Converging Empires [1 ABT]



Galactyan Empire, CrusLux System

Galactya, Diplomatic District

Galactya Dusk Shuttlelines
Galactya Skyscrapers Dusk

Crus and Lux, the two binary stars around which Galactya orbited, rose over the horizon of the Diplomatic District. Starlight slowly poured in over the enormous sky scrapers, as the endless mural of building lights gradually turned off with the arrival of morning.

Large groups of automated Imperial Soldiers and Starlight Warriors, dressed in special military garments exclusively destined to special occasions and state visits, moved in unison across the Grand Boulevard that went from the planet’s Prime Spaceport all the way to the Imperial Palace Complex.

Coordinator Drones flew at high speed in circles above the various companies and regimens of soldiers, moving them into formation: the gigantic Starlight Warriors stood at the two sides of the Boulevards, placed two hundred meters from one another, with Imperial Soldiers standing in lines and circles between and around them, holding their special star-tipped spears, part of their attire and equipment for special occasions.

While the endless thousands of units were already more than enough for both show and protection, a “net” of Aerial Security Bots and Optical Phased Defense Arrays was also activated along all the Boulevard, to provide an additional layer of protection for the foreign diplomats.

Today, a formal delegation of the Weissersteiner Empire would come to the Capital to establish proper diplomatic relations between the two nations, after almost two centuries of having known each other’s existance.

As Weisserstein was a member of the Pan Terran League, the supranational alliance of terran-centric nations now in unspoken competition with the pan-xenosophontian Coalition Of United Stars of which Galactya was the main head, it was extremely important to establish positive relations, as the relations between the two states could very well influence the eventual relations between the two alliances.

Inside of the central Hub of the Primary Spaceport, Grand Ministers and Clade Councillors gathered around the Emperors, while other regiments of Imperial Warriors moved into position besides the Hub’s Walls.

"So, is everything ready?"

"Yes, yes, I already checked. All soldiers are in position, all camera droids are ready to record, and all of the Government Buildings have also been prepared."

"Wonderful. You know, I would have though this day would have come a century ago. The fact that it took so long for us to establish relations is... odd, to say the least."

"I suppose it's because of the current situation in the sector. Tensions are rising pretty much everywhere, and while we make new allies, new dangers and potential enemies arise. I mean, the whole deal with Enver is still a pretty heated situation, even after their visit two months ago."

"Probably. Luckily, the Imperial Militarization Program has been going splendidly thus far, so even in case of conflict we will be more than ready."

"You jump to the Empire's arms far too quickly darling."

"Am I not the one who is technically in charge of the military?"

"Come on now, we haven't used that subdivision of roles for more than a thousand years. We both handle everything."

"I know, I know. I was just saying. I hope diplomacy and peace prevail, obviously, but being ready in case things spiral down is something the Empire needs."

"I'm aware, yes. But let's focus on the moment now! This visit, just like with Enver's, could prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run. Weisserstein could become our gate to the establishment of proper diplomatic relations with Stoinia. I'm not talking positive, but just neutral would suffice."

"I'm not very interested in establishing relations with a state that views our Terrans as prisoners, and everyone else as either second-class or outright subsapient life. I know we still HAVE to, but it won't sit very right with me."

"We really, really do. I don't like Stoinia a lot either, but I hope we will be able to at least stand each other one day."

"Don't we all. Anyways, I think it's time. The delegation ship is almost here."


Somewhere near Galactya’s exosphere
CrusLux system, Galactyan Empire

Approaching the Galactyan capital world was the Stephanus-class Diplomatic Cruiser, a ship commonly used by Imperial Weissersteiner diplomats for visits to other star nations. Aboard the cruiser was three Weissersteiner diplomats heading to the Galactyan Empire, with the goals of establishing formal relations with the ancient star nation. Weisserstein had knew of the existence of Galactya for quite some time, especially through its ally the Star Empire of Calerost, however this would be the first time a Weissersteiner diplomatic mission would be sent to Galactya.

The three men in royal blue-and-white clothing are the diplomats, all three of noble descent. The lead diplomat is Prince Nikolaus Wilfried Theodor Schmitt von Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern-Friedstadt-Schellingen, himself a distant relative of the Kaise… The second diplomat was Jonkheer Frederik Cornelis Hendrik van Speelman, from the honorable and prominent van Speelman family. Lastly was Freiherr Georg Rüdiger Schultze von und zu Ruß und Këndor, a member of a prominent land-owning family which was ennobled during the reign of Friedrich Wilhelm II. Along with them are a 6-man squadron of diplomatic guards as well as a fighter escort which includes 2 Dragoon-class interceptors.

“We are nearing our destination, sire” the captain of the ship reported

“Good, thank you captain.” Nikolaus replied

Nikolaus, himself a member of one of the cadet branches of the Imperial family, represented his Empire, his Kaiser, more than the other two diplomats. The weight of such a responsibility fully dawned on him as they closed in on the planet.

“These Galactyans seems to know what they’re doing when it comes to constructions, eh?” Georg said to Frederik

“Well, we have heard of their mega-constructs before. Though you are right, seeing them first-hand is nothing short of impressive” Frederik answered as he looked at the rings around Galactya

“Might I suggest we prepare for the meeting? We are going to meet the Emperors of Galactya themselves, we must be ready to represent the Kaiser and the Fatherland in the best of light” Nikolaus chimed in on the two’s discussions

“Wait, they have how many emperors?!” Georg asked, shocked by such an idea

“They had 2, Georg, we talked about this before the ship took off, and we mentioned it constantly throughout this trip” Nikolaus answered, his face visibly annoyed

“Sorry, sorry. I’m just… used to only having one Emperor”

“We all do, Georg, we all serve under the same Emperor” Frederik chimed in

“Look, now is not the time to argue, we are entering atmosphere and have little time to prepare” Nikolaus said to his subordinates

The ship slowly landed in the Diplomatic District of the Galactyan capital. The diplomats stepped down from the Cruiser after their squadron of guards formed a row. The three diplomats was finally in Galactyan soil. They we’re greeted by the diverse Galactyan population, certainly not something too common back in Weisserstein. The friendliness reminded the delegates of their own traditions, where guests are treated as kings.

“This is… quite the diverse audience” Georg whispered to Frederik and Nikolaus

“It is Galactya after all” Frederik responded, a small wooden chest chiseled and decorated with ornaments in his hands

“Well then, there is no time to waste, let us meet the Imperial Highnesses” Nikolaus said, Georg and Frederik agreed and all three begin to approach the Main Hub while greeting the crowd. There, many prominent members of Galactyan society awaited the three delegates, chief among them being the two emperors, both of whom towered over the delegates

“Woah, the Emperors are… huge” Georg whispered to Frederik

“Georg, please, language. My job of carrying this box is already a handful” Frederik responded

“Apologies, Frederik”

Ignoring the little commotion his two subordinates are making, Prince Nikolaus greeted the Emperors warmly.

“Your highnesses, allow me to introduce myself, I am Nikolaus Wilfried Theodor Schmitt, Prinz von Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern, von Friedstadt, und von Schellingen. These are my associates, Frederik Cornelis Hendrik, Jonkheer van Speelman, and Georg Rüdiger Schultze, Freiherr von und zu Ruß und Këndor. It is an honor to finally be able to meet you both in person”


"The honor is ours, Prince Nikolaus. We have been waiting for this day for more than a century, ever since the times your great-grandfather sat on the throne of the Weiisersteiner Empire."

"And finally, after so much time, we are absolutely ecstatic to finally be here. Weisserstein has evaded our diplomatic grasp for so much time due to a variety of reasons, but the wait was worth it."

"Follow us, and we'll escort you to the Imperial Palace Complex. We will initiate our diplomatic talks there."


As soon as the Empress shouted her command, the celebrations began. The Imperial anthem began playing, as the Imperial Guards hit the ground in unison with their lances, repeatedly hailing Prince Nikolaus’ name. Thousands of voices, shouting in a glorious, perfect, chilling mechanical unison. Starlight Warriors lifted their glowing spears in the air, as colorful yet incredibly destructive beams of photons erupted through their mouths and pierced the sky, beams of prismatic beauty capable of leveling entire cities in a single strike. Aerial Droids released untold amounts of airborne Utility Fog, that formed shifting, glowing patters representing Weisserstein’s royal insignia, together with that of the Galactyan Empire, to showcase the forging of diplomacy that was soon to follow.

"As you can see, we enjoy putting up small shows for our guests on the capital."

"It is the least we could do after all."


“We extend our gratitude for your hospitality. It appears that such extravagances are something both Galactya and Weisserstein would share, as well as the display of military prowess.”

The three diplomats walked past the cheering crowds, the Reichsbanner majestically soar alongside the Galactyan flag. All three saw the diversity of the Galactyan Empire, one they never saw on such a scale back home in the Kaiserreich.

“Well, this certainly was unexpected.” Georg said in a whispering tone.

“What’s so unexpected from these sorts of celebrations and welcomes. We usually get them, especially when you go to the colonies. They love to show their military strength and all that.” Frederik responded, in a similar whispering tone.

“Well, I was expecting a more… uh…”

“What exactly were you expecting, Georg?”

“Nevermind. Now that I think about it, I just sound stupid.”

“I mean, you usually do sound stupid.”

Prince Nikolaus turned around and gave both Georg and Hendrik a cold stare. The two Junkers got the message. They were to keep quiet. The Prince turns his attention back to the Emperors of Galactya once again.

“I would also like to thank you for the warm welcome we’ve received from your people. It is great to know that your people welcomes us.”


"Well, both the Imperial Soldiers and Starlight Warriors aren't really sapient, so they can't really welcome you warmly... but regardless of that, our citizens ARE very excited for your arrival."

"After the huge amount of first contacts with xenosapient civilizations that happened last year, the Empire faced an enormous increase in political interest throughout the population. Before, we were limited to our Subpolities, but now that there are so many more nations out there, the average citizen feels much more incentivized to keep up with the news."

"Political participation is a fundamental part of any nation. Of course, some of our cultures don't really require it at all - more hedonistic and heavenvirch ideologies are an example of that - but we still take it as a positive phenomenon."

"Is the average citizen politically active in the Weissersteiner Empire as well?"


“Most are, your highness. Ever since the implementation of Wilhelmian-style guided democracy in Weisserstein by my ancestor, Kaiser Wilhelm I, the average citizen in Weisserstein has much more say in political affairs, from the planetary to the Imperial scale. Before that, we had fluctuating representation under the Dovian Empire. Of course, inevitably some develop apathy towards the political world, but nonetheless most citizens from the low to the high class, from the average citizen to the Imperial nobles, are all invested in the political developments in our realm”


"Ah, glad to hear that."

"Galactya doesn't really have social classes or nobility, and as far as I remember, it never really had. The Empire implements a mix of Basic Universal Income and Direct Social Provision as it's economic system, and we never really had an aristocracy. If we did have some vestiges of it by the time the Empire was founded, they were pretty much all diluted into nothingness over more than 9000 years."

"However, foreign immigrant groups have brought the concept back into the Imperial culturescape. Immigrants from the Drakari Celestial Imperium and the Star Empire Of Calerost, your dearest and our oldest ally, are an example of that."

"One could interpret our transapients, godlings and archailects as a sort of "higher class", but as of now, it's a very unfounded idea riddled with misconceptions. As far as we know, there's no social system that reflects in a complete and multi-faceted way the role that high transapients play in Galactyan society."

"There are many things about Galactyan society that can't be found anywhere else in the known Sector. However, we are always more than happy to discuss them with anyone willing to listen. I hope you will be one of those people Prince Nikolaus."


“Of course, your highness. I find Galactya quite an interesting polity in itself, so I would be more than willing to hear about it’s society more.”


"We're glad to hear that you do. We hope that your stay here will satisfy your curiosity. The Subpolity representatives will definitely be happy to do so."

"They most certainly will."

With a swipe of the Empress’ hand, the large gilded gates of the Imperial Palace Complex’s walls started to fold in on themselves, interlocking parts and effector frames moving to let the royals pass through. Two Starlight Warriors, a hundred meters tall, stood besides the gates, their flaming white lances and glowing eyes guarding the Palace and watching over the Grand Boulevard.

On the other side of the gates was the Imperial Garden, a giant expanse of gengineered and neogenic flowers, plants and flora from all across the Empire, kept maintained by glowing banks of utility fog, whose nanites reinvigorated, watered and nurtured the flowers and plants.

In the center of it all stood the Imperial Palace, a truly enormous tower tens of kilometers high that rose above most other buildings and pierced through the clouds. Functionally an Atlas Pillar, the palace was kept kept sustained through convective fluxes of particles, that flowed at extremely high speeds inside large diamagnetic pipes.

"And here we are."

"We hope that the palace is large enough for your liking."

"Me and my husband designed it ourselves. We wanted something more grand and central, compared to the old palace."

"Besides, we kind of needed to if we're being honest. We're most certainly aware of the fact that we're not exactly... averagely sized."


Prince Nikolaus marvels at the Imperial Palace Complex. While his taste in architecture was more akin to the palaces of his homeworld, he still finds the Galactyan Imperial Palace Complex to be quite marvelous.

“Of course, your highnesses. This palace is certainly grand, I must say.”

As the three delegates entered the palace, Prince Nikolaus calls his aides for a gift box, laced with gold with accents of lions, eagles, and griffins.

“Your highnesses, please. Accept this little gift from our Kaiserreich. My uncle, the Kaiser, sends his warmest regards and wishes a fruitful and lasting friendship to be established between our realms.”

Inside the box, two golden necklaces laced with jewelry and diamonds. There were also two medallions, known as the Order of the Star of Merit and two sets of short hunting swords, laced with gold and metallic silvers with a lion’s accent being seen on the hilt of the blade.