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(OOC:) Hello! I’m Flaming, a member from the TSPRP community. I don’ t interact with this side of the forums all that much, but I had an idea (And clearly needed to add 1 more to my pile of 5
other ongoing writing projects) that I wanted to see through. A choose your own adventure story, set in a fantasy universe. The nature of this story will become revealed the more you all progress.

I have one rule for you all. Please do not post in this topic. Interaction with the story will be limited to polls, and I plan on creating a separate topic for discussion (Which in some cases will affect the story- I’ll tell you in advance.) of the story and for theories. I want to keep this topic unclogged so that 1; people in the future can easily come back and read it, and 2, so that the experience isn’t marred by having to scroll through many irrelevant posts to get to the story. IF THIS RULE IS BROKEN TOO MANY TIMES, I WILL CANCEL THIS PROJECT! With that out of the way, let me begin!

They find themself in a room of mossy stone glowing a strange blue, chained to the wall. They have no recolection of anything. They could think in words, and understood their basic needs, like hunger (they were very hungry) thirst (thirsty too) and pain (which they had a lot of) but they couldn’t remember anything of an identity. No names came into their mind- their own or otherwise- no recolection of past events. They managed a look at their legs. Colorless. Not that they were light or dark-skinned, but that they had no color. It was like their body was an outline that someone had forgotten to shade in. For some reason, even with their lack of identity or any memories to confirm that this was weird, this made them very uncomfortable.

Being chained to the wall was uncomfortable as well. Should they try to break free?

Struggle or wait?
  • Struggle- They want out!
  • Wait. Patience is key.

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They sat- or stood, rather- tight. Someone had… probably put them there, and they were likely not dead, despite feeling empty. Someone would have to come eventually. And they didn’t have many plans.

After some amount of time, they heard a rattling and then a creak. A door. Someone had come in! A pale man wearing a blue came into their vision, with a flashlight in his hand. Their eyes widened. The man chuckled. “You must be tired of waking up like this. Then again, if old Lux’s magic works as intended, you probably don’t remember a thing.” He examined them. “And by the light, it does. You’re fully formed. I didn’t think it would work this well. Besides your Vislight you’re practically a person again.”

They understood none of what he was saying.

The man walked up to their confinements. They remained calm- he hadn’t seemed threatening. And they didn’t really have a means of defending themself anyways. The man pulled a key out of his pocket and entered it into both keyholes of their chains. The man helped them stand up. Their knees nearly buckled under their own weight. He started leading them out of the room.

They knew they were hungry and thirsty before, and in a lot of pain, but now they felt weak too. Maybe it was due to not walking for a long time, but it felt like they were a toddler just learning the ropes. Of course, they had no memory of walking before, but somehow they knew that they should have had that ability. And somehow it made the situation feel much more bleak.

They and the man didn’t talk while they walked. He didn’t seem rude or all that particularly nice- more like he was on the job. He led them past a corridor, where the walls changed from the glowing, blue stone to a white brick-like structure. It was rather bright for their unadjusted eyes. They seemed to be going down a back corridor in this white building. They were led to a white door decorated with the design of a blue triangle. The man opened the door.

It looked almost like an office. A man with a pure white beard sat in the chair. His blue eyes, the exact same shade as was on the door, emanated a kindness, but also a sort of tiredness. Like the old man had seen many things, some of them as violent as he was merciful.

They envied the idea of remembering anything at all.

The man who was helping them walk spoke as they both went inside the room. “Archmage Lux, this one has formed. Their body is whole- Just without their Vislight, as you said they’d be, sir.”

The old man- Lux, he was called- looked at the man with wide eyes, then at them. “Sit down, both of you,” he said, with a voice that simultaneously sounded fearful and relieved at the same time. It took him a moment to say something.

"Well, I suppose I should start with introductions. I am Archmage Lux Veneficus, leader of Southern Oitus. The man who led you to this room is called Dale. I will tell you why you remember nothing of yourself, and why your appearance is… lacking in Lux leaned back in his chair, before sighing and beginning to talk again.

“As you’ll have certainly heard by now, you are missing your Vislight- Your soul light. You see, the human body is much like a lampshade. Your physical form guides and forms your Vislight, completing your full form. Normally, it is impossible to separate a Vislight from the body, except in death. But you did not die. Your fate was far worse.”

They may have imagined it, but they thought Lux winced in the pain of recalling the second part of the story.

“Luna, Queen of Souls, managed to find a way to extract Vislight from one’s still-breathing body. This is what happened to you. You became a husk. Vislight contains not only your memories, but your very identity. A body with no concept of itself ceases to function. We were able to heal you using Carulous Stone, that blue stone you saw lining your… room. We had you chained up because the process made you a bit primal in the first stages. But now, obviously, your mind is fully reformed. We have not been able to recover any Vislight from the Queen of Souls yet, sadly, but I promise to you that when we do, we will bring yours back.”

Lux leaned back for a moment, before smiling.

“You know what? Vislight contains one’s sense of self. I doubt you even know which of the three tribes you hail from. To start out, you look like you’re…”

  • “…A man.”
  • “… A woman.”
  • “…Androgynous.”

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(This will not affect the story.)

“And that birthmark. It is the…”

  • “…Spear mark of the Spi Siphs.”
  • “…Sound wave of the Magises.”
  • “…Three lines of the Parsistro.”

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The Spi Siphs use light to conjure up weaponry to defend South Otius from attacks from any raider groups emerging once again from their dark caves. The Magises, also known as Silvertongues, use their words to create illusions. The Parsistros use light to create whether it is a building or something smaller. This choice will affect the story, mainly with the challenges this character faces.

“…And as for a name? I’m sorry. I don’t think anyone would recognize you. Your hometown was far away from here, and it was attacked by the Queen of Souls. Whomever may have known you will be hard to find.” Lux then had a look of remembrance on his face." Ah! Forgive me. I nearly forgot to ask you if there was anything you needed."

Brash or Polite?
  • “I need food… I was barely even listening to you, I’m so hungry.”
  • “I would like some food, please.”

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After they asked for food, they were brought to a private room. It was a strange predicament they were in. They were alive, sure, but a large part of them was missing. Their memories. They could have been a killer or a local hero, or anything else across that spectrum, and they had no way of knowing. They had been told that they had been saved from the village of Condo in Terra Gellu. Apparently it had been too small to be on a regional map, but it was near the larger town of Tresanorial. They were in the city of Lucerna, and even more specifically in the Archmages’ castle. It wasn’t a fortified building like its name implied, but more like a grand cathedral, filled with libraries of magic texts and historical books and maps of all of the regions within South Otius.

After they had eaten and drank their fill of food and water (which was a lot) they looked at a map and found Lucerna and Tresanorial in Terra Gellu. The closest reference they had to their old life. A life they weren’t even quite sure they wanted. It was hard to know if they wanted anything now that their hunger and thirst were gone. (Although they were still rather sore.) They pondered the map for some time, looking at the various regions of South Otius.

After they finished examining the world they lived in, they sat on their bed, pondering what to do to pass the time. This entire week was for them to rest, but they didn’t want to sit idle. Their bookshelf had many choices.

What to do?
  • Read about South Otius’ history.
  • Read about the magic of the Parsistros.
  • Read about how to use various weapons.

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This character can only do two of these actions. These actions will not only give them knowledge, but you as players. Choose wisely, as this knowledge may help them in their future.


They had no real job, so they had spent a lot of time reading the past week. They had first read about the power of the Parsistros. They had the ability to create objects by reforging light. Unlike the Spi Siphs, they couldn’t control the objects after their creation. Furthermore, they had to have a greater understanding of these objects to create them correctly. They spent a long time studying the physicality of many of the objects around them, from the tables, to the chairs, the rugs and the vases. They became a very observant person among their studies of the world itself. They had practiced making a few objects with the light in their room. A wooden spoon, a vase (with no design) and a few metal beads. It took a lot of effort, even for these small objects, and while that could be due to their lack of an internal light- Their Vislight, that is- It seemed to be mainly due to a lack of practice. Reforming light was a difficult task. They also learned that magic was not easy to use at nighttime- Better during full moons, but the light of stars and even torches could scarcely be used to make anything.

They learned of many weapons as well. Polearms like spears and billhooks, which were easy to use, the bow and crossbow, harder, but with a great range, and the sword, which was difficult to use, and not nearly as effective in a military context, but extraordinarily useful in scenarios of self-defense. Since most other weapons were banned in Otian cities, the sword was what they spent their time on. They were allowed to practice with it- lightly, of course- and they became a bit accustomed to it. Of course, mastery of such a weapon took years, but they certainly had a good enough handle on it for now.

After their week of rest was over, a letter was brought to their room. It was from the Archmage himself. It read:

To Our Perlucidus Guest,
I have heard that your recovery is going well. This is good! While I do understand that you are still new to the world, I would like for you to start thinking about what you want to do with your time. You are the first of your kind, someone living separated from their Vislight, and so I do not know if regaining it will be possible, so I would like you to start doing something else to occupy your time. You will not have to start now, of course, but I will arrange a trainer for you so you can get started.
-Archmage Lux Verum

They racked their head. A week or so of living was not quite enough to decide a profession, but they supposed they could change it at some point. This was a first job of sorts, a way to reintegrate themselves into a society and culture they remembered nothing of.

They thought of a few options. all that was left was to pen back…

What should they do?
  • They are a Parsistro. help with building.
  • A sub-job of the first, help repair damage to the castle.
  • They can help with creating weapons for the guards and soldiers of Lucerna.
  • Or, they can learn to create more complex objects, like gliders, boats, and more.

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Each of these professions will have an impact on the abilities and knowledge of this character going forward. The first will help with general knowledge of the craft of Parsistros and build their stamina for it. The second will potentially give them much-needed information through the gossiping workers they pass by. The third can teach them much more then simply how to make normal weapons, and the fourth will allow them to learn how to create contraptions that are more intracate or delacate. All of these skills will be useful to some capacity. Choose wisely.


(OOC: Two results were tied, so I flipped a coin. It landed on heads, so, they are helping repair damage to the castle.)

Their job was simple, and only took a couple days of training. They were learning how to repair objects with light. It was a simple job in comparison to the others- the light folded into the cracks easily, and it turned to stone easily, as if it were excited to make the structure whole again. It was perhaps the easiest skill they could learn- but of course, the main benefit of the job was not the experience itself, nor the pay, but the gossip. The secrets one overhears- A passing conversation, a silent chat, or an exchange of information between fellow workers. They didn’t know it, but there was a silent currency in this job- no coins or glowing Lychni, but a currency based on secrets and stories, scraps of information, in an intricate web of interactions, of sorting out lies and confusion and strange truths. They were very new, however, in more than one way. They knew they could gain information, sure, but they would not be getting knowingly caught up in the economy of gossip.

Still, they heard many things.

As they were folding light into a large gap below a small staircase, they heard some scholars overhead discussing… them. A man said “I heard Lux has let the Perlucidus One work. I hope they are okay without their Vislight.” A woman replied. “Vislight, to our knowledge, contains one’s identity and memories at most. I suppose at the least they can feel alright.”

And that was about the nicest thing they heard about themself that day.

They found that, rather then call them “Perlucidus” or “The Perlucidus One,” most people referred to them as “The lightless one.” This offended them, even with their limited understanding of South Otian culture. Most people seemed to pity them- That without their Vislight they must feel empty, and out of place with no memories.

Both were true, but it certainly didn’t help to hear it.

However, many people were not concerned about them- They spoke of other things, When they were fixing some of the battlements and machicolations at the top of the castle, they heard some Spi Siph guards speaking.

“The Starwatchers in Mastellum just got noted to the Archmagestry that a total eclipse will be happening next week. Our weapon makers are getting overwhelmed at making enough lightless weapons to defend the city,” one said.

Another replied. “Surely they don’t need to? What army attacks Lucerna when there is no light? Surely we are not afraid of raiders scaling the walls.”

The first guard shook her head and whispered, so quietly that they could nearly not hear her. “There have been rumblings of code Plena. Lux wants us to be on high alert.” They didn’t know what Code Plena was, but it sounded dire. They did not speak a word as they left the top of the castle.

The working day came to an end. They went to the room to collect their payment for the day: 20 Lychni, 55 Fax. The bright white Lychni and dull red Fax absorbed into the money-pouch they had. An enchanted item that made carrying currency infinitely more practical than the coins from before the Great Separation. At least, they were told- They didn’t exactly know what the Great Separation was.

As they left to venture back up to their quarters, one of their fellow workers caught them. He spoke: “Perlucidus One- Light, that’s a mouthful- How was your day?” They started to say “good,” but he just kept speaking. “I hear it’s your first day on the job. They made you fix the battlements? On your first day?” They had not told him this, so they assumed he must have learned it from someone else. Or have seen them: they weren’t exactly trying to be stealthy, after all. He continued to speak. “Did you hear anything interesting today?”

They were somewhat put off by this question. It seemed completely out of the blue. Still, they had to say something.

  • Tell him nothing.
  • Tell him about the Total Eclipse.
  • Mention “Code Plena.”

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His eyes widened a small bit. “An eclipse, eh? That’ll get the weaponmakers a day off, at least. Its hard to bend light only by torchlight- And especially hard for us Parsistros, since their light has to get physical and stay that way. Oh well, I suppose the castle will be fine.” The man smiles. “They speak about you, Perlucidus One. There are many fears. But I, for one, think it is an overreaction. You are no more dangerous than a person who lost their memory in any other way.”

They didn’t know how to react to this, so they just remained silent and nodded. The man smiled once more and threw a glowing coin in the air, which was promptly collected by their money-pouch. It had been rather bright- Another Lychnus, maybe?

Whatever the case, they found their way back to their room and sat on the bed after their day, contemplating it. The work was not too meaningful, but it at least gave them a purpose that day, and helped them hone their skills, if not that much. Still, they were unsure how their life would progress? Would they move on to something more advanced or stay repairing forever, at least until the Archmagestry found their Vislight? They didn’t know, and had no clue if there’d ever be an answer as they laid down and fell asleep.

They woke up in the morning- although they couldn’t tell. Looking out their window, they could see nothing but the darkness of night- though, for some reason, the stars were gone. when they finally braced a look at the sun, all they could see was a ring of red. For some reason, they expected it to hurt, but it didn’t. A total eclipse. This didn’t seem like a natural event- the sun blotted out from the sky, and even the stars were gone. Darkness in the daytime. This felt like more then the moon blocking the sun’s light.

They stretched as they got out of bed, contemplating the dark day. Tentatively, they tried to create a simple object- A small glass, but it was impossible. Sunlight was a powerful source of light, and without it, a mostly untrained Parsistro would never be able to make anything by torchlight- just as that man had said.

There was a thud, somewhere in the building. Hesitantly, they took the sword they had been training with. They flinched. They couldn’t decide, in that moment, whether to open the door or not.

  • Push open the door and see what is going on.
  • Stand still- but strong. What’s going on can’t be that important unless it comes to them.

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They pushed open the door. Many people were outside of their rooms too, investigating the source of the noise. It didn’t look like-

A crash! The building rumbled as they fell to the ground. It was so fast- they were standing one moment, and the next they were on the cobbled floor. They managed to keep hold of their blade as they fell. They rose, unsteadily, as they heard people yelling- some screaming in terror, others shouting orders in powerful voices: “GET TO YOUR STATIONS!” “GET THE CIVILIANS,” and, most disturbingly, “SHE IS HERE!” The castle was in a fuss now, with people running, some with purpose, others with blind fear. They, in particular felt an almost overwhelming looming sense of dread. Why? They had no memories. What could their subconscious remember even in absence of the memory? They moved, sword in hand, pushing downstairs.

Downstairs was chaos. They could see- and hear, now- some hint of fighting. yells, armored people moving, the clatter of a polearm to the ground. They were somehow- for some reason- moving closer to the battle. They had little time to think- In fact, the only thought they could really process in all of this time is “How is the castle being attacked by surprise?” It sat in the city of Lucerna, and as far as they knew it made little sense for a castle in a walled city to be attacked without the city being besieged first. But there was no time to come up with any sort of answer to how this could be happening. Another large thud shook the building, but the soldiers fighting showed no wane in their resolve. One of them- A soldier commanding people to get to positions shouted. “STAND STRONG. WE’RE PREPARED FOR HER!”*
*This choice majorly affected the outcome of the story.

…her? This again. One of the soldiers had shouted “She’s here!” who could She possibly be? They suddenly felt queasy. Their brain worked to figure it out, even as the soldiers were being pushed back, even as they could see people rush around them. who-

And then it hit them. Words said some weeks ago to them, innocuous then, but reactivating a fear they didn’t know they had. “Luna, Queen of Souls.”

Before they knew it, they were standing by a window. Why? What in all of the Light could be causing them to act without thinking? Did they somehow remember something more than they had already fathomed? They raised their sword at the window, expectantly.

And just as they had somehow predicted, something- someone? came crashing through. A pale, nearly transparent person- Like them, but tinted with a disturbing crimson. They had only a moment to process what they did next.

What should they try?
  • Kill it.
  • Attempt to take it- them? alive.
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