Communiqué from the Supreme Leader of Foreign Affairs: 'Greetings Minions!'

Foreign Policy Minions of The South Pacific,

It is with devilish delight that I once again address you as Supreme Leader (of Foreign Affairs).

I gift you my consent to applaud joyously loudly and with unrestrained adulation. I will even permit you to shed tears; but only 6 tear drops, no more, no less.

On the note of emotions, I am honoured and humbled that the Assembly has confirmed my appointment and entrusted me with the responsibilities of representing the Coalition abroad. I am grateful to Prime Minister ProfessorHenn for delegating me to carry out the government’s foreign policy agenda. Last but not least, I am thankful to the immediate former Minister of Foreign Affairs Esfalsa (Pronoun) for their work and help in this transition.

Over the coming days and weeks, in consultation with the Prime Minister, I will communicate to the Assembly the immediate and near-term vision for this Ministry. I look forward to engaging in these conversations with Assembly Minions.

Until then—

Duplicitously yours,

Minister of Foreign Affairs of The South Pacific, the Supreme Leader of all Minions, His Majesty, the Admiral General Stewie G., the Magnificent Ultimate Leader of all of NationStates, High Autocrat of the New Minion Order, King of Kings, Democratic President and Prime-Minister-For-Life, Chairman and Supreme General Secretary Admiral of the People’s Republic of the South Pacific, Invincible and All-Triumphant Lord Commander, Grand Dentist of the Ice Cream Association, Chief Ophthalmologist and board-certified Dermatologist of the South Pacific Special Forces, Brilliant Genius of Humanity, Noble Prize winner in everything but Peace, and Benevolent Oppressor and Ruthless Protector of the Expendable People of Amerion.

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