Colonian Vehicles of War

Uh, yeah, here are some combat vehicles used by Colonus


Mandi Colony Drop Pods
These drop pods carry groups of Mandi drones to the surface at once, allowing for the quick establishment of bases. The drop pods can vary in size, with the largest ones being as tall as a bus is long. They’re usually deployed after or during bombardment/emping, and are designed to partially bury themselves. All colony drop pods have turrets for defence.

Post-landing, they can be repurposed for a temporary base, command center, or parts.


Ram Fighters (boarding variant depicted below)

Ram Fighters are the personal fighters of the Colonus Pact (standardized for Mandi, but adjustable for other species). They can be used in space or within atmosphere (including atmospheric entry), and usually have some sort of ramming functionality, be it boarding, suicide bombing, or other purposes. They’re equipped with minor shielding, as well as emp or kinetic weaponry.

While weak on their own, Ram Fighters typically work in swarms to deal the most damage, but can also separate to minimize loses.

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