Coalition Day Llama Design Polls

Llamas have been a staple of TSP’s culture and community for years, enjoying prominence as our regional animal and paired with out regional currency, the drama llama.

Almost 2 years ago, Nakarisaune designed the lovely llama postcard found above while in voice chat of our Discord server one day. For the 20th Coalition Day, it’s time for us to design a new llama. A South Pacifican llama designed by South Pacificans, through the most iconic of South Pacifican processes: democracy.

The Event

Over the next several days, Sporaltryus and myself will be running a series of one-day on-site polls to design our regional llama. Each poll will focus on one “feature” of our regional llama. People can discuss and debate, campaign, and generally attempt to shape the South Pacifican llama in their vision through the polls. At the end of our series of polls, we will have two South Pacifican artists (Astriva and North Chimore) “design” their vision of the llama created by the polls, and then run a final poll comparing the two llamas. The llama that receives the most votes in the final poll will be declared the “South Pacifican llama” and will have its image hoisted as the flag of the South Pacific for three days.

Over the next few days, you’ll see the llama polls posted on-site. We’ll announce new polls and results in #announcements on Discord and in posts replying to this thread on the forum.

If you have any questions, let us know!

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:ballot_box: :llama: NEW LLAMA POLL: What color should our llama be?

a. Brown, because we’re basic and that feels like a standard llama color.
b. White, because then it’s more pure.
c. Black, because we want to invoke the mystical powers of superstitions. Sure, that’s about cats, but it can be llamas too.
d. Purple, royal and rich, spicy as heck.
e. Rainbow! It’s pride month, and our llama doesn’t have to be “realistic”
f. Light blue, like the colors of the Coalition
g. Green, like grass
h. Hot pink, because then it’s appropriately vibrant

Vote here: NationStates | Poll

And share your thoughts on the RMB and in this thread!

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Will there be an option for what the llama be made out of as well? Like paper, realistic, statue and such?

The colour of our Llama doesn’t matter so long as a Pen is riding it whilst wearing a lampshade and a tiki skirt.


Light Blue won the first poll, so our llama will wear the color of TSP!

Today’s question: :yum: :llama: What snack should our llama eat?
a. Grass, that’s what llamas actually eat, you silly goose
b. Corn feed, this llama is at a factory farm, and we’re going to feed it to the memory of Auphelia after this poll
c. Cake, we’re picking Tepertopia’s side in the great war
d. Pie, we’re picking Penguin’s side in the great war
e. SPIT, our llama is going to get sloshed

NS Poll available here!

Our llama is going to get drunk off of SPIT! Swag. Drink some water too!

Next up: :mount_fuji: :llama: Where should our llama be standing?
a. Underwater. We can give it an oxygen bubble to survive
b. On a sunny beach with a palm tree
c. In a big grassy field with a rainbow behind it
d. In a dessert, the llama can probably store the water it needs in its stomach
e. The sky. It’s a flying pilot llama

Check out the NS Poll here!

@Osheiga has taught the llama to fly in the sky! :airplane:

Time for the big hitter: :lampshade: :llama: What kind of lampshade does our llama wear on its head?
a. A normal one, why are you making this complicated??
b. Stained glass. The llama will need to be extremely careful not to break the lampshade
c. Clear glass, that way we can see the llama’s beautiful face
d. Wicker or straw, I mean, the llama will have to be well trained not to eat the lampshade, but it’ll be an aesthetic
e. Something modern and chic, artist’s choice!

NS Poll here!

Excited for the last poll and can’t wait to see what our llama looks like!

Looks like our artists will choose the design of the lampshade!

Let’s see what the people will choose next: :dress: :llama: What does our llama wear, if anything?
a. Nothing! All the llama needs is a lampshade and a snack!
b. A nice scarf, to guard against the cold and bitter wind. Wait, this isn’t the Andes?
c. Bowtie, because we’re such a spiffy region
d. Artist’s discretion, because they’re already drawing the lampshade!

NS Poll here!

Our llama will wear a bowtie, but we have one mooooooooore!

What is our llama made of?
a. Fur, you know. The normal option
b. Metal! This thing is made of steel and ready to kill
c. Paper. Some of the fanciest origami known to NationStates
d. Crystal/Gem, because we are so fancy (and Slab has the drama llamas to pay for it)
e. Glass: Seeing (through) is believing!

NS Poll here!

lol im amused that fur won the last poll, considering how random the other responses went

Well, we need some sense of normalcy!

With fur having won the final poll, we’ll be sending off these results to our artists and eagerly await their works! Thanks to everyone for participating so far!

The final llama as designed by @acalex!


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