Clarification on a System for Progressing Time

I know we have other discussions happening right now, such as the ongoing Discussion on Megastructure Limits, but I feel as though this is a good subject for us to figure out before we reach the point that it’s necessary.

As we all know, the A1-0 timeline is not stapled to our own like Pacifica’s is, so we have more leniency to do rps in the past, and progress through years faster than we would have otherwise. For a while we were limited to BBT only, but we’ve come to a point where time can now move forward in increments.

What I seek to have addressed here is how time will be moving forward. Is there a system in place where every x amount of days, we boost it forward, or is it based on whenever the community feels that it’s time to move on? It may be a lengthy discussion, or it may be answered in a single post. I just want to make sure that if it has not already been answered, we can figure it out ahead of time.


As of now, we’re working under a time system based on the community’s needs. The current time span goes from 0 BBT to 3/4 ABT, and in it, people can do as many roleplays as they want. Soon, whenever the really important stuff will be over in this timespan, we will move to a new one of similar length (probably to 8/10 ABT)

I think it’s the best system available for now, as it replies to the community and not the other way around.


Ok, so whenever the community says that the big stuff’s over already, we move forward?


Yup! Basically

For example, since Maverick wants the Stoinian Civil War to happen around 3 ABT, until that thing is over we have to remain in this current timespan (since the civil war would have repercussions for Sector politics at large)

Obviously, there’s a limit to everything, and since I don’t want to repeat the Babylon Treaties situation, we will move forward regardless, but there is still some time before that


What if someone relatively inactive starts something massive? That could hold up the progression for a really long time

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I mean, the current system works for the community, so if a single member just appears out of nowhere and decides to start something massive damaging the wider community’s current plans, they’ll have to do their massive thing in another moment

Unless most are willing to change their plans of course, but you get the point


My thoughts would be that we don’t really have years, but instead have eras, so there is no specific length

I mean, we need years to judge everything by, or else the timeline of events would be confusing

What planet’s years? Mercury? Earth? Dantooine? Dtant? High Divinity? Colonus Prime? Tyraescar? Tatooine?

It’s standardized them. We have a bce/ce system (BBT and ABT), and I believe each year is the same length as an earth year, although it might be based on the meridian system’s years

BBT/ABT system is standardised on Terra/Pacifican years at the Babylon Treaties. #StoinianInfluence

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how do you know how long pacifican years are? we don’t know where pacifica is

It’s been stated in the Pacifica canon on the map thread that it has the identical proportions to IRL Earth.

yes, but how do you measure it in the canon of A1-0? how do you know where it is?

Nations based off Terra/Pacifican colonies either continue to use their dating systems upon departure or they don’t.

sir, that would mean we would know when we departed pacifica

Yeah, so? You can have some freedom with it as well. Did you leave 5,000 CE? Or maybe 2,200 CE through sleeper ships? Who nows? It’s all up to you, but all the dating systems should be roughly synced up with potential differences in the exact number of years.

BBT/ABT does not sync up with CE

Yes it does. I stipulated the BBT/ABT dating system so please check both your tone & assumptions with me. So each calendar day is synced up, however the year date may differ. E.g. March 30th 1622 PD is the exact same day of March 30th 5632 CE or March 30th 0 BBT. So all these calendars are synced.


The ECS Union left Pacifica around 2150 CE, and used 2100 as its base for its year, thus the Union is currently in the year 2202 PY(Pacifican Year).

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