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"Hello :blush:, This is Mr Makoko Gaylord kings of the kingdom of Koky. I ask for clemency, it is an oversight on my part and I assume total responsibility for it and a total removal of citizenship is a brutal decision, especially since I have fought to establish Koky for almost 1 year. Please be merciful… thank you for your understanding
Mr.Makoko Gaylord
King kingdom of Koky

Ah, I see. What are the steps to be now taken to resolve this? Should I submit documentation showing that I sent a ballot?

I would like to request leniency–life has been pretty hectic lately and I guess the Delegate election just slipped through the cracks.

Under the citizenship act, we just receive a list of eligible voters who cast votes from the election commissioner, so we aren’t able to check directly — @KrisKringle, are you able to double-check?

I have verified that Amerion did cast an invalid vote. My apologies for any errors in the report I submitted.

We have the power to grant leniency only for failing to cast a ballot, not for ceasing to have a nation in the region.

Hi @Pronoun, on the basis of the above conversation, I would like to check if and when my citizenship status will be reactivated?

Your citizenship has not been deactivated or removed. You’re still a member of the citizens group.

We listed ineligible citizens so as to leave time for public input — such input would, of course, not have any effect if it was only solicited after the removal of citizenship.

Thank you very much for the clarification ^-^

Citizenship Removals


The following users have been removed as citizens.

Username Reason
YashasS Did not vote
Alex Did not vote
njian0 Did not vote
Chalete2 Did not vote
Chillicothe Did not vote
dannymcglurk Did not vote
RH9 Did not vote
JJOtterBear Did not vote
Evi Did not vote
Galaxiel Did not vote
TheTRHadrex Did not vote
EagerHazahmkong Did not vote
Cloud Did not vote
Karlsburgh Did not vote
Gaylord Did not vote
Kobegr01 Did not vote
theorigionalmuffinma Did not vote
Ranteron Did not vote
DarrenDanz33 Did not vote
LowerCapiquarklan Did not vote
TheRepofLuvima Did not vote
Maverick Did not vote
Nicholas Did not vote
cool_34796 Did not vote
king.fenik Did not vote
maluhia Did not vote
PribalticUnion Did not vote
flowerpetal Did not vote
QuietDad Did not vote
LyingNote Did not vote
sodacan123 Did not vote
Veryanonymous Did not vote
cheesewheel Did not vote
The_Elysian_Empire Did not vote
The_Weirdo Did not vote
LanguageBud Did not vote
ripperzeta Did not vote


The following users have been granted leniency for failing to vote during an election.

Username Reason
TundraXD Provided explanation
Lowelian Provided explanation
Klysevia Provided explanation
Altrio Provided explanation
SolarLunar Provided explanation
im_a_waffle1 Provided explanation

Leave of Absence Request

Start Date: 22 February 2024 - 00:00 CST
End Date: 25 February 2024 - 00:00 CST
Reason: Traveling for Job Interview

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Approved. I’m assuming you’re referring to Central Standard Time (UTC–06:00) based on your profile, not China Standard Time or Cuba Standard Time.