Cimbrian Visit to Belsegallia

Xana L’aderina, Witch Queen of Belsegallia, had some questions about the motivating force behind the decision of one King Henryk III of Nova Cimbria to request a formal visit to Teranata Castle in Belsegallia. What little information the Belsedori were in possession of had told them that the Cimbrians held very strong beliefs against magic; and yet their king and his wife were now planning to visit the Witch Queen of one of the most magical domains in all of Aurora.

”It seems strange to me…” said High Princescina Yukari L’aderinie, Xana’s husband, as he meticulously weaved his long, soft lavender hair into braids in front of a mirror. ”…that the ruler of a nation that’s so hostile to magic would be interested in visiting Belsegallia.”

”Perhaps it is strange. But I am sure that he and his wife have their reasons for going to the trouble of traveling here, and that they will become apparent soon enough.” replied Xana, who was reviewing the letter requesting a meeting.

The pair reside in Teranata Castle, humble abode of the Belsegallian monarchy and chosen locale for the meeting between the visiting King Henryk III of Nova Cimbria and his wife Helena and Queen Xana L’aderina of Belsegallia and her husband Yukari. The castle was constructed of a hard, smooth rock, light blue in color and somewhat resembling quartzite. The floors were all clad in stone or crystalline tiles with no carpet or wood to be seen, and the tiles themselves were specially hardened to hold a polish against the countless scratches that could be left by a Belsedori’s talons and the metal shoes that they were usually clad in. Rooms with no exterior walls were lit by chandeliers of enchanted, unmelting ice that glowed with a cold blue light, and exterior rooms had the benefit of large windows framed with metal bars. The entry hall leading to the castle’s airship dock, where Xana would first greet her Cimbrian guests, had three ice-chandeliers as well as a multitude of crystalline windows to light the shining, reflective stone that comprised the walls and floors of that wing of the castle.

Queen Xana L’aderina flew to the entry hall adjoining the dock (large Belsedori structures usually had many balconies to facilitate quick flights to and from different rooms of importance) after finishing her preparations. High Princescina Yukari was still trying to do his hair up and pick out which dress to wear last she checked, so it could take some time for him to be ready for presentation to King Henryk and Helena. Xana herself was wearing a shimmering white silk robe with a deep crimson cloak behind her, along with a tiara cast from silver and set with enchanted witch’s tourmaline. The tiara itself was more of a magical accessory than an actual symbol of office; her two crystalline swords were much more useful for that purpose. Queen Xana wondered for a moment whether all of this magical accoutrement might offend the Nova Cimbrians, but reasoned that they should be aware of what nation they are visiting beforehand.

With everything and everyone (except Yukari) ready, all that was left to do was wait for King Henryk and Helena to arrive. The time was about 6:00 AM; the Belsegallian morning outside the castle and inside most of it was still well below the freezing point, and a mild amount of snowfall was still occurring outside in the dimmed sunlight of the high-flying island that Teranata rested upon. Queen Xana wondered for a moment whether King Henryk and Helena had the foresight to bring some warm clothing.

King Henryk III Of House Nielson, the King to Nova Cimbria. He had always thought that Magic could be useful if it was in the right hands, even if he had a Cimbrian disliking of Magic himself. His wife, Queen-Consort Helena, had managed to convince him to travel to Belsegallia, a known hot spot for magic. The one difficulty facing Henryk was how to get there, Belsegallia was high up and very cold, colder than even the Nord-Territories mountains. Thankfully, Nova-Cimbria had access to Airships, and thus, He and his wife(along with the Airship’s crew) set sail for Belsegallia, making sure to bring warm clothing alongside their usual royal attire( Most often Battle Armor and an accompanying Sword) . Around 6:30, the airship “Denveri” docked with the Island.

“By the gods, it’s cold here!” said his wife as she stepped off the ship

“Well, it was YOUR idea for coming here, not mine.” Replied Henryk as he sheathed his ceremonial sword. He still wasn’t sure how the Belsedori would react to such a sword.

They slowly made their way to the Entrance hall, and opened the doors, which seemed to be made of ice?

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Queen Xana watched King Henryk and Queen Helena open the doors to the hall; they must have been walking relatively quickly, because otherwise the guards on the outside of the door should have opened it for them. She then watched the two walk into the entrance hall before the guards closed the doors behind them.

”Ah; you must be Queen Helena of Nova Cimbria and her husband. I bid you good morning and welcome to the Kingdom of Belsegallia; I hope that the weather outside did not prove to be too cold for your liking. My name is Queen Xana, and I happen to be the ruling monarch of Belsegallia.”

The first thing that Xana noticed was that King Henryk was wearing armor and carrying a weapon. Giving any kind of armaments to a male Belsedori or wielding them in front of one was completely unheard of, and this was highly unusual in Xana’s eyes. At the very least, however, it implied that Queen Helena and her husband would have no objections to Xana carrying her own enchanted greatswords that functioned as her symbol of office in place of a traditional crown. She also wondered how long it would take Yukari to finish getting ready to meet the Nova Cimbrian visitors.

”I apologize on behalf of my husband Yukari for him not being here to greet you as well; he was still trying to fix his hair last I checked on him, and he doesn’t like to present himself to guests unless he’s sure that he looks absolutely perfect. You know how boys can be sometimes.”

The last remark seems to have been specifically directed towards Queen Helena, although most of Xana’s monologue was broadly meant for her.

I happen to have a parlor here that would be a lovely place to become acquainted with you. Care to follow?

King Henryk Spoke

“Ummm… I’m the Ruling Monarch of Nova-Cimbria, Helena is the Queen-Consort. It is a pleasure to meet you Queen Xana, But I am the Ruler of my Homelands.”

His wife spoke up.

“I can’t see what you mean by that last remark, but I and my Husband will gladly come down to the Parlor, right Henryk?”

“Yes, dear, just remember your place next time alright.”

“Of course, only if YOU remember we share our power.”

“Of course.”

Henryk then noticed Xana carrying what appeared to be greatswords, so at least they shared something in common. Also, what was that about her husband preparing his hair?

”You’re the reigning monarch? Well, that’s a little unusual, but it shouldn’t be a problem. Follow me to the parlor.”

After leading the visitors through a hallway leading off of that entrance hall and to a door, Xana motions for two guards to open it for them. She then leads the pair into a medium-sized room decorated with more reflective crystalline tile and illuminated with the same enchanted ice shards that were used as light fixtures throughout the rest of the castle. The temperature inside was slightly above freezing due to a fireplace on one end of the room, and both Xana and the castle staff inside the room were wearing jewelry that was enchanted to keep its wearer cold. After seating her guests in two adjacent chairs near the fireplace, Xana takes her position in a chair directly opposite to Queen-Consort Helena.

”I hope that you don’t mind me asking, but what are you planning to do during your visit here? People don’t usually go through the trouble of traveling here for the sole purpose of chatting with me over tea; were there any matters in particular that you wanted to discuss? And speaking of tea, I asked Yukari to make some for us before I left his presence to greet you. He should be bringing it in shortly.”

Queen Xana is looking at Queen-Consort Helena the entire time that she says this before turning to address King Henryk.

”Pardon my impoliteness, but it is generally considered improper for a woman to address another’s husband in front of her; you’ll get a chance to chat with Yukari about fashion, cooking, and other boys’ matters when he gets here.”

King Henryk almost fell out of his chair after Xana’s last comment.

“Excuse Me??? Me and my Wife are here to discuss friendly relations between our two Kingdoms.”

Helena was beginning to worry that her short tempered husband was gonna kill Xana for her disrespect to him, so Helana took her Husband aside.

“Calm down, I think Belsegallian customs are a little different compared to our own, remember, we are here to discuss more friendly relations, not Kill their queen.”

“Sorry, I just feel that Xana is purposely disrespecting me, despite me saying twice that I am the reigning monarch, but she still is only talking to you. Also, why did she call fashion, cooking, etc. Boy’s matters?”

“I don’t know, maybe the men here are the caretakers.”

Both sit back down, Henryk looking calmed down, but still looking a little unnerved. Helana still has a worried look on her face, hoping that Xana’s next word’s won’t piss off her husband.

hmm. Henryk doesn’t seem very well behaved; I’ll have to give Helena some advice on how to keep her husband under control later. He seemed like he was about to get violent earlier, but I’ll be sure to put him in his place if he tries anything.

”I apologize if I caused you any offense, King; I was merely trying to follow Belsedori customs on how women are supposed to act around boys. But maybe it would be better if we discussed our own cultures a bit, so that we understand each other better?”

Queen Xana shifts in her seat and then addresses Queen-Consort Helena again first.

”So tell me; what kind of pastimes do you have in Nova Cimbria? Track racing? Swordfighting? Wrestling? I heard that land-dwelling peoples sometimes have an especially violent sport called ‘jousting’ where you ride beasts and try to strike each other off of them with lances; did you happen to get to participate in that, Queen-Consort? I have a rather large and diverse collection of…”

Queen Xana glances stealthily at King Henryk.

”…Ahem, ‘recreational armaments’ if you wanted to have a friendly duel or two during your stay here.”

Queen Xana then turns to address the King.

”And I assume that you’re interested in more appropriate, domestic things like knitting. My husband Yukari loves it; he’s always making lovely, cutesy outfits for himself that he looks simply adorable in. And what kind of meals did you cook for Helena? I know that Yukari loves making dumplings and soups, and he produces the most delicious cream for ice cream and milkshakes that you’ll ever taste. Oh! Maybe you like styling your hair; you can borrow some of Yukari’s hair ornaments to play with if you get bored.”

Helena looked at her husband, clearly bothered by Xana’s remarks.

“I have actually, but not as much as my Husband here, he loves Swordfighting, Along with Range days with ex-soldier pals using Bow and Arrows, you have those right? I’ve heard of jousting, but it’s not very popular in Nova Cimbria. Other pastimes we have include Axefighting, going down to the bar, and annual cook offs between Wives and their husbands, which I have won every year because Henryk would try and fail miserably at Barbecue, despite having no experience with it.”

Henryk, meanwhile, had some thoughts on his mind, like how matriarchal Belsegallian truly is, and how men seem to be treated. Xana’s comment on Yukari producing cream had put him on edge for many reasons. That comment had too many connotations behind it.

“I don’t really do knitting or styling my hair, but I do try and cook for Helena when she needs a break from cooking, and sometimes we cook together. I do wish for inquirement on what you mean by Yukari “producing” Cream?”

Queen Xana addresses Queen-Consort Helena first.

”It’s a bit strange that you let your husband play with weapons like that, but I suppose that maybe Nova Cimbrians are less sheltering of boys than Belsedori are. But it’s nice that you try to cook for him; I keep telling Yukari that he can take a break occasionally because I can find kitchen staff or do it myself, but he always insists that it’s his job as my husband to cook everything for me.”

Xana finishes commenting on Helena’s answers and turns to provide one of her own to King Henryk’s question about Yukari.

”What do you mean by that? I know that this is something that you boys tend to be shy about, but it’s entirely natural and you should at least be able to acknowledge that it happens. It’s not like I mind at all; where else would you get dairy for cooking and drinking from?”

It is at this moment that a knocking is heard on one of the doors. A guard on the other side opens it, and through it walks a Belsedori. This one looks to be significantly shorter than Xana and the other Belsedori around the castle, and is wearing a light yellow dress covered in frills, bows, and ribbons and trying to carry a tea tray with some tea on it. What seems to be a server walks over to the fireplace where Xana and her guests are gathered and sets the tea tray on the tea table between all of the seats.

”Hi, honey. I’m sorry that I took so long; I couldn’t find one of my hair clips.”

After saying this to Queen Xana, the server turns to address King Henryk and Queen-Consort Helena in a quiet, soft, feminine voice that radiates timidity and gentleness:

”Good morning, Queen Helena and King Henryk; my name is High Princescina Yukari L’aderinie. It’s an honor to be able to welcome you to our home as guests. Please let me know if you want anything or would like me to prepare any food for you.”

Princescina Yukari gently curtsies down from his short stature for each of the guests as he says their names, taking special care to avoid making eye contact with Queen-Consort Helena. He stands at about 145cm tall, and aside from his chest, his figure is relatively slim and dainty compared to Xana’s. He’s wearing a frilly, pastel yellow gossamer dress to complement his soft, pale lavender hair, which is arranged into a crown braid and decorated with a silk flower, a butterfly-shaped hair clip, and a large, customary white hair ribbon tied into a bow to denote his married status. His pale, snow-white face, soft features, and faintly luminescent honeydew-colored eyes are hidden behind a translucent white veil mounted on a frilled headband. Long gloves and opaque white stockings cover his arms up to just below his sleeves and his legs up to his upper thighs as is normal for a male Belsedori, and both pairs of garments are decorated with cutesy flourishes in the form of bows, frills, and ribbons. The front of his frilly, pleated skirt and dress is covered by a pure white, frilly apron tied around his waist. To cap everything off, Yukari is wearing earrings and a necklace, as well as a customary white wedding choker to symbolize his submissiveness to his wife.

”Well, Queen-Consort Helena and King Henryk, allow me to introduce you to my husband Yukari. Doesn’t he look just beautiful today?”

Helena and Henryk both nearly fell out of their chairs after Yukari walked in. Helena was shocked that this was apparently a male, while Henryk just sat there in disbelief at what he was seeing. And Xana’s comment on Dairy still had Henryk confused, until he realized what she meant after looking at Yukari’s, ahem, Assets.

“I think you don’t quite understand Human biology , the males don’t produce dairy, the Females do. Also, why would we use it for anything but feeding our children?”

Henryk then realizes he never greeted Yukari.

“Greetings, High… what was it again? Yukari, I must ask, how does Belsegallian society work? I’ve gotten couple hints by your wife, but I must confirm it if my theory is true.”

Henryk still had a slightly mean tone to his voice when talking to both Xana and Yukari, while Helena sat there attempting to figure out why Yukari looked so similar to Human Females, at least in terms of appearance.

“Xana, I must ask, but who, bears the offspring and Takes care of it? If you don’t want to answer that question it’s completely fine, I’m just wondering.”

Yukari answers Henryk’s question about Belsegallian social structure first.

”High Princescina. The reigning Queen’s consort, currently me, uses it because there is no male title equal in rank to Queen. Normally I would use a subordinated title like Duchescina if Xana was a Duchess for example, but because boys can’t have equal noble rank to the Queen I instead use a slightly elevated version of the male title immediately below it.”

”I don’t really know how to quickly describe Belsedori society to you; it’s a pretty broad topic that you’re asking about. I can tell you about what male Belsedori do, though, if you want; I don’t leave the house much, and I don’t know a whole lot about what my wife does.”

Yukari starts looking dreamy as he describes what male Belsedori do in society.

”You get married off by your parents almost immediately after reaching adulthood, and then spend most of your time cooking, doing chores if you don’t have any household staff, and feeding and caring for children. Your wife almost always does all of the paid work in the family and handles all of the serious affairs, so you don’t need to leave the house or focus on anything other than cooking, chores, and childcare, and generally being a homemaker for her. I think that it’s lovely that Xana works so hard to handle all of the rulership so that I can stay at home; it’s only fair for me to make all of her food for her and try to take care of her as much as she likes to take care of me. Boys are naturally meant to be domesticated homemakers, and I wouldn’t want my relationship with Xana to change at all.”

”I can also tell you about Belsedori customs and social standards surrounding males. For example, once you’re married you get to wear a bunch of accessories to flag yourself as taken; a large white ribbon tied into a bow and placed in your hair, a white veil covering your face, and a white wedding choker. I spoke to a Duchescina named Rosalia that has a bell on his choker that rings when his wife calls him using another bell; I thought that it was lovely and asked Xana if she could give me one, and it’s being made right now. The marriage veil isn’t strictly necessary, but you’re supposed to at least wear it around women that aren’t your wife or mother. I’m wearing it because of Helena, and if you were a Belsedori then you would need to wear one around Xana. For behavioral standards, I can tell you that I was raised to be submissive, gentle, timid, passive, sweet, and caring. You’re always under the guardianship of your mother or your wife, so you’re supposed to never engage in violence and always rely on her to defend your honor and keep you safe. Which is fine for me; male Belsedori are supposed to be and usually are very sensitive to violence and weapons. You’re also not supposed to talk over or interrupt women, especially not your wife, and generally you’re expected to keep mostly quiet during conversations except when specifically addressed and asked for a reply. Overall, you’re expected to be a passive, fragile, delicate flower. I love being one, though; women are always so nice to me, and Xana always handles the governance, most diplomatic affairs outside of visits, and all of the other big scary business affairs for me. You don’t have a lot of freedom, but you’re always being smothered in affection and the women in your life love caring for you and coddling you.”

”The next subject is fashion. Fashion for males is juuuuust loooooovely!”

Yukari seems more excited and energized when discussing Belsedori dress.

”Boys’ clothing is all cute dresses, and stockings, and hair bows, and frilly, ribboned, bow-covered outfits! I always love being dressed up like a doll by Xana for a party or picking out dresses myself, and even the outfits for non-nobles are gorgeous. Everything is normally made in soft, gentle pastel colors that befit the shy and sweet character of males, with some bright colors occasionally being used for accents. A normal outfit for a noble’s consort like me is a dress with a pleated skirt reaching a fair length below the hips, a bow-tied ribbon around the waist, and frilly flourishes, a pair of long gloves matching the color of the dress, opaque white stockings with frills and reaching up to your upper thighs, jewelry like earrings and a necklace, and all of the marriage accessories that I mentioned earlier. Boys are always supposed to keep their hair long; common hairstyles all use long hair and usually involve updos like my crown braid. There’s also hair ornaments like clips, pins, flowers, and hair ribbons to decorate it and pin your hair for some styles. You can find accessories with all sorts of cute designs, like the butterfly one that I’m wearing now. Overall, boys’ fashion is all about making yourself look as soft and sweet on the outside as you are on the inside.”

After finishing his energetic monologue about fashion, Yukari blushes slightly and starts to look very embarrassed.

You… mentioned that human males don’t ‘produce,’ so I’ll try to explain that for you as well. Male Belsedori like me start lactating after reaching maturity, and the women only do it after pregnancy. Most of us produce much higher volumes of milk than our children can drink on their own, if we’ve even had any yet, so the rest is consumed as-is or used to make cream, cheese, and other dairy products. Did you not consume any dairy at all in Nova Cimbria? It’s hard to imagine where else you’d get it from. You should try it; Xana says that my milk makes great milkshakes, and I can prepare some for you and Helena to drink if you want.”

”Overall, being a male Belsedori is a great life. I feel bad for other males that don’t get to experience the love and care that Belsedori society gives to us.”

After Yukari finishes his reply, Xana answers Henryk’s next question.

”Well, the wife obviously bears the children herself; she wouldn’t be the ‘wife’ if she didn’t. But all of the home childcare is, as Yukari just said, done by the husband. It’s a little easier for a Belsedori than it would be for a human because he can feed them.”

“Well then, We get Dairy from a creature called a Cow and No, please. I think I’m sick of hearing that. Thanks for clarifying by the way.”

Henryk felt bad for Yukari, he’s never seen any adventure, and is overly submissive. That choker makes him not look like a Free being, but more like Property to Xana. Helena noticed how Yukari specifically only spoke to Henryk, but not herself.

“Yukari, I’ve noticed you don’t speak to me, I would like to know who Xana treats you, oh and Xana, I want to know what Women do in Belsegallian society.”

Helena spoke in a soft manner when addressing both, unlike her husband. Henryk adjusted his chest armor, especially the combat knife in the center, clearly visible.

Yukari whimpers and begins acting very embarrassed and self-conscious of his body after Henryk mentions that he’s sick of hearing about Belsedori dairy, but he still tries to answer Helena’s question.

”W-what do you mean by that? Xana’s very kind to me and shows me lots of affection, and she goes to a lot of effort to coddle me. She always lets me cuddle her when I want affection, and both she and other women treat me very gently and tenderly.”

Yukari starts to get increasingly gushy and dreamy-eyed again as he begins to ramble about his relationship with Xana.

”Oooh, there’s nothing that I ever think about more than Xana and how much I love, love, looooove her! And I always try to show it by being a good, soft, cuddly little consort for her and by wearing things like my wedding choker to show everyone how totally submissive I am to her as a consort, how much I completely and totally belong to her, and how much my entire life revolves around her and our family. I think that it’s lovely that I can wear it and proudly display the fact that I’m a timid, quiet, submissive, petite little doll of a consort that gets to feel the comfort and joy of being completely domesticated and completely belonging to his wife. Wearing my wedding choker and my ribbon and veil makes me feel so pacified, and subdued, and subordinated to her, and it brings me so much joy when people see me in them and immediately know that I’m a thoroughly domesticated house-consort whose purpose in life is to lovingly serve his wife and family. Like I said earlier, I’m getting a magic bell to attach to my choker soon so that Xana can call me from anywhere in the castle to run errands for her and gushily dote on her like a good consort should; I think that I’ll look so cute in it when it jingles faintly on my neck as I walk around the castle carrying tea trays or going to my closet to get dressed up. And listening to it jingle will always ensure that I remember my proper place as a consort and that I live to serve and adore my wife and family with all of my spirit. I love my title too; it’s even lower than Xana’s title than a normal noble consort’s is relative to his wife’s, and it makes me so much more subordinate and submissive to her than I would otherwise get to be. Oh, I love everything about being Xana’s consort; I love being her kitchen-bound homemaker that dutifully cooks all of her meals for her, I love tenderly cuddling her and feeling safe inside her protective embrace around my petite, dainty body, and I love being her soft, sweet, cuddly pet that needs to be protected by her. I love gushily lavishing my boundless love and devotion onto her and always letting her know that I’m completely hers, I love being brought to parties and shown off to other women that pet my soft hair and tell me how cute I am, I love it when she gets me all dressed up in pretty, frilly outfits and makes me into her cute, beautiful dress-up doll, I even love, um, being her home’s… um… dairy producer…

High Princescina Yukari blushes furiously again as he says this, and pauses for a second before continuing just as emphatically as before.

”And my home life is soooooo lovely, too! When Xana married me, I humbly requested that she tell me to do things instead of asking; now she always orders me around, telling me to go make food for guests or go tell the servants to do something. It’s such a nice way to always be reminded that I’m a boy and a docile, obedient consort who’s naturally meant to be totally subservient to her as a woman and my wife. Xana keeps me obedient, docile, submissive, and on as tight of a leash as she can manage like she’s supposed to, but she’s so sweet to me that she still pets my hair or gives me a kiss after I finish running an errand for her. Oh, I don’t know what kind of boy wouldn’t just simply adore being his wife’s cute little pet and doll like I am; I know how much of an emotional, soft, delicate, dainty little flower I am as a boy and how much I need a strong, dedicated wife to lovingly shelter me and care for me-“

”I think that’s enough, honey; you’ve answered Queen Helena’s question more than adequately.” Xana interjects after watching King Henryk’s and Queen-Consort Helena’s faces as Yukari becomes absorbed in his monologue for a short time.

”Oh… I’m so sorry, dear; I’ll stop intruding on your conversation now.” Yukari says before sitting down onto one of the chairs behind him and looking very guilty.

”It’s fine, honey; I know how much you like to show your boundless love for me to everybody.”

Xana then turns to address her guests.

”Now, on to Belsedori women. A young Belsedori woman’s life after reaching adulthood is all about chasing boys. Belsedori sexes are weighted so that there are roughly three females for every two males, which means that competition for the right to have a boy married off to you is extremely fierce. Belsedori like to have all sorts of athletic competitions; track racing, wrestling, duels with training weapons, discus throwing, and swimming are some of the ways that a woman can try to demonstrate her value as a wife to families with sons to marry off. But valued above athletic prowess, although that remains very important as well, is skill with magic. Belsedori women, instead of learning magic used for healing and domestic chores like the males do, study all sorts of things: combat magic, magical engineering and artifice, alchemy, and other disciplines are all mostly exclusive to women and are very important to help you win a consort. Below magic and athletics is trade skills like mundane smithing and other artisanal crafts; they’re not very flashy or particularly effective, but they always help; making more money is great too. Once you get your consort and settle down, you’re supposed to start a family immediately. It’s not that hard on you because your domesticated consort stays at home and takes care of the house and children after they’re born, but you also need to lavish your new consort with lots of affection and care to keep him happy; boys are very emotional and tend towards being incredibly needy and clingy, and you should always keep yourself in your rightful superiority over him in the relationship.”

”For customs, I can tell you about a few choice ones that generally describe the rest. Boys are always below you in hierarchy, even if they’re the same listed rank as you, although you still have to treat them with adequate respect and decorum. A married woman is expected to keep her consort soft, timid, and passive, but in exchange she’s expected to defend him and his honor on his behalf. A Belsedori woman tends to get violent if you disrespect her consort, make him cry, or otherwise upset him.

As she describes a Belsedori woman’s duty to protect her husband, Queen Xana is glaring at King Henryk and placing heavy emphasis on her words.

”Another important taboo is to avoid talking about weapons or violence in front of boys whenever possible and to generally avoid unsheathing them in a boy’s presence. They’re sensitive, hyperemotional creatures that can be easily frightened by such things. You also get a wedding ring when you get married so that you can show off your new prize to everybody. Behavior wise, women are naturally meant to be the dominant sex in most affairs. We’re raised to be strong, courageous, level-headed, tough, dominant, and extremely competitive in order to prepare us to fight for a boy to marry and so that we know how to keep him on a nice, tight leash when we get one. Belsedori women have all of the real jobs and leadership positions in Belsedori society like we should; boys like Yukari are meant to be quiet, look pretty, and stay in the kitchen and nursery. But as a wife, it’s also your sacred duty to always care for, protect, and provide for the delicate, fragile flower that you marry and to make him always feel loved and appreciated.”

”Women’s clothing has different priorities fashion-wise compared to a male Belsedori’s outfit. Rather than advertising your soft timidity and turning you into an adorable little ball of cutesy eye candy for your wife and everybody else to enjoy looking at, women’s clothing is more practical. It varies greatly by social status and profession, but a Duchess’s normal outfit is a dark-colored dress with a knee-length skirt and loose, wrist-length sleeves, pants, a cloak in a bright color complementing the dress’s and usually associated with your duchy in some way, and a relatively tall conical hat with a wide brim. A belt can also be worn to accentuate your waist or if your dress hasn’t been tailored. Women’s hair is supposed to be cut at the midpoint of the neck, and is much less complicated to style than a boy’s flower- and butterfly-filled head. Jewelry like earrings and necklaces is also present, but not universal of course.”

Xana finishes her monologue and turns to address Helena.

”That covers both sexes; is that all that you wanted to know about Belsedori society, or was there something else specific that you wanted to ask about?”

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“Yes I think that’s enough”

Henryk felt sick to his stomach, he was in hell, Belsegallia was pure hell. Not even the Convari had such sexist Societies, although some we Patriarchies, none were Female dominated. Helena looked intrigued but still had disgust painting her face.

“Well, since you’ve shared your society, I guess we’ll share ours.”

Henryk spoke

“Nova-Cimbria is, except the Convari, a place of equality, which was something the native Novans had to learn the hard way. It’s only stern laws are towards magic users, especially powerful ones. Many Cimbrians fear magic, partly due to the crimes the Convari committed with their magic.”

Henryk tipped his head down slightly when saying the next part.

“We committed a complete and total genocide of their magic users, we burned every book, and removed all references to their magical history. Never again would they use magic against us.”

They completely exterminated the use of magic inside their nation? What idiots. Normally I’d point out the fact that they’ve left themselves completely defenseless against another, more magical and therefore more powerful nation that doesn’t share their utter stupidity, but perhaps it would be best for me and Belsegallia alike if I were to allow such a harshly anti-magic nation to continue to weaken itself voluntarily.

”How unfortunate that you destroyed all of the Convari’s records; I know a few engineers here in Belsegallia that would have loved to peruse them.”

Queen Xana pours some Yukari’s tea and cream into a teacup before taking a sip.

”I would be interested in purchasing any remaining Convari artifacts, of course, provided that you still possess any.”

Xana then turns to address Yukari.

”Go fetch some of your ice cream for us, honey. I don’t mind what flavor it is; just pick whichever one that you want.”

”Of course, dear; I’d love to go and find it for you.”

Xana then quickly gives Yukari a kiss before he gets up from his chair, curtsies for Helena and Henryk again, and skips off in what is presumably the direction of the ice cream.

”Were you interested in having any? I would offer some to you by default, but I’ve been told that Belsedori ice cream and other frozen food and drink here is a bit too cold for you humans.”

Queen Xana then takes another sip of her tea with cream.

“I’d rather not. Well, actually, we only destroyed their records in the Nord-Territories, The Novan’s still keep some of their records, promising that magic would only be used in times of need, especially against other, more magically attuned nations. The Novans still use limited magic, but are restricted to Healing and other non-combat magic, but even then, many Novans, whose grandparents suffered during the days of the Convari, still wish for Magic to be completely banned from use, and not just in Cimbria.”

Henryk pulls out his knife and begins fiddling with it.

“I believe the Novans still have some, but I think most are locked away where nobody, not even myself, except their elders, know their location.”

A few minutes later.

The door to the room opens once more, and Yukari returns with a container of ice cream. He sets it on the table between Queen Xana and her guests before Queen Xana speaks.

”Hmm. It’s just occurred to me that we never got to have a proper greeting because Yukari was away at the time. Why don’t we do that now, for propriety’s sake?”

Xana stands everybody up from their chairs and walks them the short distance to the floor across the chairs and table from the fireplace.

”Now that my consort is here, we can do everything in a more proper and customary manner.”

Xana approaches Queen-consort Helena and offers a handshake.

”Good morning, Queen Helena and King Henryk, and welcome to my house and to the Kingdom of Belsegallia.”

High Princescina Yukari then does a curtsy for each of them again, still avoiding eye contact with Helena.

”Good morning, Queen Helena and King Henryk. It’s an honor to be able to welcome you to our home as our guests; please let me know if you would like me to prepare any refreshments for you.”

After curtsying for Queen-Consort Helena, Yukari remains in place in front of her instead of returning to Xana’s side.

”Feel free to pet Yukari’s hair as much as you want; he always loves it when people give him attention and complement his dress and hairstyle. And would it be acceptable for me to pet Henryk as well? He seemed offended that I wasn’t giving him any attention earlier, and I wouldn’t want him to feel left out.”