Cimbrian Confederation Info

The Cimbrian Confederation

Prime Minister: Micheal Hansen(CLP)
Chancellor: Thomas Andersen(CSDA)

  • The Senat
  • The Kongressen Af Stater
    Current Government Coalition: The Cimbrian Liberal Party, The Cimbrian Social Democrat Alliance, The Cimbrian Greens, and The Cimbrian Democratic League

The Senat

The Kongressen Af Stater


The Kingdom Of Old Jylland-1/5 States

Monarch: King Edward IX
Prime Minister: Henryk Erikson(CRP, OJRP)

Political Parties: Old Jyllandic Royal Party, Jyllandic Social Party, National Old Jyllandic Workers Party, Old Jyllandic Democratic League


  • Old Copenhagen
  • Zealand
  • Bornholm

The Last remains of the old Kingdom Of Cimbria, it is ruled by King Edward IX, and is a hotbed for Royalism in Cimbria, along with being home to the Confederal Capital and Confederal Government. It is also the most prominent of the Confederal States, due to its importance and history as one of the most successful States, being the seat to many Cimbrian Companies(Yes, private companies, with only 1 National Company for Defence purpose’s only).

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The Odensian Republic-2/5 States

President: Harold Jorgensen(CDL, ORP)
Vice President: John Nielsen(CDL, ORP)

Political Parties: Odensian Republican Party, Odensian Green Party, Odensian Social Action Alliance, Odensian Liberal Party, Odensian Communist Part, Cimbrian National Union Alliance-Odense


  • Fyn
  • Nyborg
  • Jensen
  • Nord Gedser

The Home of Republicanism in Cimbria, it is a Presidential Democratic Republic. It is the 3rd most successful state, behind the New Colradian Federal Republic and the Kingdom Of Old Jylland. Most, if not all Odensian Citizens are descendants of the Lower and Middle Class of the Old Kingdom.


The New Colradian Federal Republic/Ny Colradia 3/5 States

President: Henry Trout(CSDA, NCSMP)
Vice President: Isak Rivers(CSDA, NCSMP)

Political Parties: New Colradian Social Market Party, New Colradian National League, New Colradian Social Workers Party, Cimbrian National Union Alliance-Ny Colradia


  • Halsey
  • New Riveria
  • Emeraldia
  • New Denver

New Colradia is a case of reverse colonization by the Kingdom Of Emerald, Emerald founded the colony in 1932, during the fracturing of the Kingdom Of Cimbria. It would later be (along with Cimbria itself) be invaded by the Frankist’s in the Great War. After the war, New Colradia is handed back to the Denvari Alliance as a Shared Territory with Cimbria. During the Cimbrian Civil War(1968-1988), it would briefly fall under Denvari Control, before being let go as a new independent state, which would later be invaded by the Nationalist Folsterians, before their eventual fall. New Colradia would later be a signatory of the Cimbrian Confederation Treaty, which also mandated their split control of the newly created Folster Territory. Today, New Colradia has a bustling economy, with large amounts of it coming from Mineral Exports, Shipbuilding, and Farming.

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United States Of Christiansted 4/5 States

Prime Minister: Christian Nielsen(CLP, CULP)
Chancellor: Mary Jensen(CLP, CULP)

Political Parties: Christiansted United Liberal Party, Western Cimbrian National Union, Cimbrian National Union-Christiansted


  • St. Christian
  • St. Thomas
  • St. Croix
  • Centralstaten
  • Ørn

Arguably the most religious of the Cimbrian States, Christiansted is also a Liberal Haven, and most Christianstedians are nationalist to West Cimbria, a failed state during the Civil War, which is deemed a successor to the Frankist Puppet, The National Union Of Western Cimbria. Today, it is seen as a serious contender to Old Jyllandic Economic Superiority, and is also considering succession, although, it’s southern neighbor, The Socialist Union Of Jensen, is very much against western succession from the Confederation.

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The Socialist Union Of Jensen 5/5 States

Premier: John Andersen(CWP, JSWP)

Political Parties: Jensen Social Workers Party, Jensen Social Democratic League, Cimbrian National Union-Jensen, West Cimbrian Workers Alliance.

Union Republics:

  • Mountain
  • Jensen Island
  • Coastal

The only fully Socialist Cimbrian State. It is considered a “black sheep” among the other more successful and urban states.

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