Changes in the RMB Moderation Team

Changes in the RMB Moderation Team

It is with sadness but also immense appreciation that we announce that Evinea and Canadian Dominion (Canadian Goose) have resigned from the RMB Moderation Team. Both players have helped the team tremendously and their absence will be missed. We wish them all the best as they move on to focus on real-life priorities and underscore that they will always have a treasured place in our community for if and when they wish to return to the game.

On the advice of the RMB Moderation Team, the Regional Moderation Team is pleased to announce the appointment of Konsa and New American Dictatorship to assume these positions, and instruct the Delegate to make all necessary technical accommodations to this effect.

Respectfully yours,
on behalf of the Regional Moderation Team


This post confirms that the changes to the Regional Officer list ordered by the Regional Moderation Team have been implemented.

One sidenote; the Delegate interpreted your designation of “Konsa” (a nation that does not exist) as The Republic of Konsa and carried the order out on their in-region nation.

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