Chancellor Müller's visit to Eflad

Weissersteiner Imperial Chancellor Friedrich Müller is scheduled to arrive in Eflad on the 7th of June for a state visit with his Efladian counterpart, Prime Minister Hanna Tirng.
The timeline, as published by the Office of the Prime Minister, is as follows:
How about this for a timeline:
07.06: Arrival at 14h, short walk around Münnen (sight seeing), official state dinner, followed by a private session.
08.06.: Conference on regional security and joint programmes as part of the Alman Group. Visit to the Church of the Fallen in Münnen
09.06.: Conference and private session on a possible trade deal initiation between the NCU and Weisserstein in Selpe; departure


Müller found himself once again flying above the blue Cordilian sky. It’s quite relaxing, so to speak. Though, he knew that he is currently above the sky that just a few months ago saw fighter jets of Cordilian nations, including his own, scramble to gain aerial superiority against the vile Ryccian junta.

Still, even if the junta was destroyed, it didn’t change the fact that Weisserstein seems to be getting itself into multiple different conflicts and wars in recent times. Jakub, and recently Cimbria, is once again seeing the boots of the Reichswehr being deployed and the Luftwaffe scramble its jets.

at least the war in Jakub is over, he thought to himself as he look outside his plane’s window.

He turns his attentions to his notes, finding himself once again on a state visit. While he’s been doing this for months now, it never seemed to get old.

Today’s destination was Eflad, and this one sparkes Müller’s interest. Eflad was not only a member of the Alman Group, which has been a key point of interest for Weissersteiner foreign policy since the 80s, but is also a member of the NCU, an organization Weisserstein has showed interest in, even if it wasn’t a member. Eflad could also be considered a distant relative of the Weissersteiners, and Müller was keen on strengthening his relations with potential North Cordilian partners.

Slowly, the plane lands in Münnen. Just on time. Müller prepares himself as he exits the plane. He had already received the itinerary for his visit from the Efladian Office of the Prime Minister, and he looks forward to meeting his Efladian counterpart, Prime Minister Hanna Tirng.


Tirng was once again woken up by her husbands pager. She checked the clock as he rushed out, it was 4:30 in the morning. She missed the everything about her the fire department since she became Prime Minister. She still occasionally goes to the exercises, but not to interventions. She always loved the adrenaline kick one gets when the pager goes off. “Well, at least I get to meet someone new today.” She messaged their usual babysitter whether she would be available today if her husband has to stay longer. “Be careful!” she said as her husband left the house. “Of course!”
She got up and brew herself some coffee. Their children were still sleeping. As she went into the briefing room she found the folder for the visit by Müller today. Her assisstant probably worked until late last night. Even though she didn’t have to. Müller was to arrive today at around 14h. Weisserstein could be a key partner for Eflad, both in the economical and the security aspect. Eflad had an interest for Weisserstein as a partner of the NCU.

After some hours spent in briefing of the process, she made her way to the airport. Müllers plane wasn’t far away and she held a short questions session for the press. The plan for the next couple of days was mostly conferences and some sight seeing. She had to make a good impresion after all.
It wasn’t long after that the plane was already in sight and had landed.
The door opened and Müller came down the steps. There Tirng welcomed him: “Welcome! Welcome to Eflad, Mr. Müller! May I call you Friedrich? How was your flight? Here, this way. The press is dying to hear from us.”


“Of course, Ms. Tirng, if I can call you Hanna in return.” the Chancellor replied with a smile as he shook hands with the Efladian Prime Minister. Müller felt welcomed to Eflad by the Prime Minister. As members of the Alman Group, both countries have seen good relations, and Müller hoped that with this visit, a much closer relation between the two states could be achieved.

Müller and Tirng then greeted the press, with Müller giving them a dazzling smile as he answers the questions. It felt good to be visiting fellow Alman brothers, he said to himself. With the press meet and greet over, it was time to get some actual work done.

“Well, Hanna. I believe next on the itinerary is a short walk around Münnen? Please, lead the way. I would love to see more of this beautiful city.”


“Certainly.” She replied, feeling off to a good start with her Weissersteiner counterpart. With their set agenda, Eflad could propel itself to a regional power in North Cordilia, ensuring its influence over other, smaller states. Cooperation with other Alman nations would be critical and Weisserstein is a good partner.
After the press, the city tour was next on the list.
“Yes, that’s right. Sadly we cannot take the subway, my security detail didn’t want to risk it after the protest. We’d be an easy target they say. Hach, I always liked taking the metro. It just makes me feel normal again. Do you know what I mean? Here, this way. We’ll take a short ride to the city. The first thing is the castle and the library. After that the river junction with the old power station.” The fog over the city lifted just as they reached the castle. “Well, luckily the weather is kind to us. I like to come here once and again just to see the city.”

The castle view.

After visiting the river and the main square, which is surrounded by several old building, such as the Church of Hope, the “Old Library” and the city council they made their way back to the Old house, as the sun was already getting low and the Prime Ministers wanted to get some rest before dinner


The tour around Münnen reminded Müller of his own home city of Kronplatz. Castles, libraries, and churches dating hundreds of years, while the river Wald runs in the southern parts of Lichtenburg.

As the sun set, both the Chancellor and the Prime Minister took a short break before the state dinner. Chancellor Müller prepares his suit and tie as he waits for the dinner to begin.


After the tour, they made their way back. Chancellor Müller would stay in the Weber House, a house explicitly reserved for state visitors, and the PM made her way to the Old House.
“I’ll see you at dinner tonight. Get some rest, I believe it starts at 8.”

Arriving back, she was informed that there have been protest near the dinner place but they are being dealt with at the moment. She made herself and her family ready, choosing a light blue shirt with floral motif and a blazer fro herself. At around 7, she left for the venue making sure everything was right. She got into the car and not long after they stopped at the venue. She was still flabbergasted by the looks of it. It was a restored, simple building, yet the insides were magnificent.

After checking that everything was perfect she welcomed the first guests, delegates from both sides. Then the car driving Müller rolled in. Cameras started clicking.


The Chancellor got out of the car to see cameras already flashing his way. He gave them a quick smile before meeting Minister Tirng and her family. Hanna, her husband Jürgen, and their 3 children reminded Müller of his own family: his wife Olivia, and his 2 children, Michael and Amelia.

Müller greets the First Family of Eflad, while shaking hands with the First Couple, “Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Tirng. Its good to know tonight’s dinner seem to be in capable hands”