Cerutaine's Regal Week


(This thread is only for stuff relating to the next string of events i’m working on regarding Cerutaine and its new emperor. I still don’t know much about Aurora, so hang with me here!)

The city of Khudealine was a grand spectacle on the day of Emperor Laicoshon Banucen’s coronation. Dances amd brawls broke out throughout the city, as had happened with many former emperors. The nobles of the city were especially tense from the mysterious circumstances surrounding his father’s death, and refrained from showing their faces much in public.

Khudealine buzzed with activity as nobles, dignitaries, and citizens from across the nation, from the holds of Alzistela and Brigvein to the ports of Olicane and Vostrana, gathered in the capital for this momentous event. The city, separated by the majestic and slow-flowing Zagusin river, was awash in hues of gold, scarlet, and royal purple, flags of Cerutaine flying high against the azure sky.

The grand Cathedral of Saint Belanor, an architectural wonder in the heart of Khudealine, was the coronation site. Its vaulted ceilings echoed with chanted prayers and hushed whispers as the crowd awaited the entrance of the young Emperor.

When Laicoshon finally appeared, he was clad in deep royal blue and white, the colors of Cerutaine. He moved with an air of both vulnerability and strength, a young man called to lead before his time. His crown, wrought of gold and jewels mined within the border mountains of the kingdom, was a heavy mantle of responsibility waiting for his acceptance.

The Grand Vizier, Lord Ophir, who had served the late emperor faithfully, stepped forward to commence the coronation ceremony. “We gather here today,” he began, his voice resonating in the hushed cathedral, “to honor the legacy of Emperor Adietuan, and to welcome his son, Laicoshon, as our new Emperor.”

There was a pause, the silence punctuated by a collective breath held by the assembly. “Laicoshon of the house of Banucen, do you accept this duty, to rule Cerutaine with wisdom, justice, and honor?” The Grand Vizier’s gaze was steady on the young emperor.

Laicoshon, his dark eyes glinting with determination, gave a decisive nod. “I do,” he said, his voice firm and confident. “For my father, for my people, I will rule with wisdom, justice, and honor.”

A cheer rose from the crowd as Lord Ophir placed the heavy crown upon Laicoshon’s head. It was a glorious moment, tempered by the undercurrent of uncertainty and the shadow of his father’s untimely demise.

But today, under the gaze of his subjects from both Lavaritium and Canovine, Laicoshon Banucen was crowned Emperor. And he was prepared to lead Cerutaine into an era of peace and prosperity, or so everyone hoped.

As the ceremony proceeded, the tension grew palpable. Whispers spread through the crowd like wildfire, and the nobles exchanged furtive glances, each calculating their next move in the intricate political dance. The fragile unity of the country, built over generations, seemed to hang in the balance.

After the High Priest finished the final blessings, the Emperor stepped forward to address his people. His voice carried strength and resolve, attempting to quell the underlying unease.

“People of Cerutaine,” he began, “Today, I stand before you not only as your Emperor but as a symbol of unity for our nation. Let us not be divided by the past or by our differences, but united by the shared destiny of Cerutaine. Together, we can overcome any challenges that lie ahead and build a brighter future for all.”

His words resonated with some in the crowd, but others remained skeptical. Nevertheless, the Emperor pressed on, his determination evident in every gesture and intonation.

“I call upon the nobles of Lavaritium and Cavonine to put aside their animosities and join hands in the pursuit of a prosperous and harmonious future for our beloved land. Together, we can strengthen the bonds that hold Cerutaine together and overcome any obstacles that come our way.”

As he finished speaking, the Emperor looked from one side of the courtyard to the other, his gaze unwavering, seeking to find common ground among the divided nobility. A moment of suspense followed, where the fate of Cerutaine seemed to rest in the hands of those present.

Suddenly, a voice rang out from the ranks of the Lavaritium nobles, “Long live Emperor Laicoshon Banucen! May his reign bring prosperity and unity to Cerutaine!”

The words were met with a moment of hesitation, but soon, voices from both duchies joined in, “Long live Emperor Laicoshon Banucen!”

The tension began to ease, replaced by a sense of relief and hope. Though the rivalries still lingered, the coronation had planted a seed of unity, a flicker of hope that Cerutaine could emerge stronger, together.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the courtyard was bathed in hues of orange and purple, a metaphorical reflection of the nation’s uncertain future. The people of Cerutaine dispersed, each carrying with them a mix of hope and trepidation for the reign of Emperor Laicoshon Banucen. Only time would reveal the true path of the country, but for now, the Emperor’s words and actions had sown the seeds of change, setting Cerutaine on a new course.

Within an alleyway near the city center of Khudealine, small bands of outlaws gathered. Some tired, some injured, some frightened. Despite the supposed safety of the coronation, multiple had been set out by outlaw gangs to attempt to disrupt the procedure. Murmurs of discontent continued throughout, none of the outlaws’ goals being accomplished. As Khudealine went to sleep that night, the rest of the nation awakened. Whether the near future would be rough or easy, not one man knew. What was certain was that the Empire had received a young king with potential.


The day after the coronation, the capital city of Khudealine buzzed with activity and whispered conversations. The streets were a flurry of movement as merchants hawked their wares and children played, but beneath the normalcy was still an underlying tension, a current of unease that coursed through the city’s very veins.

In the Great Hall of the Imperial Palace, Emperor Laicoshon Banucen had called a closed-door meeting of the highest-ranking nobles from both Lavaritium and Cavonine. As the double doors of the hall swung open, one could catch glimpses of a vast room with a long table, where nobles took their seats, their expressions a mix of curiosity, apprehension, and ambition.

The Emperor, clad in his regal robes, stood at the head of the table, flanked by his most trusted advisors. He cleared his throat and began, “My lords and ladies, thank you for heeding my call. Yesterday, our great nation witnessed a new beginning, a promise of unity. Today, we must act upon that promise.”

Duke Threnodar of Cavonine, a tall man with silvering hair, spoke up, “Your Highness, the words spoken at your coronation were inspiring. But words are fleeting. It is actions that will define your reign. The divisions between Lavaritium and Cavonine run deep. What do you propose?”

The Emperor nodded, “Indeed, Duke Threnodar. That is why I propose we create a council, with equal representation from both duchies. This council will be tasked with addressing issues and grievances, ensuring that the voice of every citizen of Cerutaine is heard.”

Duchess Elionara of Lavaritium, a sharp-eyed woman known for her cunning, chimed in, “A noble idea, Your Highness. But how do you intend to ensure that this council is not just a facade? That it truly represents the interests of the people?”

Emperor Laicoshon Banucen replied, “By ensuring that the council has real power. They will be entrusted with crafting laws and making decisions for the betterment of Cerutaine. Furthermore, they will hold public sessions where any citizen can voice their concerns.”

A murmur of surprise and curiosity rippled through the room. Baron Viren of Alzistela leaned forward, “A bold move, Your Majesty. Giving such power to a council is unprecedented.”

The Emperor met his gaze firmly, “These are unprecedented times, Baron Viren. It’s a time for change, for unity. We must adapt if we are to protect the future of Cerutaine.”

The meeting continued for hours, with debates, discussions, and the drafting of preliminary plans for the formation of the council. The day’s events marked a new chapter in the history of Cerutaine, as the young Emperor took his first steps towards fulfilling the promise of his coronation.

Outside the palace walls, word of the Emperor’s proposal began to spread, leading to a mix of reactions. Some viewed it as a hopeful sign, while others remained skeptical. Yet, despite the uncertainty, the winds of change had begun to blow in Cerutaine, setting the stage for a new era of governance.

After the meeting, a smaller group of Lavaratine nobles met up at a quiet inn.

“Can you believe it?! A council, in which the lowborn may have more power than the rich noblemen… Preposterous!” Said one. Most agreed, however for now they could not act as they had hoped, as opposition to the emperor was still few and far between, especially among the higher nobility.


The day after the Emperor’s proposal for a council, whispers of discontent and conspiracy began to spread through the lower ranks of nobility in both Lavaritium and Cavonine. A group of ambitious and disgruntled lower nobles saw the proposed council as a threat to their own influence and power. They believed that by maintaining the status quo, they could continue to exert control over their respective duchies without interference from a centralized authority.

In a dimly lit chamber hidden within the city of Alzistela in Cavonine, several lower nobles convened secretly to hatch a plot. Among them were Lord Tarek, a charismatic but conniving figure, and Lady Mariselle, known for her sharp wit and fickle mind. They gathered around an ornate wooden table, illuminated by flickering candles, plotting their next move.

Lord Tarek, his voice barely above a whisper, began,

My fellow nobles, we cannot allow this council to come into power. It threatens our authority and the traditional ways of our duchy. We must act swiftly and decisively.

Lady Mariselle nodded in agreement.

Indeed, Lord Tarek. Our best chance lies in preventing the Emperor from solidifying the council’s power. If we can discredit him or create enough chaos, perhaps he will abandon the idea altogether.

As the conspirators discussed their plan, they decided to exploit the existing tensions between the nobles of Lavaritium and Cavonine. They believed that by stoking the fires of division, they could divert attention away from the Emperor’s proposal and weaken his support among the nobility.

Their plan involved spreading false rumors and incendiary messages, painting the Emperor as a weak and indecisive ruler who favored one duchy over the other. They also intended to instigate small-scale conflicts and disputes between the nobles of Lavaritium and Cavonine, hoping to distract them from the larger political developments.

The conspirators knew that they had to act covertly and avoid any direct confrontation with the Emperor or his loyal supporters, at least for the time being. Their goal was to create enough chaos and doubt to stall the formation of the council and buy them time to consolidate their own power and influence.

As the sun set over Cerutaine once more, the seeds of this scheme were sown, setting the stage for another struggle within the nobility, with the fate of the newly crowned Emperor and his vision for a united Cerutaine hanging in the balance.