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Central Taiirasiman News (Avren: Nusio Taiirasima Tahelia) is one of the major newspaper companies existing in Cayo. It is usually about things that happen inside CNS. It is funded by the CNS government and the Multiversal Cayon Central Government.
It was formed on 22/09/14, when the three biggest newspapers in CNS, which were South Naranja Mail, New Naranjan Times and Avren Crane Mail, merged into one. SNM’s headquarter was in South Naranja, NNT’s in New South Naranja and ACM in Thirsmeet. As they merged, NNT’s New South Naranja Headquarters became the CTN headquarters. CTN is building a new headquarter in Government Island, Kuratsala.

New South Naranja Headquarters.


Noveopolis Confirms Construction of Mega Office Complex

Noveopolis has confirmed the construction of Noveopolis Multiversal Trade Complex. Construction will start today, said New Altnavia.
The complex consists of 10 skyscrapers, with 5 over 250 meters tall and 64 floors. The following are the list of skyscrapers.

  1. Noveopolis Multiversal Trade Center (304M, 80F)
  2. Cloud Nine Noveopolis (280M, 80F)
  3. Noveopolis Trade Tower A (265M, 70F)
  4. Noveopolis Trade Tower B (260M, 68F)
  5. Noveopolis Trade Tower C (252M, 65F)
  6. Noveopolis Trade Tower D (246M, 63F)
  7. Pacifican Noveopolis Landmark Tower (220M, 59F)
  8. Dicifire Pacifica Tower (195M, 57F)
  9. Tour Operations-Pacifica (152M, 53F)
  10. Noveopolis Trade Tower E (121M, 42F)

The complex will be completed in June 2024, thanks to Testerasian Construction Companies and Diamond Industries’ Multiverse-Class skyscraper building skills.

AI-generated photo of the soon-be-constructed complex

The complex will be constructed on a huge piece of land originally for a Central Park, currently used as a large soccer field. The piece of land is in the downtown of Noveopolis.

The piece of land that will be used for the construction. Photo taken on 23/03/16

The towers will mostly consist of offices, but there will be luxury houses, hotels and restaurants. At floors 76-80 of the tallest building, an observation deck will be built.

Basement floors 1-6 will be used as parking lots, 7-10 as an underground shopping mall and 11-13 as an underground train and metro station.


83 People Protest Against the “No Prison” Policy of Altnavia

83 people in New South Naranja have started a protest in front of the City Hall.
14 of the people are family members of the victims of a murderer recently caught by Police. The murderer was sentenced to life in the so called ‘Rehabilitation Camp’, except that he doesn’t have the chance to come out again. The protesters ask for bringing back the Death Penalty, and also the prisons.

“Again, I’m very sorry for the happening. The Cayon Government will discuss the situation tomorrow, when we have a meeting. There is a high chance that we will not bring back jails, but make similar places for those who has done crimes that could get them to death originally,” said UCL Isili Protamiando Deru.

Although Altnavia has outlawed prisons and the death penalty, there are CNS nations that haven’t. Also, according to the CNS Laws on Crimes and Punishment, it is possible for those who have done heavy crimes to be punished at another CNS nation, but only if the Cayon Government and CNS Government both agrees. A trial has been scheduled on the 21st of March to conclude on what will be done.


Serial Killer’s Punishment Confirmed
22nd March 2023

As the Cayon leaders were discussing about the situation, the number of protesters grew to 143. Finally, 56 year old Altnavian Yordeneis Boićivíle, which has killed his own parents and two young students 35 years ago has been sentenced to death.

Altnavia does not allow the death penalty, nor prisons, but according to the Cayon laws, a criminal that has done heavy crimes can be punished in a country that has the death penalty, if the government agrees. Today, the leaders of all Cayon nations had a meeting, and the CNS leader and the Multiversal Official Cayon Leader (MOCL) confirmed that the criminal will be executed in another nation.

Although there is no official date, many say that the execution will take place in the North Diksamendo Jail on Sunday.


CTN Government Island Headquarters Completed
21st April 2023

CTN’s new 71-story 240 meters tall building has been completed in Government Island, Kuratsala today, after 7 months of construction.
The building’s official name is Western Government Island Sky Building (called as WGI Sky normally).

The new skyscraper of Government Island

Floors B2-6 will be used as a shopping mall, floors 7-15 as offices for other companies, 16-26 as normal houses, 27-40 as a luxury hotel, 41-42 as luxury restaurants, 43-65 as CTN offices, 66-68 as a museum and 69-71 as an observation deck.
Basement floors 3-7 will become a parking lot.


Taiirasima Gains a Moon
4th May 2023

The dwarf planet Taiirasima has officially gotten its own moon, said Taiirasima Space Agency on the 29th of April.

An asteroid originally named 2023CYNTAIR3-19 was scheduled to fly very closely to Taiirasima and then continue its journey on April 27th. Because it was flying extremely closely, the space agency was watching it go past, and the army had prepared large bombs in case the asteroid became a danger to life on Taiirasima. But from about April 28th 2am (Standard Taiirasima Time), the space agency noticed that the asteroid was heading in a direction that the agency had not predicted. The asteroid glowed as a faint light in the night sky until morning.

The asteroid was seen from almost all nations in Taiirasima, and the space agency announced the next day that the asteroid was caught by the gravity of Taiirasima, and is orbiting Taiirasima at about 148,200 km away, and getting closer, predicted to stop coming closer at about 50,000 km away from Taiirasima. The asteroid was renamed as Prontare Alpha, and was reclassified as a moon. The space agency will send a robot to study the moon.


CNS Reveals Railway Plans for New Altnavia
3rd June 2023

The CNS Ministry of Economics, which also owns the transportation services in CNS, has revealed the plan for national rail lines in New Altnavia. New Altnavia currently has 3 lines. 4 more are under construction. 3 of the lines under construction are extensions of the original lines. 3 more lines are planned.

The following link will lead you to the list of all stations.
(NationStates | Dispatch | New Altnavia Railways: The List of Stations WIP)


8th UCL of CNS Elected
2nd August, 2023

Imo Isimo Arudskan Kagaisuao, the current Minister of Healthcare and an important member of the Cayon Blue Party, has been elected the 8th UCL, winning 37% of the votes, surpassing the person in second place by almost 5%.

Mr. Kagaisuao was a famous doctor in Canalife CNS, the best hospital in CNS before he retired and went into a political party. During his time as a doctor, he saved the lives of over 400 patients who almost died. He has also participated in developing vaccines for several diseases, such as Enilogue (a major disease in Cayo) and Covid-19. He is one of the few people who have gotten the Greatest Cayon Doctors of All Time Award.

In the election, he promised free vaccines for those in poverty. He also promised free basic healthcare, and more hospitals. “The ministries and I will start with helping those in desperate need of a doctor and cannot get any good medical help first,” he said.

The 7th UCL, Isili Protamiando Deru is the Co-Director of Canalife CNS. Because the healthcare in CNS improved a lot during his time as UCL, many are hoping that it would get better because the 8th UCL is also somebody who has worked in Canalife.


Northern Bailtem Rapid Line Extends to Silivodeis
22nd September, 2023

The Northern Bailtem Rapid Line (also called the Black Line), which connects New Altnavian major cities faster than other lines, have been extended from North Pacicaya Station to Silivodeis Station after 4 months and 3 weeks of construction. The newly opened stations are Fipitelepolis, Cape Nodeiso and Silivodeis.
Two more stations are under construction on the NBR. Hurudeifa Beach Station, which will be the first NBR station in Hurudeifa Province will open in October. Isiliavio Station in northwest Silivo will open in late December.

New Altnavia Rail Map


Testerasia Reveals Plans for New Supertall Skyscrapers
22nd September, 2023

Testerasia revealed plans for more towers this morning. The new buildings were planned to be built just a few kilometers away from Testropolis Space Tower, the current tallest building in Taiirasima and other Cayon nations, standing at 1700 meters and 347 floors.

An AI generated image of how it would look after the buildings are built. The tallest tower in this photo is the Testropolis Space Tower.

The new towers’ designs haven’t been chosen yet, though it is quite likely that the design will be simple like the image above. Below is the list of the new buildings.

  • Nudsky Multiversal Business District-Landmark Tower (also called Nudsky 1. ~1200m)
  • NMBD-Dutorre (~750m)
  • NMBD-Tritorre Twin Towers (~550m)

In the plans, it is said that the towers will start construction in early 2026. If it does start construction in 2026, it will be able to be completed by late 2028 or early 2029, thanks to the technology of many Cayon construction companies.


Staupgon Nature Food and Avren Crane Food Announces New C.I.T. Flavors
24th September, 2023

C.I.T. stands for Cayon Iced Tea. It is the Cayon version of the S.P.I.T. (South Pacifican Iced Tea). It is produced by two food companies in CNS, named Staupgon Nature Food and Avren Crane Food, only using food produced in Cayo.

Today, SNF and ACF have announced 4 new flavors of C.I.T., increasing the total number of flavors to 33. The new flavors are Guava, Tangerine, Lime and Persimmon.

The new flavors were released in most of the CNS nations today. SNF and ACF plans to sell the new flavors in other CNS countries by Wednesday next week, and in the nations that they export iced tea by the end of next week.

For more information about Cayon Iced Tea, please visit the dispatch below:

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