Celebrating Cultures across Pacifica

November 19th, 2023
University of Ha’Hani’s Kawakaita Event Hall, Ha’Hani, FiHami

It would be time for guests to pour in soon, and the dean of the University adjusted her rose-colored •Akait’ quickly. Her dark-colored eyes scanned the horizon as she waited for people to arrive. Dr. Kokoaima Aitano-Kilawei was a woman of strong Aikirani heritage, and as such, she must remain at the entrance to the Kawakaita event hall until the party was to really begin. She mustn’t act improperly either, being far too casual like the Finixi people tended to be… it wasn’t proper.

And thus, the Dean of the University of Ha’Hani stood elegantly by the door, greeting everyone who approached her with a gentle smile and a “Kirifi, Atifi, Hai, and Hello!” Those that carried food with them were directed to the massive table boasting a still-small collection of culinary masterpieces from here and abroad. Others were directed to filter inside and mingle with various guests.

There was a sign just behind the Dean, announcing the feature panel to occur a bit later that night. Joyful music from all across Pacifica played through the hall, loud enough to be heard but quiet enough to avoid overwhelming the attendees.