Caucus Affiliation Poll

Caucus Affiliation Poll


@legislators With the implementation of caucuses, the Office of the Chair is providing an alternative method for providing your personal caucus affiliation. If you have already indicated your affiliation via the pre-existing Google Form, you are not required to fill in this poll. After the following poll has closed, any Assembly member who has not indicated their affiliation will automatically be marked down as an Independent. Any questions? As usual, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Yours faithfully,
BlockBuster2K43, Chair of the Assembly

Please select your preferred caucus below:
  • The Cakeists :cake:
  • The Ice Creamists :ice_cream:
  • The Pieists :pie_tspie:
  • Independent :desert_island:
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Your Delegate instructs you to join the Cake Caucus!

I clearly do not know how to follow instructions, as I already filled out the Google Form but voted again anyway. I’ve brought shame on the Ice Creamists already…

Exactly! #Cake4TheWin