Casarius Industries

Casarius Industries is an international joint venture that coordinates an international effort to explore space. The purpose is to reach the Casarius star system (IRP version of Sirius) while colonizing the solar system. The joint venture was founded in 2006 when multiple aerospace companies from around Pacifica decided to pool their resources together to form a strong united position in the aerospace market and facilitate the exploration of space.

The headquarters are located in Reynolds Space Center, Sallodesia. The main rocket launch site is located near its headquarters, due to its historic significance, but it’s still looking for launch site in the proximity to the equator and a back-up launch site’s location to be determined. Some of the major hubs still are to be determined as well.

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If you have an aerospace company within a democratic nation, feel free to join. You can join at any year you want, from 2006 until now. Just post the name of the aerospace company, its nation & the year it joined and you’ll be taken into consideration. If you’d like to help flesh out Casarius Industries, you can always message me on Discord for it.

List of members list of shareholders & logo meaning:

List of shareholders
  • Catargiu Aerospatial Strategic Industries, Kingdom of Stoinia Stoinia, 2006
  • Cosmos, United States of Izaakia, 2016
  • Imperium Company, Peocracy of Huawan, 2006
  • JSC Sukhonbu, Federal Republic of Kliegme, 2009
  • Lockheed Austin, Republic of Sallodesia, 2006
  • Stoic Aerospace, Kingdom of Stoinia, 2006
  • Sheridan Aerospace Industries, Republic of Sallodesia, 2006
Logo meaning

The circle symbolizes Pacifica and the penetrating triangle the company as it reaches space. The star signifies the star Casarius which is the goal of the company to reach on its path of exploration.


Cosmos (United States of Izaakia) - 2016

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JSC Sukhonbu-2009

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