Boer se Beker 2022

Boer se Beker 2022

Coverage of the Boer se Beker in Austral is brought to you by the Bareland Sports Network.

The Boer se Beker (“Farmer’s Cup”) is a professional association football league—known as pro soccer in Baraarde—consisting of 24 teams. It is played over a 23 week season, and the top 6 teams will proceed to the Baraarde National Championships where they will compete with teams from the Nasionale Sokker Beker. The league uses a round-robin format.

Teams are ranked by the amount of points they score. A win scores 3 points, a draw scores 1, and losses do not change the amount of points the team has.

Scoreboard (as of week 18)

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Crabelo SK 18 13 1 4 35 14 +21 40
2 Oseaanmense Sentraal FC 18 11 5 2 38 21 +17 38
3 Menseaarde Reg SK 18 10 2 6 34 24 +10 32
4 Thowal FC 18 10 1 7 32 25 +7 31
5 FC Alipan 18 9 3 6 27 26 +1 30
6 Umtata FC 18 8 5 5 33 23 +10 29
7 Temstad FC 18 8 5 5 34 35 −1 29
8 Goma FC 18 8 4 6 30 26 +4 28
9 Cekal FC 18 8 4 6 27 24 +3 28
10 Vrylanga FC 18 8 4 6 27 26 +1 28
11 Bokkowa SK 18 8 3 7 27 20 +7 27
12 Wera Noord FC 18 8 3 7 32 26 +6 27
13 Virgitoria SK 18 7 6 5 24 21 +3 27
14 Reg Wehoboth FC 18 7 5 6 25 28 −3 26
15 Crasa FC 18 6 7 5 27 23 +4 25
16 Erre SK 18 6 6 6 25 30 −5 24
17 Boersedorp Central FC 18 4 10 4 27 27 0 22
18 Eersterstad Nuut FC 18 6 4 8 25 26 −1 22
19 Nkowawini FC 18 6 3 9 22 29 −7 21
20 Botshanan Reg 18 5 2 11 20 34 −14 17
21 Gennas FC 18 2 9 7 21 30 −9 15
22 Sud Boersedorp FC 18 3 3 12 31 49 −18 12
23 Allamas Nuut 18 2 3 13 15 32 −17 9
24 Delgomo FC 18 1 6 11 13 32 −19 9

Week 15

This week featured #17 Umtata FC destroying #23 Sud Boersedorp FC with a 7-2 final score, as well as #1 Crabelo SK demolishing #16 Erre SK in a 5-0 score everyone expected and didn’t expect. #24 Delgomo FC vs #9 Wera Noord FC ended in a 2-2 tie, moving Delgomo FC from 24th place to a more modest 23rd place. Also, #2 Oseaanmense Centraal lost 1-2 to #14 Vrylanga somehow.

Delgomo FC 2–2 Wera Noord FC
This game nearly ended in an upset by #24 Delgomo FC, winning 2-1, however a goal by SS Daniël Goldberg changed the score to 2-2 just minutes before the final whistle. Delgomo FC scored its 2-goal miracle via a goal 6 minutes into the game by CAM Jaivyn White and a penalty kick just before half-time.

Eersterstad Nuut FC 0–1 Crasa FC
In a mid-tier performance that will not go down in history, #13 Crasa FC unsurprisingly scored one goal on #18 Eersterstad Nuut FC, who did not score a single goal, mostly because their CF and LAM were out for injuries and their alternates were… not very good would be an overstatement. Why they still went for their usual 4-3-2-1 formation I do not understand. Crasa FC fans watched in enjoyment as the replacement CF tripped on the ball several times.

Erre SK 0–5 Crabelo SK
Wow, what a surprise. #1 Crabelo SK once again stomped the competition and won 5-0 over #16 Erre SK. This one was depressing. It was not a great Saturday in Erre. One Erre fan even threw eggs onto the field at Crabelo players.

FC Alipan 2–1 Cekal FC
#11 FC Alipan, our resident “mid”, won 2-1 over #6 Cekal FC. This was an “upset” if you stick to the dictionary definition of the word where the favorite team lost, but it really just didn’t feel like one. There’s not much to say about this one. It was good football from FC Alipan’s SW Piet de Lange who successfully prevented 3 passes from entering the goal but other than that nothing significant happened during this game.

Gennas FC 1–1 Botshanan Reg
#21 Gennas FC tied 1-1 with #20 Botshanan Reg, which was really expected to begin with. Nothing real extraordinary happened in this game, besides Botshanan Reg scoring a goal. That was crazy.

Goma FC 2–1 Bokkowa SK
#7 Goma FC took out #3 Bokkowa SK with a 2-1 win. I’m pretty angry about this one since there was an obvious penalty about 70 minutes into the game—go watch it yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Now, you may be saying that I’m just biased because I’m from Bokkowa. But trust me, go look and see that the refs are blind.

Menseaarde Reg SK 1–1 Boersedorp Central FC
Oh man, #8 Menseaarde Reg SK tied with #15 Boersedorp Central FC? That one is actually kind of shocking, although Menseaarde Reg did shuffle some of their players after they nearly lost last week’s game to Allamas Nuut. Unfortunately some of those changes were not very beneficial, leading to this draw. Somehow Menseaarde Reg still shot up to 6th so I guess everything ended well in the end.

Nkowawini FC 3–2 Allamas Nuut
#17 Nkowawini FC won against #22 Allamas Nuut in an unimpressive game that nobody really cared about. It was neck and neck the whole game, and then just after halftime Nkowawini FC raised the score from 2-2 to 3-2 and it didn’t change from there for the rest of the 40 minutes I had to sit through to make this recap.

Oseaanmense Sentraal FC 1–2 Vrylanga FC
Wow. I expected better. #2 Oseaanmense Sentraal FC LOSING to #14 Vrylanga FC. Now I’m 50 Munt poorer and frustrated at team captain André Baatjies for his peculiar choice of a 3-5-2 formation—which hasn’t been popular since the league’s inception—and frustrated at the manager for agreeing with him. Now, this sounds like a good idea on paper, but the full-backs of Oseaanmense Sentraal are notorious for missing balls, and this is amplified in the mid-field. And even more pain was piled on top since Vrylanga FC’s CM, Lihan Clark, is famous for his ability to maneuver around defensive lines… especially bad ones. Let’s just say, this was definitely an upset and a well-deserved one for Vrylanga FC. Unfortunately Vrylanga FC only rose to #13 in the rankings but they will definitely be my choice for any future games.

Reg Wehoboth FC 0–2 Virgitoria SK
Wow, how shocking, #12 Reg Wehoboth FC losing against #10 Virgitoria SK. The two goals by Virgitoria were both scored via penalty kicks. This was a boring game.

Sud Boersedorp FC 2–7 Umtata FC
This was shocking. Now, #17 Umtata FC was definitely the favorite against #23 Sud Boersedorp FC, but not by 5 points. This coming from a team that last week scored no goals. This was truly an elegant performance by Umtata FC, and after the game they performed the “coffin dance” that has been gaining popularity on the social media website Praat!. On the coffin was simply taped a piece of paper saying “SUD BOERSEDORP FC”. Umtata’s 3-3-1-3 formation left me speechless for the entire game. I expect greater things from Umtata FC. They have risen to 15th in the rankings.

Temstad FC 1–3 Thowal FC
#5 Temstad FC lost 1-3 against #4 Thowal FC and that’s really it. Temstad went for a 2-3-5 formation in the last minutes of the game, giving them one goal scored by RW Willem Titus, who usually played RCM in the usual 3-4-3 formation used buy Temstad. In an interview, he said that team captain GK Alake Krige told him to just “…kick the ball towards the goal and maybe we’ll get something.” Well, they did get something. Temstad FC fell to 7th in the rankings, putting them out of the running for the Baraarde National Championships. At least, for now.

For the Bareland Sports Network, I’m Bern Smith and this was the Boer se Beker Week 15 recap. I’ll see you next week.

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Week 16

Due to this funny thing called “not caring” and “it’s late and I want to sleep”, we are only going to be presenting the scores from all the games without a recap. Also, this week sucked.

Wera Noord FC 4–2 Thowal FC
Umtata FC 5–0 Temstad FC (Common Umtata W)
Virgitoria SK 3–2 Sud Boersedorp FC
Vrylanga FC 0–0 Reg Wehoboth FC
Allamas Nuut 0–2 Oseaanmense Sentraal FC
Boersedorp Central FC 1–0 Nkowawini FC
Bokkowa SK 1–3 Menseaarde Reg SK
Botshanan Reg 3–2 Goma FC
Cekal FC 0–0 Gennas FC
Crabelo SK 1–0 FC Alipan
Crasa FC 1–1 Erre SK
Delgomo FC 1–2 Eersterstad Nuut FC

Ok bye

Week 17

Now, you may be asking, “Why is this week so late?” Well, our friends from Crabelo SK decided to postpone their game from Sunday vs 21 Gennas FC after severe storms. The next day, the storms remained. The day after, the storms remained. The day after, the storms subsided for enough time to host a game, but a tornado touched down near Crabelo during the period so it was decided not to host the game. The day after, the storms remained. The day after, the storms remained. And then the storms subsided a bit, but the stadium had to be cleaned out for fans after the long storm period. And then the day came, and Crabelo lost. Let that sink in—number 1 Crabelo SK lost to number 21 Gennas FC. I had to do a double take on that one too. Truly amazing performance by Gennas FC. Crabelo fans were crying after the game.

Eersterstad Nuut FC 2–0 Wera Noord FC
Erre SK 2–0 Delgomo FC
FC Alipan 2–1 Crasa FC
Gennas FC 2–1 Crabelo SK (wtf)
Goma FC 3–3 Cekal FC
Menseaarde Reg SK 5–1 Botshanan Reg
Nkowawini FC 4–3 Bokkowa SK
Oseaanmense Sentraal FC 1–0 Boersedorp Central FC
Reg Wehoboth FC 3–1 Allamas Nuut
Sud Boersedorp FC 1–2 Vrylanga FC
Temstad FC 3–2 Virgitoria SK
Thowal FC 0–1 Umtata FC (common Umtata W)

Week 18

After that glorious performance from Gennas FC, they went on and tied 0-0 with 15 Crasa FC. Other than that, this was a boring week. Umtata FC skyrocketed from number 13 to number 6 this week, putting them in the running for the Báraarde Football League.

Wera Noord FC 0–2 Umtata FC (common Umtata W)
Virgitoria SK 0–2 Thowal FC
Vrylanga FC 1–1 Temstad FC
Allamas Nuut 0–1 Sud Boersedorp FC
Boersedorp Central FC 1–1 Reg Wehoboth FC
Bokkowa SK 1–2 Oseaanmense Sentraal FC
Botshanan Reg 1–0 Nkowawini FC
Cekal FC 2–2 Menseaarde Reg SK
Crabelo SK 1–0 Goma FC
Crasa FC 0–0 Gennas FC
Delgomo FC 1–2 FC Alipan
Eersterstad Nuut FC 1–2 Erre SK