Betrayal’s Beginnings [223 - 0 BBT]

A story regarding the beginning of the end of the Technocratic Federation. Contrary to popular belief, the Secession Crisis started long before The Wormhole Incident. To prevent the tone deaf Federation from losing, the Scientific Directorate of Rosecordia devised a two and a half century plan to assert control over the weakening Federation.

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RNDFV Frontier’s Watch, 223 BBT, Palisade Class Cruiser
Unknown Officer Discourse, No Fly Zone Nora, Patrol Zone Fourteen

Subject: Report Echo Eleven; Deteriorating Conditions

“Cut the audio feed.”

“Helmsman Adjust Forty Five, Cut Neutral.”

“Roger, Adjusting Forty Five, Cutting to Neutral.”

“Well. Now we can discuss this… Unfolding situation in Atlia Reach.”

“Atlia Reach isn’t our concern.”

“Their crackdown is concerning, though.”

“The sector out west?”

“Yeah, it’s uncomforting. They’ve been federalized for the last thousand years. Fuck will happen when it rears its ugly head at us?”

“They know about Project Nexus yet?”

“Shouldn’t. We’ve barely been briefed on it, how in the brightly burning stars would they?”

“Isn’t that still a progress?”

“Techs there, infrastructure isn’t.”

“Well, when we get back to Base, let’s bring it up to DNI. See how they think about Atlia Reach and the weird occurances.”

“Bring audio back up.”

“Helmsman All Ahead, bring us back into patrol bead.”

“Roger, All Ahead, bringing her back into patrol bead.”


Vanguard Drive Yards
[220 BBT, Torialina A]
Keel of the 1st Warden Class

“Why did VDY take this contract?”

“You really think they’ll finish on time?”

“We’re gambling on a newfound Drive Yard, 'cause Battlecruiser Classes haven’t been built in five thousand years.”

“Vanguard Drive Yards also produced our first Palisade, Javelin, and Vitreo. Seemed like a good fit. Hopefully?”

“Personally, they seem capable. Give them a little bit of credit, they made the Fed’s first Excelsior Class. My son’s a huge fan.”

“Yeah. I agree. Well, the ceremony is gonna start soon.”

“Yeah. Should be interesting.”

“Oh, Cicero’s here.”

“Cicero’s here?”


“Shush. The Ceremony’s starting.”


Sahiria Station Medical Research Hub
[110 BBT, Veafri System]
The Half Serniani Experiment

Day Twelve of the Half Sern experiment. Splicing the human genome was fairly easy. Since it’s spliced, we’ve been using the DNA to see if it’s stable enough for reproduction. We got more test subjects then I thought we would. It’s going to be interesting.

[108 BBT, Veafri System]
The Half Serniani Experiment

Day 740 of the Half Serniani Experiment. First Kid was born today. Mother named her Tristie. Developments to follow. If we don’t yield more results, the project will be canceled. Don’t Bureaucrats understand we’ll need more time?

[90 BBT, Veafri System]
The Half Serniani Experiment

I stopped keeping track of time. They canceled the experiment. They ordered us to euthanize the kids. We kept stalling. Eventually, they put their foot down. We told them to go fuck themselves, and they’re probably coming to kill us now. We stalled enough though, one of our doctors was from the Directorate. He got in touch with the authorities, and they extracted the kids and mothers. They asked if wanted to go. We told them they couldn’t save us, but they could save the kids. Shit. I can hear them knocking. Well, I’m gonna sign off. If I don’t sign back on in fourteen days, presume I’m dead.

–PhD. Ethan C’ax

Last Updated 90 Years ago…

[4 BBT, Veafri System]
Lt. Tristie Claire, Ms Claire Halcyon

“So… What is this?”

“This is… Where we were born.”


“Yeah. You never heard of this place?”


“You heard of the Half Sern Experiment?”

“Not a clue, Claire.”

“Well, you were… What is it… Étude de cas numéro un.”


“Yeah. I have records, and I’m suprised they didn’t torch the whole damn station.”

Claire hands Tristie a book of reports

“Thanks. I’ll… Read this… On my way back.”

Tristie is on the verge of holding back tears, but pulls something out of her pocket and hands it over

“Hey. I’ll be… In touch. If something happens. Thanks for showing me this.”

Tristie and Claire share a knowing smile before they both depart.


Rosepoint Naval College
[7 BBT, Agito System]
Mr. Tyler Cadium, Robert Francis, Ms. Laurisa Arikia

“Hey, Rob.”

“Yo Ty. What’s up?”

“You study for that flight test?”

“I’m doing Xacto, so not really. I got plans. Big party at Lightfoot’s. You should come around.”

“Pass. I’ve seen what happens when you drink. Case study, my dad.”

“Don’t blame you, thought you would pass up, I know Valk II training is hell.”

“Oh well… Guess I won’t get a sparring partner…”

“Hello, Tyler.”

“You are…?”

“Pardon me intruding, you want a sparring partner, right?”

“Were you eavesdropping?!”

“No, I was walking by, I’m Laurisa. Commonly known around her as Fencer from Twenty Three Alfa!”

Laurisa smiles

“Oh. Sure, guess it couldn’t hurt to duel you.”

“That was fun!”

“You kicked my shins in!”

“But you learned, right?”

“Fair enough. We should do this more often.”