Bella Aeternum

Higurashi, Termina
Cafe Fezzan

Ex-Captain Eko Onoda sighed softly to himself as he observed the vibrant city-state of Higurashi from his seat in Cafe Fezzan. People were laughing and conversing with one another about seemingly pointless things like the weather or the most recent gossip around the TCG. As Eko reflected on a future he no longer has, he heard a voice, “You’re a hard man to track captain…” a chill ran down the ex captains spine as he recognized the voice’s owner, Ulf Kariya, a RIM officer who ate spies and deserters like himself for breakfast. Eko silently took a short breath to force himself to remain calm and replied, “To what do I owe the misfortune of encountering the wolf of Kinjishi?”

Kariya flashed a grin at the ex captain as he appreciated being recognized and said, “business, (the captain bristles) but don’t worry, I’m no longer affiliated with our previous employers.” Kariya then sits in front of Eko and dusts off a newspaper with a headline about the mysterious explosions. “This was your handiwork wasn’t it?” Kariya asked as Eko looked deep into his eyes looking for any sign of trouble, “As much as I wish to give the imperialists a black eye, I no longer harbor any delusions,” said Eko. “Although I may know someone who does.” He continued. Kariya smiled and said, “good, my client will be eager to follow the trail…”


Greater Palace, Grovne, Sedunn

It was soon time. Sedunnic foreign minister Hevv Gjieramm took a final look at the Grand Square a few storeys below. Several thousands of people were gathering around the main gates to the palace. It must be time for the changing of the guards ceremony, he thought without checking the date. He pushed a button on the wall next to the window which made thick curtains start moving in from the sides, soon covering the window completely. This was standard procedure when classified or sensitive matters were to be discussed in an office facing other buildings.

He sat down in his armchair by the elegant wooden desk and cleared his throat. It was time to call his Kai Fa colleague Ri Wang.



Ri Wang sipped his cup of coffee, a specialty brew courtesy of the Puerto Polloan government. While tea was the historical beverage of choice for Kai Fa, and still was for many, he had grown fond of the alternative, partly due to his teen-aged grandchildren. While he quietly disdained the consumerism behind these new trends, he still could appreciate some of their ideas. There is no point is opposing change, he thought. One can only hope to direct it.

His telephone rang: “Excellency, the foreign minister of Sedunn on the line for you”. “Put him on”.

A pleasant morning to you, Minister Gjieramm. What do I owe the honor of this call?”