Be Bold

To help everyone get used to formatting on the new forums, try to make the most wacky formatted sentence you can. Please keep it to a short sentence though, this is about formatting and experimentation.

I hope this is underlined and big


i, am on mobile, So This is gonna be fun

[center]Can I do too much?[/center]

This works

[center]This dosen’t[/center]

this works

This Works

[center] This dosen’t [/center]



Okay, I promise that I will :writing_hand: with weird HTML code!

You are my favorite piece of popcorn.



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I disagree that many of you are using appropriately bold fonts

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Hello how are we doing? Good to > Hear


wow! Secrets!

This is

Hidden too

  • No?

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I always think that this is some kind of inspirational speech and I am always disappointed.

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you can do it Comfed

we believe in you

when you doubt yourself, remember you ARE stronger and are better overall

and at the end of the day, remember that you’re awesome

yeah well i doubt that


don’t doubt yourself or anything Comfed

you are amazing :star_struck: