Banning of KpFavrisko

Due to repeated breach of The South Pacific’s Community Guidelines and failure to change their behaviour despite multiple prior warnings the Moderation Team has decided to ban KpFavrisko from the region.

KpFavrisko has repeatedly breached our guidelines relating to Spamming, but more importantly we have received complaints from players about them harassing them despite it being made clear that this attention was not wanted and that it should stop.

KpFavrisko’s ban is permanent and immediate, and applies to the in-game region, off-site forums and the TSP Discord.

As this ban relates to OOC (Out Of Character) misconduct it is not appealable via TSP’s judicial processes, only to the Senior Moderation Team.

Accordingly we instruct Delegate @Griffindor to immediately eject and ban them from The South Pacific.


This post is to confirm that the ban ordered has been carried out.


I will note that I have banjected Blufan Gria as it is apparent that the nation is an alt of KpFavrisko.