AzanTheGreat (Azan)

AzanTheGreat’s Legislator Application

Question Answer
TSP Nation Azan
Main Nation Azan
WA Nation
Other Involvement
Azanik VovaAzan Azin
Other Regions:

Hello! I can’t find a nation called “Azan”, going by the time you posted your application, the only nation that might fit is “Socialistic Azan Republic”, which is has moved to The Communist Bloc since, but in order to become a legislator, you must have a nation residing in TSP, so please post a link to your nation in TSP here so we can proceed with your application - you don’t have to move your main nation back, you can also make a second nation and leave it in TSP. Thanks in advance! ^-^

This application has been closed.

Nation is not located in TSP