Automatic Masking/Demasking Implementation

Just so we have record of a request…

I request that the automatic masking/Demasking of users be implemented so it reduces the burden of different parties to revoke maskings.

Thread for reference: [2352.AB] Amendment to the Legislator Act - #6 by Sandaoguo

The implementation should be done in a way that automatically removes all maskings that require citizenship.

No timeline for this, but it’s on the todo list.

This should now be active. If a user is removed from the Citizen group, they’ll be automatically removed from the following groups as well:


The following automations are possible now:

  • Add/remove user from parent group based on subgroup(s) membership
  • Add/remove user group subgroup(s) based on parent group membership

“Parent group” and “subgroup” just refer to the relationship of the automation. Ie. in the above “Citizen” is the parent group and the groups to remove from are the subgroups.