AURORA: Naming the continents

I have this idea for the name of Sea 1, since its in-between the two continents, something like “Sea Between Two Worlds”


That’s another thing. It would be difficult to give things names like there are in Cordilia, since there’s no shared cultural history or anything like that, but we could give them titles


Uh, alright, here’s my random, spur-of the-moment crack at it I guess…

Continent 1: Ajonis
Continent 2: Kirrova
Sea 1: Fortune’s Maw
Ocean 1: The Reach


I know you’ve got a bit on your plate right now, I was just reminded about this due to the Pacifica one receiving activity again

Could you attract the attention of everyone else? I want as many suggestions as possible before putting up a poll

Some random suggestions by me because why shouldn’t I, right?

Continent 1: Dracoris, referring back to my post about how the northern continent looks like a dragon’s head spewing out flames, that or a hungry malnourished turtle

Continent 2: Either Marcandria, from Latin mercantura (trade), or Transmaria, from Laton Trans- (beyond) and Mare (sea)

Sea 1: Interria Sea, from Latin Inter (between) and Terra (land), referring to how the sea splits the north and south continent, being between both land masses

Ocean 1: Obskaric Ocean, again from Latin (seeing a pattern here?) Obscura meaning unknown, since we don’t know what’s beyond these oceans yet


Does anybody have any suggestions left to add before we start picking options from what we have?


I want to put this to a vote: If anyone has MORE suggestions I’ll edit the polls, but note that you will have to revote if I have to edit them:

Northern Continent
  • Dracoris
  • Ajonis
  • None of these; re-open nominations
0 voters
Southern Continent
  • Macarndria
  • Transmaria
  • Kirrova
  • None of these; re-open nominations
0 voters
Sea inbetween northern and Southern Continent
  • Sea Between Two Worlds
  • Interria Sea
  • Fortune’s Maw
  • None of these; re-open nominations
0 voters
Ocean to the East and North
  • Oskbaric Ocean
  • The Reach
  • None of these; re-open nominations
0 voters

Alright, since all consistently active roleplayers have voted, I will implement these changes on the wiki as soon as possible.