August 2023 Sunshine Act Compliance Report

27 August 2023 - For Immediate Release

August 2023 Sunshine Act Compliance Report

I have the duty to announce that the High Court has ordered the release of a number of threads and private discussions from its chambers, related to the consideration of various cases, the review of judicial applications, and other matters before the Court.

It is my sincere hope that this disclosure will show the Court’s commitment with transparency as codified in the Sunshine Act, and further that the released discussions will be informative for the general public and in particular for those with an interest in judicial affairs.

See Annex A for the full list of discussions comprising the aforementioned release.

Kris Kringle
Chief Justice of the South Pacific

Annex A

TitleLast Post On
[Draft] Chief Justice Address04 Jan 2022
[2108.HQ] Legality of the Minister of Culture Making Polls12 Jan 2022
Sunshine Act Compliance - January 202217 Jan 2022
[2201.HQ] Procedure for Single-Candidate Delegate Elections18 Jan 2022
Marking Opinions as Current Precedent?19 Jan 2022
[2202.HQ] Residency Requirement for Local Council Elections06 Mar 2022
Event in Europeia26 Mar 2022
[2204.HQ] Assent of the CRS01 Apr 2022
[2203.HQ] Effects of Resignations16 Apr 2022
[2205.HQ] Legality of Local Council Post Suppression Policies11 May 2022
[2206.HQ] Review of the Chair of the Assembly's Decision to Mark a Vote Invalid26 May 2022
April 2022 Judicial Selection Process01 Jun 2022
[2208.HQ] Requirement of in-game consent for A2205.05 Amendment to Article XIV01 Jun 2022
[2207.HQ] In re Assembly Vote Closures09 Jun 2022
June 2022 Judicial Selection Process30 Jun 2022
[2209.HR] In-game consent for A2205.05 Amendment to Article XIV04 Jul 2022
[2210.HC] Kris Kringle V. Curlyhoward17 Nov 2022
October 2022 Judicial Selection Process14 Dec 2022
Coalition v. Pronoun14 Jan 2023