Audio Support on the Wiki?

I was editing the wiki page for Ferristia, my nation in the A1-0 canon, in hopes to add a National Anthem. I noticed that the link to the YT video was blocked, and so asked for assistance on the RP server. Through this interaction, I learned that the wiki also has no support for .mp3 or .ogg files. Is it possible for one of these limitations be altered, so that we might be able to share audio on our wiki pages?


What message do you get when trying to link to YouTube?

I was also wondering if there’s a reason we can’t upload .ogg file? Would it take too much space?

Edit: I use an .ogg file in the Mediawiki database on one of my main articles, however to my understandings we might not have an extension that has embedded media player. As a result, instead of an audio player it just shows the article.

Example in wiki article