Ateemar colonialism, where?

So this is just moving the thing i said on discord here

Ateemara is supposed to be a trade empire so i want also to involve it in the colonialism game with my 4th plot being a former colony. Here are the plots I’m currently considering:

1. Plot 028 or 029: keeping the straight secure

As a south cordilian nation Ateenara would rely on the straight on good omen for trade in the south pacific ocean. Blocking the straight would obviously be catastrophic to it. So the likelihood of a colony being made on the other side of the straight is likely. This colony would most likely be relatively closely tied to Ateenara itself because of the climate, proximity and lack of any major resources, if not for the 3 plots per nation limitations wouldn’t be too wild to think that it might be still a part of Ateenara. But it’s not. It has good rolplay and lore building opportunities because of it’s importance for trade and the proximity to Izaakia

2. Plot 069 (nice) or 114: friend from the other side

Operating in the south Pacific it’s not unimaginable that Ataanara would set up a base of operations on the other side of cordillia. A hub like this would be greatly beneficial for the nation’s operations in the south pacific ocean, basically splitting the trade system into two circles: the Cordillian sea circle, based on the Ateenar mainland, and the south pacific ocean circle, based on the colony, as well as a belt connecting them. Great roleplay opportunities here too because of the trade link and would lead to a much more developed circle in the south pacific, but it brings the issue of getting to it. There are two options: the sea of frost and the gulf of good omen, both dominated by colonial powers: the frost empire and izaakia. This could lead to them greatly limiting the traffic i could actually do to the colony or even cutting it off.

3. 156 or 168: transcontinental empire

I’ll keep it short for this one as most of what applies to the last one applies to this one too. The main difference is that the trade connection could be more easily severed and the colony would be more independent because of the larger distance and transcontinental nature of it. This is the weakest contender overall but still a possibility

Those are all the ideas for now, if you have any more feel free to suggest them. Conversation is allowed in this thread i want to hear y’all’s feedback, and I’ll also make a poll here for all the plot options

Which plot should the colony be?
  • 028
  • 029
  • 069
  • 114
  • 156
  • 168
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I think, one of the arctic plots would be the best fit. I think, Keyli should receive some love from a well-built and roleplayed nation apart from the USI too, it would also be interesting to see how tightly knit relations between Izaakia and the new nation are.

Lastly my vote was also a vote against 069 and 114.
Not only, because you mentioned the Frost Empire’s “colonial history”, but overlooked Gianatla’s completely (smh, my pride was damaged, tsktsktsk), but also because - as you kinda pointed out already - I think it might have been quite difficult for yet another nation to control colonies right in the area, where Austra, Stoinia and the Gianlucian Empire were the most active in.
Not impossible of course, worldbuilding opportunities with colonial wars come to mind. Also if your colony would be in 114, you’d automatically have history for your nation during the Great War xD

But yeah, having Ateemara further down South might just be something more interesting and new, simply because the area around South Cordilia/Keyli doesn’t get the love it probably deserves to an extent.

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Honestly yeah, i agree with you, will almost certainly go for one of the artic plots after consideration