An Updated Look at The Rose Nexus

The Rose Nexus
The Data Frontiers

A Dimension of Data. The Rose Nexus allows for near instant communication, if linked to the Nexus. Life flourishes here, and languages are translated near instantly, if it’s in the Nexus Database. The same applies to the gas structure, which fluctuates so much nobody is really sure what gas composition really makes up the Nexus.

Entry is granted through a process known as Dataification. The first instance was an uncontrolled reaction that lead to a planet housing the experimental Rift Beam to be destroyed, and lead to a very large cover up.

Stockler Rift Beams take advantage of the seams that keep reality stable. They undo it in a controlled manner, opening what appears to be a portal.

Rift Walkers
Strength, Guidance, Grace

Navigating the Nexus, unlike entering it is an ordeal unto itself. If not for Rift Walkers, the dimension would be uninhabitable. Rift Walkers are ordinary Serniani, who’ve been screened mentally, physically, and emotionally. This process is taxing, and many a Serniani have been turned down for being mentally unstable. After Twelve months, Initiate Rift Walkers enter into Eternity.

Where Rift Walkers are Forged

Initiate Rift Walkers are faced with one final challenge. Eternity is hell manifest. Eternity takes your worst fears and uses it against you. Entering Eternity is one thing. Leaving it unscathed is another. The Trial of Eternity lasts ten Serniani days (36 Hours). Nobody is really sure what Eternity looks like, since it changes to fit the needs of the person entering. Because of the grueling trials, there are only around ~4500 Rift Walkers.

After finishing, the Initiate is now a fully fledged Rift Walker. However, it takes them around 1 Year to work by themselves. Until then, they are assigned to an older Rift Walker to watch over them. Finally, once you become a Rift Walker, you’re always a Rift Walker. There is no turning back after entering Eternity. Once in, you either pass, or die.