An unlikely alliance (Enver-Rosecordia first contact 1 ABT)

Daraa was one of the Comissariat’s main military-industrial complexes. If you had a rifle, it probably was produced there. And that wasn’t its only quality. This planet was a fortress. Most infrastructure was built in vast underground cave systems, surface was barely hospitable and there was an FTL inhibitor located underground. The space elevator was more of a battlestation than an industrial facility. If somobody wanted to invade this part of the nation, they would have to get this world first.

Its strategical importance was unparaller. Which is why the reaction was so fast.

When this “portal” appeared in the server room, containing all of Daraa’s production data, the entire lift was placed under lockdown. Around a hundred Black Guards and a thousand battle droids were sent to secure the area, along with X, an AI investigator from the Diplomatic Corps. The situation was incredibely tense.

“I want a status report! Now!”

“All the data from these servers was wiped clean. Nothing has escaped the portal as of now, sir.” Said one of the Black Guards, in a bleak, calm and cold voice.

“Send an unmanned probe in there. We need to know more about it. In the mean time, set up a perimiter around the portal and have the Territorial Defence Fleet blockade this planet. Nothing gets in or out without my permission.”


It was an average day on data harvesting operations. The Planet picked was designated UAO-5. Unfortunately, this day became a lot worse. Someone slipped up. Maybe it was the new influx of data affecting the machine, but it caused a realspace leak. And speak of Unknown Alien Organizations, here they come. Sadie and Laurence appeared to be sitting on a hill, their corporeal yet strangely datalike bodies consuming some food.

“This is the…”

“Fifth time this week? Checking out some problematic data machine.”

“Someone probably misconfigured storage.”

“Well, ever since they could start leaking into realspace, they have.”

“Odd. Anywho, who are these people?”

Sadie taps on a tablet, it lighting up with information

“So, UAO-5 isn’t actually named UAO-5, for starters.”

“You love stating the obvious, don’cha.”

“According to the translators, it’s named “Daraa,” and it’s a manufacturing world.”

“So we picked the one spot that happened to not have weapons on it.”

“Well… No. It manufactures weapons, according to the data. They probably want that back…”

“Hey look, a probe.”

“It’s not a Galaycti Model.”

“So it’s”

“So it’s”

“Another civilization.”


“Man, screw you. I’ll get you a snack later. Let’s just get to business.”

The pair walked down to the data extraction site and the new probe.


“The probe reports two xeno lifeforms heading towards it. They appear sapient and communicate in an unknown language, sir.”

“Thank you captain. Send this sample for translation. Everyone else, hold your position. I want to see their reaction.”


The pair look around briefly, and kinda sit there blankly. Finally, Sadie taps the tablet, and just photographs the probe.

“For the record?”

“For the Record. Alright, well at least it… Appears harmless. Most instruments measuring pitch and noise, so if we…”

Sadie manipulates the data around the probe, a swirling mass of data of words from the Serniani Language

“Should we put a message on it?”

“I put as many words as I could. Hopefully, someone on their end can translate it.”

“What about the Archer Tower?”

“Standby mode, I guess. Not threatening the fabric of reality of our world, so I think they’re fine to stay.”

Sadie approaches the probe and waves. She sits down next to it, and waits.


“The translation has just arrived, sir. The xenos have also sent us a message, it appears to be some kind of dictionary.”

“Get ready to transmit through the probe. I want to send them a message too.”

“This probe is the property of the Grand Comissariat of Enver. You have opened a rift aboard one of our facilities. I, as a representative of my nation, request that you or someone from your government be sent through the rift to discuss this matter. All hail the Grand Comissar.”


“Do we…?”

“Sure. Welcome to the domain of data.”

“Real funny.”

“Ughh Can’t pun for-”

“Get to the point! You’re embarrassing us in front of the Grand Commissar person or whoever is on that side of the rift.”


“We are Rift Walkers of the Scientific Directorate of Rosecordia. This area you are in is known as the Rose Nexus. It is an area of pure data. We live here.”

“You probably won’t get ahold for some representative from us from the Nexus. The bureaucracy is incredible. Seriously, if you knew, you would be crying in pain.”

“I’m Laurence, and she’s-”

“Sadie! Anywho, I think, if you go northeastern section of the sector, that’s where our… Realspace companions live. You could talk to them. Anywho, who are you?”


“I am X, an investigator assigned to this situation. I’m an artificial inteligence program, but most citizens of the Comissariat are biologicals. The Grand Comissar is the leader of my nation.”

“Could you perhaps tell me more about Rosecordia and the Nexus? I will tell you more about the Comissariat in return. If you want to talk face to face, I can activate the probes holoprojector.”


“Again, the bureaucracy. Can’t get stuff done here. Except taking data and adding it to the collection.”

“Go talk to our realspace compatriots, we’ll give coordinates. You’ll actually accomplish something there. As for the leak, we usually take care of these, though the distance will probably delay it a few days.”

“But as for us, we are Rift Walkers. Eternally bound to the Nexus, yet somehow still… Serniani? It’s weird. We work for the SDR to understand the world and keep records should something cataclysmic happen to the sector. Which is why we… Took data from your servers. Usually, we just copy the files and we are on our way, but someone misconfigured, Probably was Laz. Always lazy with the file converter.”

“Also, I wouldn’t recommend flying that thing around if it can, Data current is unusually strong today. Couldn’t even get the Helos off the ground. Had to walk here.”


“Very well. Just make sure to notify them of our arrival, we don’t want any midunderstandings. Our travel customs are quite… unusual.”

He turned off the transmission to the probe. “Bring the probe back and send a report to the Comissar. Keep this place under lockdown untill the rift closes.”

Half an hour later, Agent and Gorod, together with the First Exploratory Fleet were on their way to the coordinates given by the Rosecordi.

“Another mission over in xeno lands. I assume you will do the talking.” Said Gorod.

“Of course I will. You are too… direct for that kind of job.” Answered Agent.

“I learned my lesson from the last time. We are not here to conquer, we gather intel and make sure we don’t have too many enemies and stuff like that.”

“Maybe you are fit for a diplomat after all.”

“Yeah, very funny. Now focus, we are very close.”

The fleet exited Underspace, arriving at the coordinates.


Outside the Serniani Nebula, RNDFV Cicero

Lisa Cicero sat with Tristie Claire, in the RNDFV Cicero’s Bridge.

“Tense, Fleet Commander?”

“No, Ma’am. We’re waiting on-”

“That’s them?”

“Assumed. CO, establish contact.”

“Aye Ma’am. Establishing contact. Reading, this is Communications Officer Chris Parker. Anybody reading this channel respond. We are waiting on a group of ships, we assume this is you. Welcome to SDR affiliated space. Does anybody copy this message?”


The fleet was massive. At its centre there was a giantic flagship, surrounded by 3000 escorts, battleships and carriers alike. Such an amount was probably excessive, bu in Enver, travelling under armed escort was a sign of position, wealth and power. The bigger the better.

“This is Admiral Gorod, we read you. We were given these coordinates by representatives of your people in the Nexus and we are supposed to conduct diplomatic talks with your government. We are waiting on further information according to the location of said meeting.”

“That wasn’t bad, was it?”

“For na Admiral, pretty good. When they give us these instructions, get the fleet as close as possible to the meeting point. These are no simple miners, we have to be ready for anything.”


“That’s them, Fleet Commander. Orders?”

“Tell them they may come aboard our vessel if they’d like to meet our diplomatic representative.”

“You have clearance to come aboard. Vector 2-5 into hangar 3. Our diplomatic representative and the ship’s captain will be waiting for you. Cheers.”

“Haven’t been this excited since the treaty, what about yourself Claire?”

“Nervous, but you know, I’ve got a feeling things will be alright.”


An Envari shuttle, 50 meters in lenght, landed onthe Sereniani ship. Out of it came out 12 Black Guards. They were 4.5 meters in height, dressed in bkack armors without any insignia and were carrying rifles. The assembled in two rows, 6 on each side, making way for the Diplomat.

Agent was 4 meters tall, wuth beige, hairless skin. He was very thin, but he hid it under his long, grey coat. His fully black eyes were covered in shadow by his officer-styled hat. His breething tubes on the other sides of his mouth were covered by small caps, with thin cables leading of of them and hiding under his coat. He had a pistol in a holster around his waist and a single golden star pinned to his chest.

He walked up to the representative and the captain. “Greetings, my name is Agent and I am a representative of the Grand Comissariat of Enver. My colleague, who you spoke earlier with, will stay on the flagship. All hail the Grand Comissar.” He spoke in a calm voice, devoid of almost any emotions.

The Black Guards all repeated simultaniously “All hail the Grand Comissar.”

They all spoke in perfect Sereniani, but Agent’s mouth movements clearly did not match the words he spoke.


Lisa Cicero waited on the other side of the hangar, she now approached the group of Envari.

“I’m Lisa Cicero, President Pro Tempore of the Rose Senate, and now diplomat for the SDR. It’s a pleasure to meet you. If you would follow us, it’d be great to discuss with you.”

Behind her, a younger, and slightly taller woman approaches. Her Dress is slightly more decorated with awards

“I’m Fleet Commander Tristie Claire. It’s an honor to have you aboard my ship.”


“It’s an honor to meet you too.”

He followed them, the Black Guards walking beside and behind him.


The group walked to what appeared to be a meeting hall, crew onboard staring for a moment then continuing their work. Lisa motioned for them to sit.

“So… What brings you aboard today? How can I help you?”


Agent sat down, struggling a bit to fit in the chair, due to being taller than the Rosecordi. The Bkack Guards stood behind him.

“I’m here to estabilish formal diplomatic contact between our respective governments. To get this question quckly out of the way, before we adress other matters, have you encountered any other star nations before?”


“Oh yes. Several. We’ve met a few. Maybe you would know them? Tristie, be a dear and pull up the star chart.”

Tristie clicks a button, and turns on a map of the sector

“So, you are here. Galactya is there, Union of Emerald is there, a few others, they call themselves the Coalition of United Stars. We have contact with Galactya, Union of Emerald is sketch, and everybody else here, we don’t really talk to. How about you?”


“We have made direct contact with the Union of Emerald, Drakari Celestial Imperium, Akropii Republic and the Democratic Republic of Hydrosia. We have heard abot this Coalition and other nations that are a part of it, but only from second-hand sources.”

He uncovers a small, metal bracelet on his wrist and projects a hologram from it, adding the borders of Enver and Hydrosia to the map.



“What do you need from us?”

Tristie crossed her arms, her interest very piqued